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Simon Derrick, chief currency strategist at BNY Mellon, discusses why the Indian rupee will perform well in 2015.

This is a 'massive buy signal' for Russia  Thu, 15 Jan '15 | 1:30 AM ET

Christopher Granville, managing director at Trusted Sources, says resolving the conflict in south east Ukraine will be the key to getting sanctions lifted.

Xiaomi unveiled its Mi Note smartphone on Thursday, in move aimed squarely at Apple's larger iPhones. CNBC's Eunice Yoon reports.

We need QE to stimulate growth: Ex-Spain PM  Thu, 15 Jan '15 | 1:15 AM ET

José María Aznar, former Prime Minister of Spain, says the European Central Bank will inevitably take unconventional monetary policy measures at its next meeting.

2015 outlook: The executive view  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 11:50 AM ET

Sentiment amongst top business executives is improving, with 51 percent forecasting business conditions will be better this coming year, according to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Simon Baptiste, regional director at the EIU, discusses further.

Copper price falling is 'no surprise'  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 11:30 AM ET

Copper prices have slumped to 2009 levels. Nic Brown, head of commodities research at Natixis, discusses what's leading the selloff, saying he's been pretty "bearish on copper for a while."

Italy's Renzi 'wants a poodle' for president  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 11:15 AM ET

With Giorgio Napolitano stepping down as Italy¿s President, CNBC's Julia Chatterley talks to Francesco Galietti, CEO of Policy Sonar. Galietti says that Renzi needs an "expert and a veteran," but wants a "poodle."

OMT: 'A day of victory for the ECB'  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 11:10 AM ET

CNBC's Annette Weisbach discusses to possibility of ECB quantitative easing with Yves Mersch, an ECB board member.

A potential power shift in Italy?  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 11:10 AM ET

Discussing Giorgio Napolitano stepping down as Italy's president, Jacopo Barigazzi, journalist and policy analyst in Milan, says that Italy needs a "strong figure" as president, as Italy still needs to overcome its economic crisis, and the president has more power than its prime minister.

European equities closed sharply lower on Wednesday as the turmoil in global commodity markets continued.

Oil is heading where?  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 9:00 AM ET

CNBC's Phil Han tracks oils dramatic fall over the last few months.

Nikhil Srinivasan, CIO of Generali, says the European Central Bank's quantitative easing program will buy time for governments to carry out reforms.

Will fines weigh on banks' profitability?  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 5:45 AM ET

Discussing the upcoming JPMorgan fourth-quarter earnings report, Gerard Cassidy, managing director & banking analyst at RBC Capital Markets, says trading revenue will be a key focus for the bank.

Gary Turner, managing director at cloud-based accounting platform Xero UK, explains why the company is seeking to capitalize on working from home, as behaviour shifts.

Luxury brands to benefit from cheaper fuel  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 5:40 AM ET

Will cheaper fuel cause consumers to spend more in the U.S. retail sector? Oliver Chen, senior analyst at Cowen and Company, says he thinks that luxury brands like Tiffany, rather than lower-end retail, will benefit from the fall in the price of oil.

Steve Almond, global chairman at Deloitte, says that business leaders need to be as focused "on people and purpose, as they are on products and profits," as millennials change the way they look for employment.

Energy prices 'will benefit US economy'  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 5:00 AM ET

Simon Laing, head of U.S. equities at Invesco Perpetual, says that when low oil prices start to feed into consumer spending it will be positive for the U.S. economy.

The distinction between OMT and QE  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 4:30 AM ET

Guy Foster, group head of research at Brewin Dolphin Wealth Management, discusses whether the European Court of Justice's backing of OMT (Outright Monetary Transactions) makes it easier for Mario Draghi to launch a quantitative easing program.

ECB QE 'is coming' -- but when?  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 4:05 AM ET

The European Court of Justice has backed the ECB's OMT (Outright Monetary Transactions) program. David Owen, chief European economist at Jefferies International, says that it makes it more difficult for Germany to "throw a spanner into the works."

ECB QE needs to do this to be successful  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 3:30 AM ET

Christine Johnson, head of fixed income at Old Mutual Global Investors, discusses what form European Central Bank quantitative easing needs to take in order for it to go down well with markets.

Ackman: 'We're in the money' with Herbalife  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 3:00 AM ET

Bill Ackman, founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, says the company is making money on its Herbalife investment.

Bill Ackman, founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, says he would invest in Europe, but not immediately, adding that it is "something I would put on the list right now."

Ackman on Carl Icahn: 'Incredibly guy'  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 3:00 AM ET

Bill Ackman, founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, says that when he reaches the age of 78, he hopes he will have as much "energy and spirit" as Carl Icahn.

Bill Ackman, founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, says it is a good time for investors to look at energy stocks, but added that it is not something his fund is looking at.

Bill Ackman, founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, says Herbalife may not be his last public short, but he will "think hard" before he does another.

Why investors should bet on Spain in 2015  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 2:45 AM ET

Antonio Hormigos, head of Spanish equities at Mirabaud Asset Management, says Spanish companies are "healthy," with banks likely to be a good investment.

Europe stocks plunge on oil turmoil  Wed, 14 Jan '15 | 3:00 AM ET

European equities fell at the open on Wednesday as the turmoil in global oil markets continues.

Andrew Sheets, chief cross-asset strategist at Morgan Stanley, says a Greek exit from the euro zone is an "extreme" action and investors should look at the country's long-end bonds.

Franziska Ohnsorge, economist at the World Bank, says countries will undergo "bouts of volatility" after it lowered its global growth forecast for 2015.

The interest rate rise from the U.S. Federal Reserve will be "very gradual," with borrowing costs remaining low for many countries, according to Franziska Ohnsorge, economist at the World Bank.

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