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How European are you?   Mon, 25 May '15 | 11:45 AM ET
How European are you?

Pablo Calderon Martinez, teaching fellow of European studies at Kings College London, discusses a project that analyses how "European" individuals really are, through data.

Are iPhone sales losing momentum?   Mon, 25 May '15 | 11:40 AM ET
Are iPhone sales losing momentum?

Apple's iPhones have been a big seller for the tech giant, but a new report from UBS suggests they may be losing momentum. Gareth Jenkins, analyst at UBS, discusses.

Playing the euro   Mon, 25 May '15 | 11:20 AM ET
Playing the euro

Paul Webb of ADS Securities discusses the outlook for the euro-dollar after the Federal Reserve's comments on a potential U.S. rate hike.

Europe closes lower, Spanish, Greek stocks tumble

European equities closed lower on Monday amid low volumes, with a number of markets shut for the holiday weekend.

The impact of a Greek exit   Mon, 25 May '15 | 11:00 AM ET
The impact of a Greek exit

Nick Hungerford, chief executive officer of Nutmeg, explains why a possible "Grexit" would have "far less effect than two or three years ago."

Yellen not as hawkish as market thinks: Schlossberg

Boris Schlossberg, managing director at BK Asset Management, says that there needs to be a couple more months of better U.S. economic data, before the Federal Reserve normalizes rates.

US should have paticipated in AIIB: Rice   Mon, 25 May '15 | 5:40 AM ET
US should have paticipated in AIIB: Rice

GE's vice-chairman, John Rice, explains why the world has a big shortfall in infrastructure investment right now.

Why Greek situation is not sustainable   Mon, 25 May '15 | 5:00 AM ET
Why Greek situation is not sustainable

Are markets pricing in a Grexit? Philippe Waechter, head of economic research at Natixis Asset Management, explains why no one wants to imagine Greece leaving the euro zone.

Confident GE can get Alstom deal done quickly: Rice

GE's vice-chairman, John Rice, says he's confident the company can wrap up its acquisition of Alstom quickly.

US Defense Sec. questions Iraq's 'will to fight'

New reports suggest that Iraqi troops have recaptured territory near the city of Ramadi, seized by extremist group ISIS last week. CNBC's Hadley Gamble discusses.

India: A massive opportunity for e-commerce

Ron Kalifa, deputy chairman at Worldpay, explains why it's "natural" for them to tap into the India's e-commerce markets.

ECB's QE: Awful long way to go   Mon, 25 May '15 | 4:30 AM ET
ECB's QE: Awful long way to go

Simon Grose-Hodge, head of investment advisory at LGT Bank Singapore, explains why the European Central Bank's monetary policies need to keep on going.

'Brexit': A question that needs to be answered

The Bank of England is under pressure, following plans of how to deal with a Brexit were leaked. CNBC's Julia Chatterley discusses recent developments.

Are Chinese equities overvalued?   Fri, 22 May '15 | 7:00 AM ET
Are Chinese equities overvalued?

Diana Choyleva, director at Lombard Street Research, talks about the state of the Chinese equity market in relation to China's economic slowdown.

Regional elections: Huge shake-up for Spain

Spain's ruling people's party has received 'a bruising' in local elections, with a rise in support for anti-austerity parties. CNBC's Julia Chatterley discusses.

The future of 3D printing   Fri, 22 May '15 | 7:00 AM ET
The future of 3D printing

Simon Shen, chairman at XYZ Printing, talks about the rising interest in 3D printing and where opportunity lies for the technology.

Spanish regional elections: Why they matter

Vincenzo Scarpetta, political analyst at Open Europe, discusses all you need to know about the Spanish regional elections.

EU equity markets: Further to go?   Mon, 25 May '15 | 4:00 AM ET
EU equity markets: Further to go?

Pierre-Yves Gauthier, founding partner at AlphaValue, explains why very few investors are really committed to European equities.

Spanish elections: 'Era of political fragmentation'

Antonio Barroso, senior vice-president at Teneo Intelligence, says there will be a future of political uncertainty in Spain after upcoming parties Ciudadanos and Podemos made gains in local elections.

Are the Greek talks setting a dangerous precedent?

Nick Carn, founder of Carn Macro Advisors, says Syriza is getting its own way in Greece's negotiations with its creditors and this could set a bad precedent for future talks involving other euro zone countries.

Greek government 'opposed' to reform   Mon, 25 May '15 | 3:35 AM ET
Greek government 'opposed' to reform

Volker Wieland, managing director of the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability, says the Greek government will lead the country into more poverty.

Bond speculators could get 'fingers burnt': CEO

David Kuo, CEO of The Motley Fool, says that investors looking to make a "quick buck" from bonds could get "creamed" when interest rates rise in the U.S.

European shares open flat amid low volumes, Greece fears

European equities opened flat on Monday amid low volumes as a number of markets are closed for the holiday weekend, while Asian stocks spiked to multi-year highs.

'We're in a fight': Crowd protests against central banks

Crowds gathered outside a meeting of central bankers last week protesting against the financial situation of Europe.

Why the ECB has decided to 'frontload' on bonds

Volker Wieland, managing director of the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability, discusses why the European Central Bank has decided to increase its bond purchases ahead of the summer.

Some 'sparks' in Chinese economy: Economist

Julian Evans-Pritchard, China economist at Capital Economics, says stimulus measures from the People's Bank of China are bearing fruit but long-term problems remain in the Chinese economy.

EU, China need dialogue over steel imports: CEO

Julian Verden, CEO of Stemcor, says China and the European Union need "dialogue" to resolve the issues over Chinese steel dumping in the region.

This is what would happen if Greece defaults

Christopher Pissarides, Regius professor of economics at the London School of Economics, says that a Greek default would be "disastrous".

Kurdistan will not be taken by ISIS: President

Masoud Barzani, President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, says the region is safe and will be able to meet its financial obligations.

Why the oil price is not moving...for now   Mon, 25 May '15 | 1:30 AM ET
Why the oil price is not moving...for now

Neil Atkinson, head of analysis at Lloyd's List Intelligence, says its difficult to see the upside for the oil price which is likely to stay around $65 per barrel.

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