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Former US President Jimmy Carter discusses his efforts to improve healthcare and housing for people around the world. His mother taught him "to help other people who are in need," he says. CNBC's Tania Bryer reports.

CNBC's Tania Bryer reports on former US President Jimmy Carter and the international events that brought down his presidency. He believes he would have been re-elected by landslide if he'd managed to rescue the hostages in Iran.

Sarbjit Nahal, head of thematic investment strategy at BofA Merrill Lynch, talks about global pandemics and discusses investment strategies.

BMW is "fully hedged" against the falling euro says Ian Robertson, head of sales and marketing at BMW, adding that the weaker currency should not affect the group's 2014 performance.

ECB to become more aggressive?     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 11:00 AM ET

Bob Parker, senior advisor at Credit Suisse, says the ECB will have to take a more "aggressive" approach going forward as demand for credit remains weak and spare capacity is "very significant".

European market closes lower     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 11:30 AM ET

European shares closed lower on Wednesday, with investors reacting to fresh economic data from the euro zone and the U.S., and looking ahead to Thursday's ECB meeting.

Lindsey Piegza, chief economist at Sterne Agee, says U.S. markets are "holding their breath" for Friday's jobs report to see if the loss of momentum will continue.

Brian Reynolds, chief market strategist at Rosenblatt Securities, discusses the threat of deflation and says that with U.S. inflation expectations "plunging", it's difficult to see how the Fed "can tighten".

How Tesco is 'stuck in the middle'     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 4:20 AM ET

Natalie Berg, grocery research director at Planetretail, comments on U.K. supermarkets - such as Sainsbury's and Tesco - and says the challenge for Tesco is that they're not "sure what they're about".

Arndt Ellinghorst, partner and head of automotive research at ISI Group, discusses the "slow" recovery in the European auto sector and says it's now "all about the global reach of strong brands".

'Danger' of Labour election: Hague     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 4:32 AM ET

The U.K. general elections will be a "close-fought battle" says William Hague, leader of the U.K. House of Commons, arguing that a Labour win would mean a "lurch back to all the deficits" of before.

Philippe Waechter, head of economic research at Natixis Asset Management, says that France will have more time to reduce its deficit as large cuts in government spending would put growth at risk.

ECB should overstep its mandate: Pro     Wed, 1 Oct '14 | 4:00 AM ET

Lothar Mentel, CIO at Tatton Investment Management, argues that the ECB needs to overstep its mandate and that it should also buy troubled assets.

CNBC's Stephane Pedrazzi reports on the measures announced in France's budget including comments that the country will miss its deficit reduction target.

Vladislav Soloviev, first deputy CEO of Rusal, says if capital controls are introduced they won't have a serious impact on the company.

Vladislav Soloviev, first deputy CEO of Rusal, says the company has not seen an impact from EU sanctions on Russia.

Bill Blain, strategist from Mint Partners, says France has "made no effort" to bring its deficit to the 3 percent target demanded by the EU.

Bill Blain, strategist from Mint Partners, says only a weaker euro will be able to help the euro zone economy improve.

Rahul Sharma, founder of Neev Capital, says Sainsbury's is likely to lower its profit target and it would be "prudent" for the company to cut its dividend.

Benjamin Gutteridge, head of fund research at Brewin Dolphin, says developed market equities are the most attractive investment.

John Rogers, CFO at J Sainsbury, says the supermarket's dividend policy is "under review" but there is no decision on whether to cut it.

European shares opened lower on Wednesday, with investors taking cues from weak U.S. markets in the previous session and looking ahead to Thursday's European Central Bank (ECB) meeting.

John Rogers, CFO at J Sainsbury, says the the accounting issues that dogged Tesco are not industry-wide and he is confident in his company's own accounting practices.

Burkhard Varnholt, CIO at Julius Baer, says pushing entrepreneurship will help distribute wealth in Europe.

John Rogers, CFO at J Sainsbury, says there is a "huge structural change" in the supermarket sector.

Maxime Picat, CEO of Peugeot Brand, says the company needs to be "less French" in its international strategy but is proud to be a French brand.

Maxime Picat, CEO of Peugeot Brand, says the company needs to "accelerate" growth outside of Europe as the continent's market slows.

Andrey Kostin, chairman and CEO of VTB, says EU sanctions on Russia are "biting" but are "not deadly", adding they are the "wrong" response to the situation.

Andrey Kostin, chairman and CEO of VTB, says capital controls in Russia are not needed at this stage but said he would not rule them out.

Alexei Yakovitsky, CEO of VTB Capital, says Russia won't have a dramatic liquidity or capital crisis as a result of the sanctions.

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