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Expect feeding frenzy in Ukraine: Expert   Tue, 31 Mar '15 | 2:20 AM ET
Expect feeding frenzy in Ukraine: Expert

Klaus Lutz, the CEO of BayWa, told CNBC that investors will swiftly move into Ukraine on any future peace deal with agricultural commodities being a major opportunity within the country.

Why is global M&A at a 7-year high?   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 7:00 PM ET
Why is global M&A at a 7-year high?

Gareth McCartney, head of equity syndicate at UBS, discusses the current M&A climate and potential risks that could curb more dealmaking.

Risk Greece won't have long-term solution: Expert

Zsolt Darvas, a senior fellow at Bruegel, told CNBC that he's concerned that any resolution for Greece would not be for the long term.

Iran talks hit deadline   Tue, 31 Mar '15 | 1:15 AM ET
Iran talks hit deadline

CNBC's Hadley Gamble discusses the upcoming deadline for talks on Iran's nuclear program.

UK elections: Time to get personal   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 11:50 AM ET
UK elections: Time to get personal

As the UK elections draw closer, the competition and propaganda is heating up. CNBC's Peter Ruddick files this report.

Europe ends sharply higher; Yoox surges on merger talks

European equities closed sharply higher on Monday, extending gains throughout the session, as investors looked ahead to forthcoming U.S. jobs data.

Nigeria elections: What will happen next?   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 11:30 AM ET
Nigeria elections: What will happen next?

As results for the elections in Nigeria start to come out, Anna Rosenberg, sub-Saharan Africa analyst at Frontier Strategy Group, says the most recent results are "encouraging," and discusses the likely scenarios depending on who wins.

Iran deal: 'Pressure is mounting'   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 11:10 AM ET
Iran deal: 'Pressure is mounting'

With Iran's nuclear deal deadline looming, how is the conflict in Yemen between Saudi Arabia going to impact? CNBC's Hadley Gamble files this report.

Is the euro zone getting stronger?   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 11:00 AM ET
Is the euro zone getting stronger?

David Stubbs, global market strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, talks about the European economy and how there's been "real improvement" in some economies.

Fintech to rule the world?   Fri, 27 Mar '15 | 8:00 AM ET
Fintech to rule the world?

Julian Skan, Accenture managing director overseeing the FinTech Innovation Lab London, talks about why there's been a surge in disruptive technology recently, saying that these technologies could change the business models for the banking industry.

Investing in Africa: Benefits for China   Fri, 27 Mar '15 | 8:00 AM ET
Investing in Africa: Benefits for China

Erik Prince, Chairman of Frontier Services Group, talks about his company and how it is helping other companies in Africa, and discusses China's investment in Africa.

Petrobras: Brazil needs a solution   Fri, 27 Mar '15 | 8:00 AM ET
Petrobras: Brazil needs a solution

Juan Sartori, president and founder of Union Group, explains why the Petrobras scandal is such a big deal, saying that it impacts Brazil's credibility.

Is ECB's QE a success?   Fri, 27 Mar '15 | 8:00 AM ET
Is ECB's QE a success?

Philippe Gudin, chief European economist at Barclays, discusses the latest on the European Central Bank, saying that quantitative easing seems to be a success by how the markets are reacting.

US market volatility: Should we be worried?

Before the U.S. opening bell, Bob Iaccino, chief market strategist at Tethys Partners, discusses market volatility, and how it relates to the Federal Reserve.

How Iran's nuclear deal may impact oil   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 5:20 AM ET
How Iran's nuclear deal may impact oil

Discussing Iran's potential nuclear deal, Katherine Spector, head of commodities strategy at CIBC World Markets, talks about the impact it could have on oil markets.

Iran deal: All signs look positive for go-ahead

Iran's nuclear deal deadline is getting closer. Apostolos Bantis, credit analyst at Commerzbank, talks about the deal and its benefits, saying all signs look positive towards a deal, despite conflicting information leaks.

PBOC: Investors looking for more stimulus   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 4:50 AM ET
PBOC: Investors looking for more stimulus

Josh Klaczek, head of Asia financials research at JPMorgan, talks about Asian stocks and the banking sector -- in particular China and the People's Bank of China.

Nigeria: Oil price is 'most important thing'

Oyin Anubi, Sub Saharan Africa economist at BofA Merrill Lynch, talks about the recent elections in Nigeria and how the price of oil impacts the country.

Nigeria elections: The counting begins   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 4:30 AM ET
Nigeria elections: The counting begins

As the votes have been cast in the Nigerian elections, Godfrey Mutizwa, director of research at CNBC Africa, talks about the technical glitches and what will happen next.

Yoox to buy Net-a-Porter?   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 4:30 AM ET
Yoox to buy Net-a-Porter?

New reports are emerging that suggest that Yoox could unveil deal to buy Net-a-Porter. Class CNBC's Claudia Pensotti discusses.

How we're looking to expand: Interoute CEO   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 3:45 AM ET
How we're looking to expand: Interoute CEO

Gareth Williams, chief executive of data network and corporate cloud services provider Interoute tells CNBC where the company is heading.

Iran nuclear deal deadline looms   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 4:05 AM ET
Iran nuclear deal deadline looms

As an Iran nuclear deal deadline looms, will an agreement be made? CNBC's Hadley Gamble brings you the latest.

Time to sell the US dollar?   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 4:00 AM ET
Time to sell the US dollar?

What's driving the euro/dollar currency moves? David Bloom, global head foreign exchange strategy at HSBC, weighs in with his opinions.

Costs coming down due to ruble: Polymetal CEO

Vitaly Nesis, chief executive of gold and silver miner Polymetal, discusses the company's recent performance.

How to position for US nonfarm payrolls?   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 3:00 AM ET
How to position for US nonfarm payrolls?

Jonathan Bell, chief investment officer of Stanhope Capital, discusses how to position for U.S. non-farm payrolls data later this week.

Market Open   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 3:00 AM ET
Market Open
Free and fair elections in Nigeria?   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 2:30 AM ET
Free and fair elections in Nigeria?

Alan Cameron, economist and director at Exotix, discusses the Nigerian elections with CNBC.

Copper will see a supply shortage: CEO   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 2:20 AM ET
Copper will see a supply shortage: CEO

Nick Clarke, the CEO of Central Asia Metals, told CNBC that he expects a shortage of supply for copper this year, which could offset any concerns over demand.

What will business in 2020 look like?   Wed, 25 Mar '15 | 4:45 AM ET
What will business in 2020 look like?

Tim Burt, author of "2020 vision: Today's business leaders on tomorrow's world," and managing partner at the StockWell Group, tells CNBC what it might be like to do business in 2020.

How to trade the oil decline   Mon, 30 Mar '15 | 2:10 AM ET
How to trade the oil decline

Patrick Armstrong, the CIO of Plurimi Investment Managers, discusses his own trading strategy in oil and how he is using ETFs to play the market.

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