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How private firms are changing healthcare   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 8:15 PM ET
How private firms are changing healthcare

Leslie Michelson, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Private Health Management, describes how the company gives individuals more access to healthcare.

Olivia Newton-John on wellness   Fri, 27 Mar '15 | 1:46 AM ET
Olivia Newton-John on wellness

Olivia Newton-John, singer and philanthropist, discusses her Cancer and Wellness Centre and her experience as a cancer survivor.

Can India really reduce oil imports?   Fri, 27 Mar '15 | 1:43 AM ET
Can India really reduce oil imports?

Following news that India aims to cut oil imports by 10% in 2022, Victor Shum, Vice President of IHS Energy Insight, explains why that may be unrealistic.

Why earnings are key to US stock selection   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 10:20 PM ET
Why earnings are key to US stock selection

The U.S. bull market is entering a new phase with stocks increasingly driven by earnings, says Patrick Chovanec, chief strategist at Silvercrest Asset Management.

Time to go defensive: Berenberg   Fri, 27 Mar '15 | 1:04 AM ET
Time to go defensive: Berenberg

Stefan Keitel, Global CIO of Berenberg, says the bank has locked in profits from emerging markets in recent months since they expect a market correction to occur soon.

BOJ may tolerate weak data: DBS   Fri, 27 Mar '15 | 1:16 AM ET
BOJ may tolerate weak data: DBS

Tie Ying Ma, Economist at DBS, says the central bank has indicated that it will tolerate low consumer inflation data as a temporary phenomenon.

Safety is our priority: Blue Bird   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 11:46 PM ET
Safety is our priority: Blue Bird

Driver and customer safety is our utmost priority, says Noni Purnomo, CEO of Blue Bird Group, Indonesia's largest taxi service.

Panasonic commits 1 trillion yen to M&A   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 11:31 PM ET
Panasonic commits 1 trillion yen to M&A

Panasonic's acquisition strategy makes sense for the conservative company, explains Marc Einstein, industry principle of ICT practice at Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific.

Is Yemen another Middle East proxy war?   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 11:11 PM ET
Is Yemen another Middle East proxy war?

Yeme's current political conflict can be linked to escalating tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, says Jonathan Pain, author of the Pain Report.

Time to invest in autonomous driving software

Hardeep Walia, CEO of Motif Investing shares his latest investment plan, the "connected car motif,' which invests in autonomous driving software companies.

This kid entrepreneur made $5,000   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 10:52 PM ET
This kid entrepreneur made $5,000

Yash Semlani, an 8-year-old entrepreneur, tells CNBC's Martin Song how his first business venture made $5,000.

Expect more BOJ easing: HSBC   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 10:44 PM ET
Expect more BOJ easing: HSBC

Dominic Bunning, FX strategist at HSBC, expects more monetary stimulus this year on the back of recent weak inflation figures.

Say goodbye to traditional refueling   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 10:31 PM ET
Say goodbye to traditional refueling

Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint, expects oil companies and retail oil outlets to soon become redundant as electric vehicles become more popular.

Assessing pysche of Germanwings co-pilot   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 9:14 PM ET
Assessing pysche of Germanwings co-pilot

George Hamlin, President of Hamlin Transportation Consulting, says a material, adverse event in the life of co-pilot Andreas Lubitz may be the reason behind his decision to crash the plane.

Hong Kong gets ready for Rugby 7s weekend   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 9:44 PM ET
Hong Kong gets ready for Rugby 7s weekend

Christian Cullen, Former fullback of the New Zealand All Blacks, says New Zealand is definitely a favorite in the tournament but still believes that all teams stand a fair chance at winning.

New Zealand to face Australia in cricket final

Grant Elliot, batsman of the New Zealand Black Caps, says the fact that both host nations have made it to the finals is a great sign for the competition.

Will the Saudi-led operation in Yemen work?

Jason Feer, Head of Business Intelligence at Poten & Partners, says Saudi Arabia and its allies are prepared to do everything they can to stop the advancement of Houthi militants.

World gears up for Earth Hour this Saturday

Singapore will not be participating in Earth Hour celebrations this year out of deference for the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, says Sudhanshu Sarronwala, chair of Earth Hour Global.

Go long China A-shares: JP Morgan   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 9:04 PM ET
Go long China A-shares: JP Morgan

Guillaume Chatain, Head of Equity Solutions at JP Morgan Private Bank, believes bad Chinese economic news is good for equity markets.

Mining heiress criticizes government regulations

Speaking at the Mines and Money conference in Hong Kong, Gina Rinehart urged governments to reduce red tape on mining projects.

How China's one-child policy impacts senior care

Mark Spitalnik, President & CEO of China Senior Care, describes how the company's residential solution will fill the shortfall arising from China's one-child policy.

UK polls point to hung parliament: Nomura   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 8:24 PM ET
UK polls point to hung parliament: Nomura

Alastair Newton, Senior Political Analyst at Nomura, says investors cannot rule out the possibility of a multi-party coalition judging by recent polls.

No indication of Bab-el-Mandeb closure: Nomura

Alastair Newton, Senior Political Analyst at Nomura, says there's no clear direct threat to oil supply so markets should be taking a more measured view on the issue.

Weak data won't impact Nikkei: Expert   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 7:51 PM ET
Weak data won't impact Nikkei: Expert

Joe Zidle, portfolio strategist at Richard Bernstein Advisors maintains a bullish stance on the Nikkei despite recent weak data since it's a "policy-driven" market.

No dividends for Global Brands this year   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 7:43 PM ET
No dividends for Global Brands this year

Bruce Rockowitz, CEO of Global Brands Group, says the company's cash flow will be used for boosting growth, instead of dividends, this year.

Focus on these sectors in US markets   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 7:15 PM ET
Focus on these sectors in US markets

Utilities and technology are two bright spots in U.S. stocks, says Bill Stone, chief investment strategist at PNC Asset Management.

Why export-oriented Greek firms are attractive

Anastasios Economou, Founder of investment holding firm Igroup, explains how he's hedging for the possibility of Greece leaving the euro zone and returning to its own currency.

Global Brands: US remains strongest market   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 7:34 PM ET
Global Brands: US remains strongest market

Bruce Rockowitz, CEO & Vice Chairman of Global Brands Group, describes the business's diversification plans and how the strength of U.S. consumers boosted earnings.

How this Indian firm is bridging the digital divide

Suneet Tuli, President & CEO at Datawind, a tech firm that focuses on providing cost effective web access, explains the company's business strategy.

Oil prices hinge on geopolitical risk: Argus

Azlin Ahmad, Editor, Crude Oil at Argus Media, says unless violence in Yemen escalates, prices will likely come back down again as per market fundamentals.

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