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'Great time' for Worldline IPO: CEO  Tue, 17 Jun '14 | 2:15 AM ET

Gilles Grapinet, CEO of Worldine, says the timing of the company's flotation is ideal despite a more cautious approach by investors.

World market wants US LNG: Pro  Tue, 17 Jun '14 | 2:15 AM ET

Daniel Yergin, vice chairman of IHS, says the world markets want U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) for diversification.

Mikhail Shamolin, CEO of Sistema, says the Russian economy needs to see more privatization and mortgage issuance.

Bob Dudley, CEO of BP, says the company's oil production in Iraq is "a long way" away from the violence taking place in the country.

Manik Narain, head of EMEA FX and fixed income strategy at UBS, says the Turkish lira and South African rand could come under pressure from the uptick in oil prices.

Mikhail Shamolin, CEO of Sistema, says the cost of finance for Russian companies is going up as investors perceive a higher risk as a result of sanctions.

England to win World Cup: Deutsche  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 11:45 AM ET

Henrik Gullberg, senior foreign exchange strategist at Deutsche Bank, says that based on the bank's research, England will win the World Cup. France, Switzerland and Portugal are "undervalued".

China's Li to visit UK: What to expect  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 11:35 AM ET

Jonathan Fenby, director of China research at Trusted Sources, discusses the U.K.'s relationship with China ahead of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's three-day visit to the U.K.

European market closes lower  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 11:30 AM ET

European shares closed lower on Monday amid concerns of escalating tensions in Iraq and rising oil prices.

Pre-market open: What you need to know  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 5:57 AM ET

Here's all you need to know about the U.S. markets ahead of the open, with CNBC's Julia Chatterley.

How are innovation and forward thinking laying the foundations for clean, green cities of the future?

Is IPO appetite running out of steam?  Thu, 12 Jun '14 | 7:00 PM ET

Richard Hunter, head of U.K. equities at Hargreaves Lansdown, says investors are becoming more selective about the IPOs to invest in.

No reason for oil markets to rocket: Pro  Thu, 12 Jun '14 | 7:00 PM ET

Harry Tchilinguirian, head of commodity markets strategy at BNP Paribas, says the oil price may tick higher but there is no reason for it to "rocket" due to tensions in Iraq.

Middle East tensions to boost volatility?  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 5:50 AM ET

Scott Shellady, CEO of Bull Reef Brokerage at TJM Institutional Services, says the tensions in the Middle-East could be what brings volatility and risk premium back to the market.

Equities: 'Any pullback would be healthy'  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 5:30 AM ET

Gemma Godfrey, head of investment strategy at Brooks Macdonald, says sentiment has been "overshadowing economic realities" and there are now signs of cautions in the stock market.

Greg Valliere, chief political strategist at Potomac Research Group, says the situation in Iraq is "an enormous crisis" and that the implications are incredibly negative.

'We'll take any buyer': Brittania-U CEO  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 4:39 AM ET

Uju Ifejika, CEO of Brittania-U, discusses how the Nigerian oil industry is looking towards Asia to make up for the loss of exports to the U.S. and highlights what the challenges for the sector are.

Will markets climb the wall of worry?  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 4:30 AM ET

Johnny Mehta, CIO at Axis Investment Management Limited, discusses risks for equity markets and says that there appears to be a "high level of complacency".

Emiliano Mellino, senior France correspondent at Dealreporter Europe, discusses the potential Siemens/Mitsubishi's bid for Alstom and what GE could come back with to revive its offer.

Medtronic to buy Covidien  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 4:22 AM ET

U.S. medical device maker Medtronic is to buy Covidien for $42.9 billion and has announced that it would move its headquarters to Ireland, CNBC's Catherin Boyle reports.

Can Isis take Baghdad?  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 4:00 AM ET

Jordan Perry, principal MENA analyst at Maplecroft, discusses whether Isis can take Baghdad and what will push the West to intervene.

Simon Cook, CEO of DFJ Esprit, says entrepreneurs do not need to raise large amounts of money to start a business due to online fundraising platforms.

Scottish independence 'wrong': MOL Group  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 3:40 AM ET

Scottish independence is the "wrong thing to do", according to Alexander Dodds, executive vice president at MOL Group, adding that it would create issues for several companies.

Alexander Dodds, executive vice president at MOL Group, says dealings with the Russian government have always been "transparent" and the company is ready for any further sanctions imposed on it.

Christof Ruehl, chief economist at BP, says that we've seen the most stable oil price in a three-year period since the 1970s creating an "eery calm" in the oil market.

Christof Ruehl, chief economist at BP, says there is a slowdown in Chinese energy consumption that does not match with the 7.5 percent GDP growth predicted by the government.

Is western growth set for a slowdown?  Mon, 16 Jun '14 | 3:00 AM ET

Alberto Gallo, head of European macro credit research at RBS, and Nick Lyster, European CEO of Principal Global Investors, discuss whether a withdrawal of stimulus and rising interest rates could threaten economic growth in the west.

European shares opened lower on Monday amid concerns of escalating tensions in Iraq and rising oil prices.

Tina Fordham, senior political analyst at Citi, says President Barack Obama is under pressure over the Iraq situation with public and Congress opinion against sending troops back into the country.

Sanctions against Russia 'stupid': Deputy PM  Sun, 15 Jun '14 | 7:00 PM ET

Russian deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich slams sanctions imposed on the country as "stupid" and says the country is open for investment and trade.

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