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Gavin Wendt, Founding Director & Senior Resource Analyst at MineLife, says China's Baosteel is very confident that their $1 billion bid gives them a good chance to acquire Aquila .

Chatib Basri, Finance Minister of Indonesia, says in order to avoid another rout in emerging markets, the Fed must communicate its policy intentions clearly.

Daryl Liew, Head Of Portfolio Management at REYL, discusses reasons behind Indonesia's slower-than-expected gross-domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter.

Louis Kuijs, Chief Economist, Greater China at RBS, says over-invoicing and massive stocking in imports could weigh on Thursday's April's trade numbers.

Robert Xiao, CEO of online game company Perfect World, explains the firm's decision to venture into the mobile sector.

Gareth Berry, FX Strategist at UBS Investment Bank, explains why iron ore prices will be a major headwind for the Australian dollar moving forward.

How Acer is embracing cloud computing     Sun, 4 May '14 | 10:31 PM ET

At the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, Stan Shih, Chairman of Acer, describes the firm's strategy to have a "cloud data center" for personal computers.

InMobi's roadmap to boost ad network     Sun, 4 May '14 | 9:08 PM ET

Unlike other mediums, mobile provides a huge amount of data about users that allows firms to be "extremely targeted" when it comes to advertising, says Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi.

How Sohu.com is pushing boundaries     Sun, 4 May '14 | 9:42 PM ET

In the latest edition of Entrepreneur Asia, Sohu's founder and CEO Charles Zhang tells CNBC the challenges he faced in being one of the early pioneers in China's internet space.

After HSBC's final reading of Chinese factory activity in April showed another month of contraction, Arup Raha, Chief Economist at CIMB, explains why he' still optimistic on the mainland.

Mike Hirst, Managing Director of Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, says the acquisition of Rural Finance aligns with the lender's decision to invest more in the agricultural sector.

Speaking to CNBC at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, Hong Jiang Zhang, CEO of Kingsoft, explains the firm's decision to seek a listing in the U.S. for subsidiary Cheetah Mobile.

3 factors behind M&A's buying frenzy     Sun, 4 May '14 | 8:23 PM ET

Sean Darby, Global Head of Equity Strategy at Jefferies, describes three factors that may be contributing to the flurry of deals in the pharmaceutical sector.

Speaking to CNBC ahead of the OECD's annual forum, Secretary General Angel Gurria describes this year's theme: "Resilient economies for inclusive societies."

Jonathan Barratt, Chief Investment Officer at Ayers Alliance Securities, discusses Baosteel and Aurizon Holdings' $1 billion bid for iron ore firm Aquila Resources.

Richard Yetsenga, Head of Global Markets Research at ANZ, reacts to Bank of Japan chief Haruhiko Kuroda's interview with CNBC over the weekend.

Chi Lo, Senior Economist, Greater China at BNP Paribas Investment Partners, expects HSBC's final reading of April factory activity to reflect signs of improvement in the Chinese economy.

Speaking to CNBC's Susan Li at the Asian Development Bank meeting in Kazakhstan, P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister of India, discusses his country's slowing economy.

A low labor participation rate offset April's better-than-expected jobs report, says David Dietze, President & Chief Investment Strategist at Point View Wealth Management.

What's on the agenda this week     Sun, 4 May '14 | 6:21 PM ET

A raft of Chinese economic data and central bank decisions are expected to dominate markets this week. CNBC's Christine Tan reports.

In an exclusive interview from the Asian Development Bank meeting in Kazakhstan, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda discusses Japan's resilient domestic economy.

The worst may be over for China: ANZ     Fri, 2 May '14 | 12:21 AM ET

A rise in manufacturing activity and industrial production in April points to a possible recovery in the Chinese economy, says Raymond Yeung, Senior Economist, Greater China at ANZ.

Nicholas Smith, Japan Strategist at CLSA, says Japanese retailers might not be hurt too badly after April's sales tax rise.

Dominic Bunning, FX Strategist at HSBC, says a big surprise in the U.S. nonfarm payrolls will be needed to incite any movements in the U.S. dollar.

A new report suggests fake products, such as Marlboro cigarettes and Viagra pills, are keeping North Korea's economy alive. The 'Street Signs Asia' team discuss.

Peter Morici, Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland, explains his estimates for April's jobs report.

Marjorie Yang, Chairwoman of textile manufacturing firm Esquel Group, explains the benefits of a slowdown in Chinese economic growth.

Jim McCafferty, Head of Research at CIMB Securities, says a recovery in the U.S. and Europe may see a recovery in Chinese exports.

Raymond Tong, General Manager of Corporate Development at China Resources Enterprise, discusses a survey that shows a slight fall in confidence for CEOs in Asia.

David Tang, founder of Shanghai Tang, describes the opportunities and pitfalls when doing business in the mainland.

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