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  • Cramer: Hey Geithner, Don’t Blow It Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009 | 7:49 PM ET

    The Mad Money host offers words of encouragement at this critical juncture in our country’s economic history.

  • Obama Officials Sought To Keep AIG Bonuses: Dodd Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009 | 7:02 PM ET
    Sen. Christopher Dodd

    In a stunning development, Sen. Christopher Dodd told CNN that Obama officials asked him to add language to last month's stimulus bill to keep AIG bonuses in place.

  • Fed's Surprise Move Sends Markets a Mixed Message Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009 | 3:49 PM ET

    The Fed’s decision to buy long-term Treasurys was viewed as mostly positive by the markets but it is also probably a bad statement about the economy

  • Bernanke Delivers! Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009 | 3:01 PM ET

    Bernanke delivers on his promise not to hold back. Ben Bernanke has consistently said one of the reasons the Great Depression was so bad was that the federal government did not respond aggressively enough.

  • Obama's First 100 Days: What He's Done So Far Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009 | 11:10 AM ET

    In a new Web video, President Barack Obama is asking Americans to help him pass his $3.6 trillion budget.

  • Can The Fed Be Expansive Enough? Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009 | 9:32 AM ET

    So what does the Fed do now? Many desks are hopeful that the Fed will be expansive in its statement today.

  • Obama Calls On Americans to Support Budget Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009 | 9:05 AM ET
    President Barack Obama

    In a new Web video, President Barack Obama is asking Americans to help him pass his $3.6 trillion budget.

  • AIG Chief Liddy Faces Congressional Grilling Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009 | 6:43 AM ET
    Edward Liddy

    American International Group chief executive Edward Liddy faces tough questions Wednesday on Capitol Hill when he will testify before the House Financial Services Committee on how taxpayers' money poured into the insurance giant has been spent.

  • AIG 'Retention' Bonus Paid To Execs Who Already Left Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 6:37 PM ET
    AIG Headquarters

    Eleven of the AIG employees who were received retention bonuses of $1 million or more are no longer with the company, according to a letter sent from New York Attorney General to Rep. Barney Frank.

  • The AIG Outrage Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 5:44 PM ET

    This whole AIG fiasco—where the entire political class is suddenly screaming over bonuses paid to derivative traders in AIG’s financial-products division —is just a complete farce.

  • An Interview With Jack Welch Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 2:58 PM ET
    Jack Welch

    What follows below is the transcript of my interview with legendary former General Electric Chairman & CEO Jack Welch on The Kudlow Report last night.

  • Mirror, Mirror: Today's Trading Parallels Yesterday Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 2:19 PM ET

    Today's trading: a mirror image of yesterday. Let's just hope it doesn't end the same way. Stocks are hitting their highs midday, just as they did yesterday. The charts are the same, even the market leaders are the same as yesterday: financials, tech, and consumer discretionary.

  • Summers: We'll Be Creative In Recovering AIG Bonuses Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 1:14 PM ET
    Lawrence Summers, Director of President Barack Obama's National Economic Council

    President Obama's top economic adviser Larry Summers told CNBC that the administration will be "as creative as we can" to get back at least some of the $165 million in bonuses that AIG paid. 

  • Declare War On Greed—It Worked With Terror Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 12:00 PM ET
    AIG Headquarters

    The President should declare a war on greed, like the war on terror, which would help us solve all sorts of problems, including fat bonuses for financial wizards at companies like AIG.

  • The AIG Fallout Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 11:36 AM ET

    If government can dictate terms for anyone participating in government programs, including salary levels, will it reduce the willingness to participate?

  • Obama Touts Budget as 'Economic Blueprint' Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 10:23 AM ET

    President Barack Obama is again asking Congress to pass his $3.6 trillion budget, saying it will "spark the transformation" the country needs to remain economically competitive.

  • Futures Get A Bounce Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 9:18 AM ET

    Futures came off their lows for the morning as February housing starts and permits were much stronger than expected.

  • Obama's First 100 Days: What He's Done So Far Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 9:10 AM ET

    President Barack Obama and his economic team are taking a cheerier tone while making billions in federal loans available to the nation's struggling small businesses. 

  • Viva La Vida for This Coal Play? Monday, 16 Mar 2009 | 7:28 PM ET

    What does Obama's cap-and-trade plan for carbon emissions mean for consumers? Will it nullify middle-class tax cuts? Cramer went to Southern Company CEO David Ratcliffe for an answer.

  • Wildly Oversold To Mostly Overbought Monday, 16 Mar 2009 | 4:48 PM ET

    It was a late-day selloff that was widely anticipated: we went from WILDLY OVERSOLD to MOSTLY OVERBOUGHT, in 6 trading sessions!