Osama bin Laden


  • Markets Open Sharply on Bin Laden's Death     Monday, 2 May 2011 | 9:49 AM ET

    A check on how the markets are moving and whether the news on Bin Laden's death will continue to impact them, with Lawrence Glazer, Mayflower Advisors and Mike Wall, Wall Financial Group.

  • Osama bin Laden Killed     Monday, 2 May 2011 | 9:35 AM ET

    NBC's Roger Cressey has the story on how U.S. forces found and killed Osama bin Laden inside his compound, and the possible retaliation from his death.

  • Usama Bin Laden

    The military team that killed Osama Bin Laden is an elite special forces group unofficially called Seal Team 6.

  • Secretary Clinton on Bin Laden Death     Monday, 2 May 2011 | 9:33 AM ET

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discusses the nation's efforts to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden and warns the Taliban they should choose to participate in a peaceful political process.

  • The Buzz Before the Bell     Monday, 2 May 2011 | 9:24 AM ET

    Insight on what Bin Laden's death could mean for the markets, with Gordon Charlop, Rosenblatt Securities.

  • A Weekend With Warren     Monday, 2 May 2011 | 9:15 AM ET

    CNBC's Becky Quick has the highlights from Warren Buffett's reaction to Osama bin Laden's death.

  • Saudi-born alleged terror mastermind Osama bin Laden is seen in this video footage recorded at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan aired by the Qatar-based satelite TV station al-Jazeera in 2001.

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  • Warren Buffett tells CNBC that he "felt good" when he first heard that the United States had killed Osama Bin Laden.  In a live interview this morning on Squawk Box following the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting, Buffett says he's always had faith in the country to accomplish anything.

  • Dollar Bounces, Won is a Winner Monday, 2 May 2011 | 8:09 AM ET

    The dollar rose on news of Osama Bin Laden's killing, and South Korea's trade surplus lifted the won — time for your FX Fix.

  • Buffett & Welch on Bin Laden Death     Monday, 2 May 2011 | 8:05 AM ET

    Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett and Jack Welch, former GE CEO, share their reaction to Osama Bin Laden's death and look back at how the events of September 11th moved them and the markets.

  • Dennis Gartman: 'We Have Now Created a Martyr' Monday, 2 May 2011 | 7:36 AM ET

    Markets went up in reaction to Barack Obama’s announcement Sunday night that the Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been killed, despite uncertainties as far as what this news will mean geopolitically.