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Global Brands: US remains strongest market   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 7:34 PM ET
Global Brands: US remains strongest market

Bruce Rockowitz, CEO & Vice Chairman of Global Brands Group, describes the business's diversification plans and how the strength of U.S. consumers boosted earnings.

Australia's Gina Rinehart speaks in Hong Kong

Mining heiress Gina Rinehart of Hancock Prospecting urged the Australian government to reduce red tape at the Mines and Money conference in Hong Kong. CNBC's Matt Taylor reports.

How this Indian firm is bridging the digital divide

Suneet Tuli, President & CEO at Datawind, a tech firm that focuses on providing cost effective web access, explains the company's business strategy.

Oil prices hinge on geopolitical risk: Argus

Azlin Ahmad, Editor, Crude Oil at Argus Media, says unless violence in Yemen escalates, prices will likely come back down again as per market fundamentals.

Change in cockpit policy needed: Pro   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 6:30 PM ET
Change in cockpit policy needed: Pro

John Goglia, Former NTSB Member and Writer at Aviation International News, recommends that a flight attendent stay in the cockpit when a co-pilot takes a break.

Growing risk of US market correction: Wells Fargo

Erik Davidson, CIO at Wells Fargo, says investors should balance their exposure to U.S. equities amid a backdrop of volatile oil prices and a looming stock market correction.

A look at Sri Lanka - China ties   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 1:40 AM ET
A look at Sri Lanka - China ties

P S Suryanarayana, Current Affairs Editor at Institute of South Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, says Sri Lanka's new president is facing a delicate relationship with Beijing.

Factors driving Australian real-estate   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 1:20 AM ET
Factors driving Australian real-estate

Ashley Krongold, CEO of Krongold Group, describes the impact of foreign money on luxury property.

Don't worry too much about Yemen: Pro   Thu, 26 Mar '15 | 1:15 AM ET
Don't worry too much about Yemen: Pro

Norman Chan, Investment Director at NAB Private Wealth Advisory, says Yemen's influence on oil markets is likely to be limited in the medium to long term.

Why it's time to add risk to your portfolio   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 11:30 PM ET
Why it's time to add risk to your portfolio

Adrian Mowat, Chief Asian & Emerging Market Equity Strategist at J.P. Morgan, says preoccupation with the Fed is so high that market positioning is already very bearish.

Indian telco operators hit by auction costs   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 11:20 PM ET
Indian telco operators hit by auction costs

Sachin Gupta, Regional Head of Telecommunication Research Asia Ex-Japan at Nomura, says major players like Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular may pay $3 billion and $5 billion, respectively.

Weak Q1 GDP may delay Fed rate hike: Pro   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 11:10 PM ET
Weak Q1 GDP may delay Fed rate hike: Pro

Jim Rickards, Chief Global Strategist at West Shore Funds, says the Fed may be unable to raise rates in June if first-quarter growth data disappoints.

Thai deputy PM: Growth is picking up   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 11:45 PM ET

Pridiyathorn Devakula, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, expects the country to grow over 3 percent this year despite lower export demand from its key markets like the United States.

Woodside Petroleum: We're ready for $20 oil   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 10:30 PM ET
Woodside Petroleum: We're ready for $20 oil

Following Woodside Petroleum's recent bond sale, CEO Peter Coleman says it's important for companies to be able to borrow money when they can.

Do you want to live on Mars? Sign up here   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 10:20 PM ET
Do you want to live on Mars? Sign up here

Bas Lansdorp, Co-founder and CEO of Mars One, says more than 200,000 people signed up for the firm's mission to Mars. He also explains why his project is less pricier than NASA's.

US stocks set for technical correction: Cardillo

Peter Cardillo, Chief Market Economist at Rockwell Global Capital, is expecting a poor earnings season ahead due to the strong dollar, which should bring about a healthy correction for U.S. stocks.

Nobel Laureate Robert J. Shiller

Robert Shiller, 2013 Nobel Laureate in Economics and Economics Professor at Yale University, explains why oil is among his top investments and that Fed isn't in a hurry to hike rates.

This project aims to end extreme poverty by 2030

Hugh Evans, CEO of The Global Poverty Project, describes how structural impediments, like restricted education for girls and limited access to vaccinations, traps people into poverty.

Are markets complacent about the Middle East?

Jim O'Neill, former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, discusses the risk of ignoring Yemen's political conflict. He also explains why cheaper oil may not help the U.S.

Market risk is receding: State Street   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 8:05 PM ET
Market risk is receding: State Street

Thomas Poullaouec, APAC Head of Strategy & Research, Asia Pacific, at State Street Global Advisors, says global market risk has declined from the previous quarter.

Andrew Robb, Minister for Trade & Investment of Australia, expresses uncertainty over the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal as it faces stiff opposition in the U.S. Congress.

How robots can help Japan's economy   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 7:40 PM ET
How robots can help Japan's economy

Tadahiro Kawada, President of Kawada Industries, describes the company's "collaborative robots," and how they can improve productivity in Japan.

GE: How we're managing FX volatility   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 7:30 PM ET
GE: How we're managing FX volatility

John Rice, Vice Chairman of General Electric, explains how a stronger dollar is both hurting and benefiting the company.

Watch out, EMs crisis coming this year   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 6:50 PM ET
Watch out, EMs crisis coming this year

Atul Lele, CIO of Deltec International Group, says emerging markets excluding India are headed for more pain this year.

Asia can outperform US this year: Credit Suisse

Ali Naqvi, Head of Equities for Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse, says progress in Japan, expectations for a soft landing in China and a revival in India are underpinning growth in Asian markets.

Storage is key for clean energy: Camco   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 6:42 PM ET
Storage is key for clean energy: Camco

Scott McGregor, CEO of Camco Clean Energy, describes why storage solutions for renewable energy is crucial in emerging markets.

Sugar prices headed lower: SocGen   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 6:35 PM ET
Sugar prices headed lower: SocGen

Chris Narayanan, Director & Head of Agricultural Commodities Research at Societe Generale, expects a lower cost of production for sugar in Brazil, which should increase supply and push down prices.

Quality companies are key to investing: Pro

Adam Thurgood, Managing Director and Partner at High Tower, recommends buying "quality" companies and explains why he isn't concerned about market volatility.

Kraft & Heinz: A palatable partnership?   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 6:10 PM ET
Kraft & Heinz: A palatable partnership?

Sachin Shah, Merger Arbitrage Strategist at Albert Fried and Company, discusses news of the merger between the two companies.

Demand for London property booms: Good or bad?

Dorian Beresford, CEO of Strawberry Star, discusses the demand from foreign investors for property in London.

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