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John Rutledge, Former Economic Adviser to U.S. President George Bush, explains why he still sees buying opportunities in the U.S. despite political risk and soft earnings growth.

Edward Lee, Regional Head of Research, Southeast Asia at Standard Chartered, says Indonesian stocks have priced in Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo's win at the upcoming presidential elections.

As Indonesia's parliamentary election kicks off Wednesday, CNBC's Martin Soong introduces the country's top candidates.

Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti, deputy director, Western Hemisphere Department at the IMF, is positive on emerging markets and anticipates advanced economies to grow 2.2 percent this year.

Mark Eibel, Chief Investment Strategist at Russell Investments, explains why he expects a lackluster first-quarter earnings season.

CNBC's Eunice Yoon has a go at assembling the iconic Big Mac and finds out how particular McDonald's is about its food.

CNBC's Eunice Yoon visits U.S. food processing firm Cargill's chicken facility in China. The firm raises more than 20 million chickens a year for McDonald's in the world's second largest economy.

The golden arches of McDonald's are an iconic symbol in the U.S. and now, China. CNBC's Eunice Yoon looks at how the fast food giant has become a part of daily life for the Chinese.

Christian Schulz, Senior Economist at Berenberg Bank, expects the German economy to ease in the second-quarter before normalizing to a growth rate of around 2 percent.

Takuji Okubo, Principal & Chief Economist at Japan Macro Advisors, expects the economy to contract 3 percent in the April-to-June quarter from the previous quarter.

Uwe Parpart, Managing Director, Head of Research at Reorient Financial Markets, explains why the Bank of Japan is likely to start monetary easing in June by purchasing more exchange-traded funds.

Lito Camacho, Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse, says there is a high likelihood that candidate Joko Widodo will win, which will lift market confidence and potentially lead to an upgrade.

CNBC's Catherine Boyle explains why the Irish President's visit to the Queen of England is so important.

Gareth Berry, FX Strategist at UBS Investment Bank, outlines two trading strategies for currency pair after the Bank of Japan left its monetary policy unchanged on Tuesday.

Ben Collett, Head of Asian Equities at Sunrise Brokers, explains why he thinks markets "are going to come off hard and fast."

Michael Kurtz, Global Head of Equity Strategy at Nomura, says the recent selloff in U.S. markets is a "healthy pullback" in preparation for a weak first-quarter earnings season.

Prakriti Sofat, Regional Economist at Barclays, expects Bank Indonesia to keep interest rates on hold at its policy meeting on Tuesday.

Uri Landesman, President of Platinum Partners Hedge Fund, says the momentum sector is seeing an expected pullback after trading at "ridiculous levels."

Emilia Falcetti, Analyst, Japan Healthcare Equity Research at Cantor Fitzgerald, says Daiichi Sankyo's decision to sell its controlling stake in Ranbaxy will have a negative impact on its earnings.

Laura Fitzsimmons, VP, Futures & Options at JPMorgan Investment Bank, says BOJ governor Harihiko Kuroda has been upbeat in recent speeches, which may rule out chances of further easing.

Andrew Tonner, Analyst at The Motley Fool, says consumers may be waiting for the launch of a new smartphone model and consequently, were unwilling to make purchases in the first-quarter.

Mark Newman, Senior Analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, says Samsung's smartphone products have seen good sales but growth expectations were "way too high."

Richard Martin, Managing Director of IMA Asia, discusses Beijing's attempts to fine-tune its monetary policies amid an economic slowdown.

No surprises from the Bank of Japan     Mon, 7 Apr '14 | 11:03 PM ET

CNCB's Kaori Enjoji re-caps the Bank of Japan's decision to leave monetary policy unchanged at the conclusion of its two-day meeting on Tuesday.

China joins global maker movement     Mon, 7 Apr '14 | 9:15 PM ET

Hackerspaces- key to a booming DIY movement- are now becoming popular in China. CNBC's Asia Squawk Box team discuss.

Harvey Pitt, former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), says "smarter regulation" is needed in response to claims of rigged markets.

Michael Kurtz, Global Head of Equity Strategy at Nomura, says South Korean technology stocks are the best way to play the global economic recovery

How safe are Asia's ATMs?     Mon, 7 Apr '14 | 8:47 PM ET

95 percent of global ATMs run on Windows XP but following Microsoft's move to stop providing security updates, fears of security lapses are rising. CNBC's Julia Wood reports.

Carl Walter, Independent Consultant and Former China COO of JP Morgan, calls Citic Group's move to list its assets in Hong Kong "one of the times of opportunity in China."

David Whiteley, CEO at Industry Super Australia, welcomes the trade deal between Australia and Japan and outlines if a similar agreement can be struck with China.

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