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Foodpanda's recipe for success     Sun, 22 Jun '14 | 8:47 PM ET

Chinmay Malaviya, Managing Director, Hong Kong & Singapore of Foodpanda, outlines the firm's unique proposition and its expansion plans moving forward.

Emily Lau, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party and Priscilla Leung, Member of the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong, debate the legitimacy of the pro-democracy referendum.

Richard Iley, Chief Economist, Asia at BNP Paribas, says the country's "mini stimulus" rolled out in recent months is working to prop up the economy.

Viktor Shvets, Head of Strategy Research, Asia at Macquarie, says the direction that the purchasing managers' index is headed matters more than decimal-point changes in the readings.

Paul Leishman, COO of Coda Payments, says mobile payment is seeing strong growth in Southeast Asia, alongside digital content like apps and music.

Stabilization in manufacturing and a declining property sector has placed the country at a "tipping point", says Dariusz Kowalczyk, Senior Economist, Strategist, Asia ex-Japan at Credit Agricole.

Ahead of UFC's next "Fight Night" in Macau, President Dana White says Asia's history in martial arts makes the region fertile ground for growth in his first Pan-Asian trip.

Benjamin Friedman, Research Fellow at Cato Institute, discusses claims from Iran's supreme leader that the U.S. is trying to retake control of Iraq by exploiting sectarian rivalries.

Tracking the fate of bitcoin in China     Sun, 22 Jun '14 | 7:38 PM ET

While bitcoin is recognized by China's central bank, the use of the digital currency has been suppressed by authorities, says Bobby Lee, CEO of BTC China.

Investors may continue booking profits on emerging markets amid tensions in Iraq and fears of a potential hike in U.S. rates, says Patrick Legland, Global Research & Strategy, Societe Generale.

Richard Yetsenga, Head of Global Markets Research at ANZ, expects Monday's HSBC flash purchasing managers index to be around 50 as Beijing aims to stabilize growth.

Julian Evans-Pritchard, China Economist at Capital Economics, says recent stabilization in China's economy will help shore up factory activity for the month of June.

Betting big on mobile payments in Asia     Sun, 22 Jun '14 | 6:24 PM ET

Asia boasts some of world's highest mobile penetration rates, yet mobile payments make up only a fraction of online transactions. CNBC's Julia Wood reports.

The week ahead in Asia     Sun, 22 Jun '14 | 6:03 PM ET

CNBC's Adam Bakhtiar highlights events, policy announcements and economic data that will move the markets this week.

Kunal Ghosh, Emerging Market Portfolio Manager at Allianz Global Investors, explains why he likes Brazilian credit and debit card operator Cielo as well as car rental firm Localiza.

Rashesh Shah, Chairman & CEO at Edelweiss, says the key focus for India now is how the new administration plans to bolster its economy.

Choe Peng Sum, CEO at Frasers Hospitality, explains why the firm prefers major cities like Sydney and Melbourne for its businesses in Australia.

Bert Dohmen, President and Founder of Dohmen Capital Research Institute, expects oil prices to breach $149 a barrel as the crisis in Iraq may not be resolved in the near term.

Is BlackBerry poised for a comeback?     Thu, 19 Jun '14 | 11:24 PM ET

Troy Crandall, Vice President & Equity Analyst at 3Macs, discusses BlackBerry's better-than-expected first quarter earnings and explains why the firm may be set to regain some of its market share.

Choe Peng Sum, CEO at Frasers Hospitality, says the firm's latest initial public offering is well diversified across various countries to weather a hike in U.S. interest rates.

Why higher rates won't hurt Asia markets     Thu, 19 Jun '14 | 11:10 PM ET

Mark Tinker, Head of AXA Framlington Asia, says Asian markets are now far less vulnerable to interest rates in the U.S.

Dominic Bunning, FX Strategist at HSBC, says equity investors have been paying too much attention to low volatility and are missing out on other underlying risks.

Occupy Central: We want true democracy     Thu, 19 Jun '14 | 9:41 PM ET

Benny Tai, Co-founder of "Occupy Central", hopes for China to honor its promise of universal suffrage for Hong Kong in 2017.

'Panda' flash mob takes over Hong Kong     Thu, 19 Jun '14 | 9:51 PM ET

Some 1,600 paper pandas are on display in Hong Kong in an effort to raise awareness for the endangered animal. CNBC's Samantha Loring reports.

Jackson Wong, Vice President, Tanrich Securities, says timing and recent upbeat sentiment in the market are buoying Tianhe Chemicals' debut in Hong Kong.

Michael Thomas, Director, North Asia, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, discusses the issue of money laundering in China and whether that has been a source of funding for terrorist groups.

Sammy Simnegar, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity Investments, explains why India and Indonesia are better positioned than their oil-importing peers to weather the rise in prices.

Iraq won't be another Vietnam: Expert     Thu, 19 Jun '14 | 7:46 PM ET

Tom Henriksen, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, explains why the U.S. dispatch of military advisers to Iraq won't lead to any more intervention

Asok Kumar Hiranandani, Chairman of Royal Group Holdings, says the carving up of its family business in 2011 was necessary for its succession and future expansion plans.

John Slosar, Chairman of Swire, says the "Occupy Central" movement may not be in Hong Kong's interest if it threatens the city's business climate.

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