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Sam Gupta, CEO & CIO of Grand Trunk Capital Management, explains his bullish call on Indian markets in the long-term.

Amar Hanspal, Senior Vice President & Chief, R&D at Autodesk, says the firm's transformation into a cloud-based business model has given its subscription and revenue figures a boost.

Jonathan London, Assistant Professor at City University of HK, explains how anti-China riots in Vietnam will impact the entire Asian region.

Tobias Harris, Analyst at Teneo Intelligence, says Prime Minister Abe's call for a new interpretation of Japan's pacifist constitution will see a "drawn-out debate" within the government.

Don't fret a Wall Street pullback: Pro     Thu, 15 May '14 | 7:18 PM ET

While U.S. stocks are likely to see a pullback after successive highs as of late, Jim Lowell, CIO at Adviser Investments, says there are still buying opportunities in mega-cap stocks.

Thomas R. Pickering, Former U.S. Ambassador to India and Russia, discusses if Russia is interfering in Ukrainian elections.

Thomas R. Pickering, Former U.S. Ambassador to India and Russia, discusses how Narendra Modi plans to revitalize the Indian economy.

Liz Dunn, Senior Analyst, Consumer Sector at Macquarie Capital, believes retailers will stage a comeback in the second quarter as sales strengthen on warmer weather.

Asia's experience with the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) will help the region address the spread of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers), says Asheena Khalakdina, Team Leader, Communicable Diseases at WHO, India.

Nitin Jain, CEO, Capital Markets at Edelweiss Financial Services, explains the factors that can cause a 7 to 8 percent correction in Indian stocks.

While wages in Japan have increased, Ben Collett, Head of Asian Equities at Sunrise Brokers, says it may not be enough to help citizens cope with inflation and April's tax hike.

Uwe Parpart, Managing Director, Head of Research at Reorient Financial Markets, says business investment, not consumption, was the real upside surprise in Japan's first-quarter GDP.

Wendy Huang, Head of China Technology Research at Standard Chartered, says the restructuring of Tencent's e-commerce business will strengthen its long-term growth.

Graeme Harlow, Managing Director for Southeast Asia at Diageo, introduces the inaugural "World Class Southeast Asia Final and Bar Show" in Singapore.

Very optimistic on Japan: JP Morgan     Wed, 14 May '14 | 11:32 PM ET

Nicholas Weindling, Fund Manager at JP Morgan Asset Management, explains why he's positive on the Japanese economy.

Jim McCaughan, CEO of Principal Global Investors, says the lack of further monetary easing from the Bank of Japan, coupled with April's sales tax hike, will hurt Japanese growth.

Art Basel returns to Hong Kong     Wed, 14 May '14 | 9:50 PM ET

Stephen McCoubrey, Director, Regional Art Curator, UBS Art Collection, and Anna Schwartz, owner of the Anna Schwartz Gallery, discuss how the art fair facilitates interaction between the East and West.

Michael Clendenin, Founder & Managing Director of Redtech Advisors, outlines why expects Tencent to keep posting record profit figures.

CNBC's Asia Squawk Box team discuss the flurry of products and startups that wearable technology is fueling in India.

Khiem Do, Head of Asian Multi-Asset at Baring Asset Management, explains why Asian equity markets failed to take off after Japan's first-quarter growth data surpassed expectations.

Will we see a TPP deal by year-end?     Wed, 14 May '14 | 8:46 PM ET

Catherine Mellor, Director, Asia at U.S. Chamber of Commerce, says Tokyo's offer to reduce protection for its agricultural sectors is an "encouraging sign" for TPP trade negotiations.

Ivor Frischknecht, CEO of Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), says stakeholders will be disappointed at the government's decision to reduce funding in renewable energy.

Are Sony products no longer cool?     Wed, 14 May '14 | 8:16 PM ET

Paul Krake, Founder, View from the Peak: Macro Strategies, says Sony's fundamental problem is that it does not appeal to youth, which affects its competitiveness with rivals like Apple.

Hany Nada, Co-Founder of GGV Capital, discusses the company's $8 million investment in Alibaba in the early 2000's and the popularity of China's tech sector.

Paul Krake, Founder of View from the Peak: Macro Strategies, says Japan's robust first-quarter growth may stall policy momentum and negatively impact asset prices.

Martin Schulz, Senior Economist at Fujitsu Research Institute, says a "consumption binge" ahead of April's tax hike helped Japan post its fastest growth since 2011 in the first quarter.

Inflation to spur ECB easing: Expert     Wed, 14 May '14 | 7:20 PM ET

A "worrying" inflation figure in Europe should prompt the central bank to ease soon, says Chris Konstantinos, Director of International Portfolio Management at Riverfront Investment Group.

Leif Eskesen, Chief Economist for India and ASEAN at HSBC, expects Japan to see a spike in first-quarter gross domestic product due to front-loading ahead of the sales tax hike.

Who is winning China's mobile war?     Wed, 14 May '14 | 6:22 PM ET

David Chao, Co-Founder and General Partner at DCM, explains why Tencent is the frontrunner in China's competitive mobile space.

Things are looking good for Airbus: CAPA     Tue, 13 May '14 | 11:25 PM ET

Peter Harbison, Executive Chairman of the CAPA Centre for Aviation, says Airbus is finally starting to reap the benefits of its cost cutting measures.

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