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CNBC's Julia Wood and Adam Bakhtiar discuss the possibility of Beijing moving in on fresh stimulus measures to prop up its economy.

How long will the Kiwi rally last?     Thu, 27 Mar '14 | 6:37 PM ET

Boris Schlossberg, Managing Director at BK Asset Management, says the Reserve Bank of New Zealand could be prepared to weather a strong currency for some time, in exchange for control on its property sector.

An unconfirmed report about male North Korean students getting their hair done just like their leader Kim Jong Un has gone viral online. CNBC's Asia Squawk Box team discuss.

Tony Nash, Vice President of IHS, says Myanmar could be planning to shore up its fiscal position by implementing a nearly 14 percent hike in electricity rates come April.

Tony Nash, Vice President of IHS, explains why Beijing is unlikely to unleash a fresh round of massive stimulus like it did in 2009.

Tony Nash, Vice President of IHS, outlines his concerns for India, which has seen its equities rallying for the past month on hopes of an election win by the opposition.

CNBC's Asia Squawk Box team and Tony Nash, Vice President of IHS, discuss the performances of Asia's major equity markets so far in 2014.

Martin Schulz, Senior Economist at Fujitsu Research Institute, discusses the state of Japan's economy before the consumption sales tax hike kicks in next week.

Tony Nash, Vice President of IHS and Nicholas Weindling, Portfolio Manager at JP Morgan Asset Management, debate about the impact of the upcoming sales tax hike.

Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Japan's biggest online retailer Rakuten, explains why he thinks the country's upcoming consumption tax hike will lift online sales.

Is it time to favor base metals again?     Thu, 27 Mar '14 | 6:46 PM ET

Kevin Kerr, Managing Editor & Trader at Commodity Confidential, says copper prices are unlikely to sink below $3 since concerns over a China slowdown are fading.

CNBC's Kaori Enjoji breaks down the latest data from Japan while Emma Lawson, Senior Currency Strategist at National Australia Bank, explains what it means for central bank policy.

Euro to hit $1.35 per dollar: Pro     Thu, 27 Mar '14 | 6:34 PM ET

Boris Schlossberg, Managing Director at BK Asset Management, expects the euro to weaken in the near term as the European Central Bank embraces easing measures to ward off deflation.

Bill Stone, Chief Investment Strategist at PNC Asset Management Group, says choppy trade could be due to markets trading near all-time highs and weather-related impacts.

Aaron Smith, Managing Director at Pecora Capital, explains the factors behind his bullish call.

Leif Eskesen, chief economist for India and ASEAN at HSBC Global Research, advises caution on hopes for economic change in India.

Eurazeo's investment, coupled with Desigual's healthy financial situation, has armed the Spanish label with more capacity to accelerate growth beyond Europe, says Manel Jadrague, CEO of Desigual.

Markets were surprised by Citi: Pro     Thu, 27 Mar '14 | 1:11 AM ET

Jerry Braakman, EVP, Chief Investment Officer & Treasurer at First American Trust, discusses how investors should be trading Citigroup after it failed the Fed's stress test.

David Nowakowski, Senior Director of Research at Roubini Global Economics, discusses how the the International Monetary Fund's $15 billion rescue package could impact instability in Ukraine.

How should you invest in Chinese bonds?     Wed, 26 Mar '14 | 11:34 PM ET

Kumar Palghat, Founder and Director of Kapstream Capital, recommends investors to pick large banks and short-maturity bonds.

Recent strength in the Australian dollar needs to be closely watched for its impact on Australian equities, says David Walker, Senior Analyst at StocksInValue.

Hozefa Topi-Walla, ASEAN Equity Strategist at Morgan Stanley, describes 3 reasons why Singapore is the most attractive place for investments in Southeast Asia.

Geopolitical risks, continued tapering in the U.S. and soaring demand for physical gold in Asia will sustain the rally in gold prices, says Edmund Moy, Chief Strategist at Morgan Gold.

Hamish Pepper, Forex Strategist, Asia Pacific at Barclays, highlights four factors that are sustaining the rally in the Aussie dollar.

Citi has a lot more work to do: Pro     Wed, 26 Mar '14 | 10:24 PM ET

Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy & Chief Economist at AMP Capital Investors, discusses what the U.S lender should focus on going forward.

Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy & Chief Economist at AMP Capital Investors, says Russian equities could see further weakness if the situation escalates in the Crimean peninsula.

Antonio Fatas, Professor of Economics at INSEAD, says it is unlikely that the West will impose hard-hitting economic sanctions upon Russia.

Francis Gaskins, director of research at Equities.com, discusses why Candy Crush game maker, King Digital Entertainment, fell nearly 16 percent on its trading debut.

Time to go risk-off on stocks?     Wed, 26 Mar '14 | 9:05 PM ET

Scott Nations, Chief Investment Officer & President at NationsShares, says recent declines on Wall Street "may be more than a dip" and investors should avoid taking risks.

Prakriti Sofat, Regional Economist at Barclays, discusses Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo's announcement that he is keen to contest in the upcoming presidential elections.

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