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Shirley Tafoya, Travelzoo's president of North America, says 2013 will see record U.S. holiday travel, boosted by more car trips.

Steve Abernethy, President, CEO & Co-Founder, SquareTrade discusses ways in which people can prevent their phones and other mobile devices from breaking.

How breakable is your phone?     Thu, 19 Dec '13 | 7:42 PM ET

How breakable is your smartphone? CNBC's technology reporter Julia Wood reveals which phones are most at risk of physical damage.

A Reddit user named Rachel was stunned to discover that Bill Gates was her Secret Santa.

Why introverts make good leaders     Thu, 19 Dec '13 | 7:23 PM ET

Susan Cain, Author of "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" talks about the traits that make introverts good leaders.

Why a weaker Aussie is here to stay     Thu, 19 Dec '13 | 6:14 PM ET

Joe Magyer, Senior Analyst at the Motley Fool', explains why he thinks the Australian dollar could hit the RBA's target of 85 U.S. cents.

Christmas cheer spreads to China     Thu, 19 Dec '13 | 7:30 PM ET

While Christmas is not formally celebrated in China, the holiday appears to be gaining ground as a season for shopping and celebration.

Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer at T3live.com, expects China's liquidity woes to eventually subside but in the meantime, advises investors to invest incrementally.

China's short-term money rates have been surging in recent sessions. CNBC's Adam Bakhtiar explains if we're going to see a repeat of June's cash crunch.

Dollar-yen to trend higher: Pro     Thu, 19 Dec '13 | 12:32 AM ET

Dhiren Sarin, chief technical strategist at Barclays, says the yen is set to continue weakening.

Fed matters?     Thu, 19 Dec '13 | 12:46 AM ET

Simon Peter Griffin, Chief Investment Officer, Global Interest Rates Limited discusses the impact of the Federal Reserve announcement to begin tapering in January 2014.

Manpreet Gill, Senior Investment Strategist at Standard Chartered Bank, tells CNBC's Cash Flow why he's particularly optimistic about India going into 2014.

Amir Anvarzadeh, Director of Japan Equity Sales, BGC Securities, gives CNBC's Cash Flow his sector picks and tell us why he likes Japanese corporates at the moment.

Is taper priced into gold?     Wed, 18 Dec '13 | 8:46 PM ET

Ephrem Ravi, head of metals and mining sector, Asia ex-Japan equity research at Barclays says taper is largely factored into the price of gold.

Will UK retailers see a blue Christmas?     Thu, 19 Dec '13 | 12:40 AM ET

CNBC's Catherine Boyle discusses what the Christmas holidays mean for retail sales in the U.K.

George Boubouaras, CIO of Equity Trustees and Steve Johnson, Managing Director at The Intelligent Investor, discuss the state of Australia's economy.

AIA group chief executive Mark Tucker discusses its deal with Citibank to sell products through Citi's network across Asia.

Assessing China's credit outlook     Thu, 19 Dec '13 | 12:22 AM ET

Andrew Sullivan, Director Asian Sales Trading, says there is a high possibility that China will experience a credit event sooner rather than later.

Robert Heller, Former U.S. Federal Reserve governor says the Fed made the right decision by tapering its asset purchase program.

CNBC's Bernie Lo took time out from his holiday schedule and called into Cash Flow to defend his controversial call. He says Wednesday's announcement was just "a message to the markets."

CNBC's Julia Wood and Oriel Morrison discuss why Chinese-focused hedge funds have managed to avoid Shanghai's market gloom.

Why the Fed needs to taper     Wed, 18 Dec '13 | 7:45 PM ET

Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD says tapering was overdue and the Fed should have been more aggressive in the scaling back of its asset purchase program.

Pahala Mansury, CFO at Bank Mandiri, says Indonesia's central bank could raise interest rates when tapering kicks in next year.

Nicholas Schorsch, CEO & Chairman of the Board of American Realty Capital Properties, explains why he's positive about the U.S. housing recovery.

Erwan Rambourg, Head of Consumer and Retail at HSBC Global Research, explains why he is looking at companies that can capture the rise of China's travel market.

Emerging markets react to taper     Wed, 18 Dec '13 | 7:06 PM ET

Emerging markets are in focus after the Fed's taper decision. CNBC's Adam Bakhtiar reports on the reaction during Asian trade on Thursday.

Brian Waterhouse, Senior Analyst, Japan Banks at CLSA, cites contracting margins and low domestic loan demand as reasons to be cautious on Japanese banks.

Tai Hui, Chief Asia Pacific Strategist at J.P. Morgan Funds, says Indian and Indonesian currencies may fall in the short-term but notices that their Taiwan and Korean peers have reacted favorably.

Robert Heller, Former Governor of the U.S. Federal Reserve from 1986 to 1989, describes how inflation has a dangerous potential to rise.

India: Bull vs bear     Tue, 17 Dec '13 | 10:03 PM ET

CNBC's Cash Flow pits Parag Thakkar from HDFC Securities against Samir Arora from Helios Capital Management in an India bull and bear panel.

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