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JJ Kinahan, Chief Strategist at TD Ameritrade, says Yum Brands is back "on the right path" after a 9 percent gain in China led by KFC.

Expect prolonged slowdown in China: Pro     Wed, 23 Apr '14 | 12:32 AM ET

Eddie Tam, CIO at Central Asset Investments, says China will see a slowdown for a long time as a trade-off for avoiding a hard landing in its economy.

Jackson Wong, Vice President of Tanrich Securities, says investors are concerned about the size of WH Group's initial public offering and whether its listing will provide an "exit for early investors."

Joe Magyer, Senior Analyst at The Motley Fool, says the flurry of activity on Wall Street looks "frothy" at the moment.

Todd Elmer, Currency Strategist at Citi, discusses whether the currency's sharp drop following weaker-than-expected quarterly inflation data was justified.

Why SAP is betting big on emerging Asia     Tue, 22 Apr '14 | 10:30 PM ET

Adaire Fox-Martin, COO, Asia Pacific Japan at SAP, elaborates on the firm's "stunning results" in Southeast Asia, India and the sector of cloud computing in the first-quarter.

Trip Chowdhry, Managing Director, Global Equities Research, describes how Tesla's entry into China will benefit both the automaker and Chinese consumers.

Zhang Zhiwei, Chief China Economist at Nomura, says April's China's HSBC flash PMI figure is better than expected, but warns investors not to read too much into it.

Tesla's Model S drives into China     Tue, 22 Apr '14 | 9:25 PM ET

As Tesla's Model S finally makes its way to China, CNBC's Eunice Yoon discusses the challenges ahead to get the country's infrastructure up to speed with the car's technology.

Ed Rogers, CEO at Rogers Investment Advisors, discusses why Seibu Holdings decided to relist in Tokyo on Wednesday amid growing caution over Japan's economic recovery.

Mark Konyn, CEO of Cathay Conning Asset Management, says China's economy has been "more sluggish than most have expected."

Paul Gruenwald, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific at Standard and Poor's Ratings Services, calls China's latest triple-R cut for rural banks a form of "modest monetary easing."

Michael Auslin, Resident Scholar and Director of Japan Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses whether Japan's military push will eclipse the trade agenda during Obama's visit.

Moving forward, the new initiatives of McDonald's will need to lift store traffic or else its stock will continue to suffer, says R.J Hottovy, Global Director of Consumer Equity Research at Mornignstar.

Zhu Xinli, Chairman of China Huiyuan Juice Group, the country's biggest juice maker, says it can learn from Suntory's technology to provide high-quality tea.

Conrad Saldanha, Manager, Emerging Markets Equities Fund at Neuberger Berman, says while Beijing's GDP will remain high, growth on a percentage basis will decline.

Jason Moser, Analyst at Motley Fool, expects Yum Brands' improved business operations in China to help the firm outperform McDonald's in 2014.

Markets bulls to dominate: Pro     Tue, 22 Apr '14 | 6:23 PM ET

Ben Lichtenstein, President at Tradersaudio.com, explains why he thinks U.S. stock markets will continue to seek value to the upside.

Mark Matthews, Head of Research Asia at Bank Julius Baer, highlights the benefits of China's structural reforms.

Will Obama deliver during his Asia trip?     Mon, 21 Apr '14 | 11:33 PM ET

Deborah Elms, Head of the Temasek Foundation Center for Trade & Negotiations, describes the challenges that President Obama will face during his visit to Asia this week.

Kingsley Jones, Founder and CIO of Jevons Global, says financial markets may see investors opting for cheaper stocks and venturing out of the U.S into emerging markets after recent volatility.

David Riedel, President and Founder of the Riedel Research Group, discusses the reasons behind the thin trading volumes in equity markets.

Alibaba: Grab it while you can?     Mon, 21 Apr '14 | 9:54 PM ET

Duncan Clark, Chairman & MD of advisory firm BDA China, says Alibaba's rapid expansion is being fueled by a rapid growth in China's consumer economy.

CNBC's Catherine Boyle discusses reports that U.S. drugmaker Pfizer held informal talks with pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca about a takeover bid.

What is the 'internet of things?'     Mon, 21 Apr '14 | 11:42 PM ET

Jahangir Mohammed, Founder & CEO of Jasper, explains the firm's core business of technology solutions and discusses the security of their software.

At the China Entrepreneur Club summit, Jet Li, actor and CEO at Taiji Zen, describes the philosophy behind his company, Taiji Zen, that he founded with Alibaba's Jack Ma.

Speaking to CNBC at the China Entrepreneurs Club summit, Huang Nubo, Chairman, Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group, explains why he's purchasing resorts in Iceland and Scandinavia.

Richard Harris, Chief Executive at Port Shelter Investment Management, expects a dull summer ahead for U.S. stocks.

Speaking to CNBC at the China Entrepreneur Club summit, Shen Guojun, Chairman at China Yintai Holdings and Intime Department Stores, explains why Yintai sold a 25 percent stake to Alibaba.

Eric Cantor, U.S. House Majority Leader, explains what he hopes to achieve during his visit to Japan.

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