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Chang Ka Mun, Associate Member at the HKSAR's Central Policy Unit, says protesters don't understand the real intention of Beijing's actions and are protesting out of fear towards the Communist Party.

Micha Benoliel, Co-founder of FireChat, says the app's massive popularity in Hong Kong came as a surprise. He also explains how the app bypasses Chinese censorship.

What will China do about Hong Kong?     Thu, 2 Oct '14 | 12:42 AM ET

Charles Hutzler, Wall Street Journal's China Bureau Chief, describes the city's significance to China and discusses possible options for Beijing.

Is Hong Kong's credit rating at risk?     Thu, 2 Oct '14 | 12:24 AM ET

Andrew Colquhoun, Senior Director & Head of Asia-Pacific Sovereign Ratings at Fitch Ratings, discusses whether demonstrations will hurt the city's position as a financial center.

Protesters are prepared to continue the standoff unless Beijing begins democratic reforms in Hong Kong, says Albert Ho, Hong Kong legislator and a member of the Democratic Party.

Where Australia is looking to invest     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 11:46 PM ET

Andrew Barr, Deputy Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory, discusses whether Hong Kong's protests have affected investment interest and explains why he likes Singapore.

Indian rupee under pressure     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 11:34 PM ET

Neeraj Seth, Head of Asia Credit at BlackRock Fundamental Fixed Income, attributes recent weakness in the Indian currency to fears over the Fed's tightening timetable.

Jonathan Galaviz, Partner at Global Market Advisors, says European airlines are the most vulnerable to Ebola, compared to their Asian and U.S. counterparts.

Is the US dollar rally losing steam?     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 11:10 PM ET

With the European Central Bank unlikely to unveil fresh stimulus on Thursday, the U.S. dollar rally could be coming to an end, says Mark Matthews, Head of Research for Asia at Bank Julius Baer.

Hamish Pepper, Forex Strategist, Asia Pacific at Barclays, expects an upside surprise in Friday's U.S. payrolls report, which will underpin gains in the greenback.

Diana Choyleva, Head of Macroeconomic Research at Lombard Street Research, is worried that new easing measures could exacerbate China's debt issue.

CNBC's Pauline Chiou reports from the protest site in Admiralty. She also discusses her interview with Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong entrepreneur and an outspoken critic of Beijing.

James Mirrlees, 1996 Nobel Memorial Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences, outlines what is needed to revive growth in the euro zone.

Lim Say Boon, Chief Investment Officer at DBS Group Wealth Management, says U.S. shares are now in a "dangerous stage of the bull cycle."

Osuke Honda, Partner at DCM, says the outlook for Kakao is promising because of its dominance in South Korea's mobile-centric market and ability to expand out of messaging.

Peter Boardman, Managing Director of Tradewinds, explains what a second tax hike means for Japan's retail sector and outlines what the government could do to help firms.

Jason Moser, Senior Analyst at Motley Fool, says emerging markets will remain a key driver of growth for American automakers, but warns of volatility in these markets.

Paul Zimmerman, Southern District Councilor of Hong Kong, says chief executive C Y Leung and the police should apologize for the use of tear gas against protesters last Friday.

Watch out for October 6 in Hong Kong     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 6:52 PM ET

Nicholas Consonery, China Analyst at Eurasia Group, discusses the way authorities are handling the mass protests and explains why October 6 is the day to watch in Hong Kong.

Ahead of Thursday's investor meeting, Karl Brauer, Senior Analyst at Kelley Blue Book, outlines his expectations for General Motors' chief executive Mary Barra.

Robert Fross, Co-Founder of Fross & Fross Wealth Management, says the slower pace of growth in September's factory activity is an "anomaly" and markets have overreacted.

What's behind the weak demand for oil     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 12:37 AM ET

Antoine Halff, Head, Oil Industry & Markets at International Energy Agency, outlines the factors that are weighing on oil demand around the world.

Speaking to CNBC at the "Russia Calling Conference" in Moscow, Maxim Basov, CEO of Rusagro, explains how the firm has benefited from geopolitical tensions.

Q3 Tankan survey is a mixed bag: BofA     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 12:20 AM ET

Shusuke Yamada, FX strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, discusses Wednesday's Bank of Japan Tankan survey and explains his year-end target of 108 for the dollar-yen.

Chong Ja Ian, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science at National University of Singapore, outlines Beijing's dilemma when it comes to dealing with protests in Hong Kong.

Pro-democracy protesters remain on the streets of Hong Kong and they tell CNBC's Pauline Chiou that they won't be backing down.

Bryan Hynes, Managing Director at AMP Capital Shopping Centres, says the latest retail sales figure is a "blip" and expects sales in Australia to remain strong until Christmas.

Maya Wang, China Researcher at Human Rights Watch, outlines the possible scenarios that Hong Kong's demonstrations could develop into.

Mr Yen: Currency won't fall beyond 112     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 11:32 PM ET

Eisuke Sakakibara, Former Vice Finance Minister of Japan from 1997-1999, explains why he think the yen will trade below 112 per dollar.

Protesters in Hong Kong have found a new tech ally in FireChat to bypass China's censors but Beijing is reportedly stepping up on censorship. CNBC's Julia Wood has more.

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