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CNBC's Jon Fortt speaks to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella about comments on compensation for women in the workplace, and what he can do to fix the disparity.

IBM CEO honored to have Buffett     Mon, 20 Oct '14 | 10:17 AM ET

IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty, discusses the company's efforts to create long-term shareholder value.

IBM CEO playing to win     Mon, 20 Oct '14 | 10:14 AM ET

Discussing the unique role IBM can play in the cloud industry, with IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty.

CEO breaks down IBM's miss     Mon, 20 Oct '14 | 10:08 AM ET
Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty, breaks down the quarterly earnings miss at the company, including for hardware and services sales.

IBM CEO addresses miss     Mon, 20 Oct '14 | 10:05 AM ET

CNBC's David Faber speaks to IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty, about the company's quarterly miss and transformation happening at the company.

Nadella going after 'dual users'     Mon, 20 Oct '14 | 9:48 AM ET

CNBC's Jon Fortt spoke to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, about spinoffs in the tech industry. Jim Cramer, weighs in.

Valeant's bid for Allergan     Mon, 20 Oct '14 | 7:22 AM ET

Michael Pearson, Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO, shares his thoughts on allegations Allergan released false and misleading information.

Michael Pearson, Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO, breaks down the company's quarterly numbers and provides an outlook on future growth.

SanDisk's 2015 game plan     Fri, 17 Oct '14 | 11:20 AM ET

Sanjay Mehrotra, SanDisk co-founder & CEO, breaks down the company's Q3 results and discusses the industry's supply picture and competition in the sector.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings defended the company's weaker than expected subscriber growth in Q3. Hastings also addressed competition with HBO. CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports

Neflix CEO defends subscriber growth     Thu, 16 Oct '14 | 10:13 AM ET

CNBC's Julia Boorstin spoke to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings after the company beat earnings estimates, but reported lower than expected subscriber additions.

Equity fall weighs on oil prices: Pro     Wed, 15 Oct '14 | 3:31 PM ET

Chris Faulkner, Breitling Energy president & CEO, and Stephen Schork, The Schork Report, provide insight to the state of oil amid volatile market conditions.

We are spending a great deal of time ensuring our clients information is protected, says Laurence Fink, BlackRock chairman & CEO, discussing what his company is doing to protect itself from cyberattacks.

Don't believe AIG has a case: Fink     Wed, 15 Oct '14 | 7:08 AM ET

Laurence Fink, BlackRock chairman & CEO, shares his thoughts on former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg's lawsuit against the U.S. government and Lehman Brother's solvency.

Fed behind the curve: Fink     Wed, 15 Oct '14 | 7:02 AM ET

Laurence Fink, BlackRock chairman & CEO, shares his thoughts on the likelihood of additional QE by the Federal Reserve and why an increase in rates will help the economy.

Laurence Fink, BlackRock chairman & CEO, shares his thoughts on fixed income investments and Pimco's challenges. We are winning market share, says Fink.

Laurence Fink, BlackRock chairman & CEO, says if the Federal Reserve does not raise rates it could harm the world economies.

CNBC's Becky Quick and Laurence Fink, BlackRock chairman & CEO, talk about market volatility, lower oil prices and why he is optimistic over the current melt down.

Larry Fink

CNBC's Becky Quick talks with Laurence Fink, BlackRock chairman & CEO, about the company's earnings beat and its outlook on growth.

Insight to the decline in oil prices, with Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm. Hamm says the U.S. is in a very good position because production is growing and coming back.

Domino's beats; CEO talks cheese & Dom     Tue, 14 Oct '14 | 6:25 PM ET

Domino's CEO J. Patrick Doyle discusses the outlook for its virtual assistant "Dom," the high price of cheese and the consumer picture.

What's working at MercadoLibre     Tue, 14 Oct '14 | 5:44 PM ET

Marcos Galperin, MercadoLibre co-founder and CEO, discusses e-commerce competition, the company's shipping strategy and the state of operations in troubled countries.

Palo Alto CEO: Rapid customer adoption     Tue, 14 Oct '14 | 5:37 PM ET

Palo Alto Networks shares have climbed more than 60 percent year-to-date after the recent string of cyberattacks. Its CEO Mark McLaughlin, discusses company profits and competition in the security space.

GW Pharma: Focused on epilepsy     Tue, 14 Oct '14 | 5:22 PM ET

GW Pharma shares are down sharply after a study of its treatment for ulcerative colitis missed its primary endpoint in a mid-stage trial. GW Pharmaceuticals CEO Justin Gover, says the company's main focus is on its product for epilepsy.

After CSX reported record Q3 earnings, the company's CEO Michael Ward, discusses what the move in oil prices means for his business, and steps to ensure safety for oil transportation.

Securing the cloud your way: SAP CEO     Mon, 13 Oct '14 | 3:29 PM ET

Bill McDermott, SAP CEO, discusses the company's recent deal with Concur Technologies and the steps they are taking to protect the cloud and enterprise systems.

Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler Auto. CEO, and John Elkann, Fiat Chrysler Auto chairman, discuss the significance of Chrysler on the NYSE. Marchionne also weighs in on the valuation of auto stocks.

Dave & Buster's rides the gaming wave     Fri, 10 Oct '14 | 11:17 AM ET

Stephen King, Dave & Buster's CEO, discusses the company's Nasdaq debut and plans for expansion in the U.S. and internationally.

Beth Mooney, KeyCorp CEO, discusses the health of the U.S. economy and how lower interest rates are impacting bank earnings and lending.

Morris Miller, Xenex Disinfection Services CEO, provides insight to his company's mission, and whether it can get its disinfection device used in Ebola cases to West Africa.

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