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Ukraine crisis: The view from CEOs     Fri, 2 May '14 | 3:35 AM ET

CEOs and CFOs of top companies tell CNBC about the effect of the Ukraine crisis on their business.

Abi Oladimeji, head of investment strategy at Thomas Miller Investment, says the global economic backdrop is weak but and could be vulnerable to a "shock" if the Ukraine crisis escalates.

RBS results a 'huge surprise': Pro     Fri, 2 May '14 | 3:15 AM ET

Nick Hungerford, director and CEO of Nutmeg, says the Royal Bank of Scotland's first quarter results were a "huge surprise", but adds the bank has been "cautious" in its outlook.

Justin Knight, head of European rates strategy at UBS, discusses the pricing of peripheral debt and says the rally is likely to continue.

Who are the greatest drivers in F1 racing? CNBC takes a closer look at the trophy cabinets of the most memorable F1 racers since the 1950s.

Spotlight on ... the driver     Mon, 28 Apr '14 | 7:00 PM ET

Becoming a racing driver demands sacrifices and commitment. CNBC meets Luciano Bacheta, F2 world champion, along with his family and trainer to discuss his transition from F2 to F1.

Leader interview - Sir Jackie Stewart     Mon, 28 Apr '14 | 7:00 PM ET

F1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart retraces his career from his "hideously dangerous" early days, to his fight to make the sport safer and the move into the business side of racing.

My moment #1     Mon, 28 Apr '14 | 7:00 PM ET

Chris Dinnage, team manager at Classic Team Lotus, recalls his most treasured moment from his decades-long career in F1.

Let's break it down: The driver     Mon, 28 Apr '14 | 7:00 PM ET

F1 drivers have to prepare like athletes, explains F1 expert, Mark Priestley, to cope with the pressure on their bodies, the tight and confined space and the cockpits temperature.

Tactics challenge     Mon, 28 Apr '14 | 7:00 PM ET

Who will win the championship this year? Most of our pundits put their money on either Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, both from Mercedes. But a few names could upset the outcome!

My moment #2     Mon, 28 Apr '14 | 7:00 PM ET

Steve Allen from Classic Team Lotus tells CNBC about a prank the team pulled on a driver's first day.

F1 to your car     Mon, 28 Apr '14 | 7:00 PM ET

Some of the latest technological advances that have made it to your car, originally came from F1 including traction control and the paddle-shift gear box. F1 to your car

Behind the numbers     Mon, 28 Apr '14 | 7:00 PM ET

How much weight does a driver lose in a race? How much does it cost to train a driver to F1 standard? CNBC looks at the numbers.

European markets posted a mixed picture in early trading on Friday, ahead of key data on the U.S. jobs market.

Surani Fernando, assistant editor of Biopharm Insight, discusses whether Pfizer's updated bid for AstraZeneca will placate the U.K. government's concerns over the mega-merger.

Alexandra Dimitrijevic, head of leveraged finance and mid-market evaluation analytics at Standard & Poors, says the EU's mid-market companies need to raise 2.8 trillion euros in debt funding for refinancing and expansion over the next five years.

John Caudwell, former CEO and founder of Phones4U, says joining the European Union was the "biggest fiasco" to hit the U.K.'s economy.

China boost to market share: IHG CEO     Fri, 2 May '14 | 2:05 AM ET

Richard Solomons, CEO of IHG, says the company has gained a big market share in China and is taking a long-term view on emerging markets.

Paul Gambles, co-founder of MBMG Group, says despite a continuous surge in average house price across the U.K., the market in the north of the country is not as buoyant.

Is the EU really meddling too much?     Fri, 2 May '14 | 1:35 AM ET

Ahead of this month's elections, Pawel Swidlicki, research analyst at Open Europe, and Mark Littlewood, director general at the Institute of Economic Affairs, discuss why there has been increased discontent with the European Union.

Luis Costa, emerging market strategist at Citi, says investors are expecting a strong U.S. data pipeline, but what would happen to currencies if the numbers disappoint?

Pfizer is set to sweeten its bid for British pharma AstraZeneca. CNBC's Catherine Boyle reports on the developments.

How to invest in resource efficiency     Thu, 1 May '14 | 11:45 AM ET

Bruce Jenkyn-Jones, head of listed equities at Impax Asset Management, says one future trend is to use resources more efficiently, and advises on how best to invest in this.

N. Ireland's Gerry Adams arrested     Thu, 1 May '14 | 11:35 AM ET

Gerry Moriarty, Northern Ireland editor at The Irish Times, comments on the arrest of Northern Ireland's opposition leader Gerry Adams, on charges of murder. His party, Sinn Fein, says the arrest is politically motivated.

FTSE closes higher; DAX, CAC closed     Thu, 1 May '14 | 11:30 AM ET

Shares in Lloyds Bank climbed higher on Thursday, helping the U.K.'s FTSE 100 to close the day higher for a fourth-straight session. Most European bourses were closed however for the May Labor day public holiday.

Nader Mousavizadeh, geopolitical analyst at Macro Advisory Partners, says that due to the Ukraine crisis, relations between the West and Russia are nearing a point of no return.

In 2013, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank acquired Barclay's UAE retail operations for a price tag of $177 million. CEO Tirad Mahmoud clarifies the benefits of the deal, and why the bank's business model does not depend on pious consumers.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Banks is one of the largest Sharia-compliant lenders in the region. The company's CEO, Tirad Mahmoud, joins the conversation on what Islamic finance is about, industry regulation and the culture of risk taking.

A popular focus of emerging scholarly literature looks at whether Islamic finance offers any systemic benefits to the global economy. Tirad Mahmoud, the chief executive of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, details the defining trends of the business

EU expansion: Is it a good thing?     Thu, 1 May '14 | 4:22 AM ET

Piers Curran, head of trading at Amplify Trading and Neil Shearing, chief emerging markets economist at Capital Economics, discuss what joining the European Union and the euro zone has done for Eastern European countries.

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