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Q2 GDP (revised) up 4.6%     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 8:29 AM ET

CNBC's Rick Santelli breaks down the data on the U.S. economy. And CNBC's Steve Liesman provides insight.

Startup incubators in Silicon Prairie     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 8:14 AM ET

Chicago has become the tech hub of the Midwest and is attracting capital and startup ventures. J.B. Pritzker, Pritzker Group managing partner, provides insight into "Chilicon Valley."

Bill Gross

According to a news wire report, Bill Gross will manage the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund beginning Monday, September 29th. Rebecca Patterson, Bessemer Trust managing director and CIO, shares her thoughts.

Fire at Chicago FAA air traffic center     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 8:12 AM ET

A fire the FAA's air traffic center in Chicago could cause travel delays at two of the busiest airports in the Midwest.

Tracking the money flows     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 8:05 AM ET

Charles Biderman, TrimTabs Investment Research, provides his outlook on the markets and shares his thoughts on what's prompting buybacks.

Macro fear factors to watch     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 8:02 AM ET

CNBC's Dominic Chu checks out the move in the U.S. dollar and its impact on profits, and rising rates in the 10-year Treasury.

Brett Taylor, Quip founder and CEO, shares his thoughts on the future of innovation in the technology space.

No more files? Quip CEO     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 7:42 AM ET

We've gotten rid of the entire concept of a file, says Brett Taylor, Quip founder and CEO, discussing his new venture that allows users to collaborate on any device from tablets, smartphones and desktops.

How to avoid bank fees     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 8:00 AM ET

CNBC's Kelli Grant shares tips on how to save on bank fees.

Nike's stock run     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 7:31 AM ET

Paul Swinand, Morningstar, runs through Nike's quarterly numbers as competition in athletic apparel heats up.

CNBC's Dominic Chu takes a look at the Russell 2000, S&P 400 Midcap, and emerging markets, as stocks take a hit on Thursday.

US economy fine, not great: Sternlicht     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 7:11 AM ET

Barry Sternlicht, Starwood Capital Group chairman & CEO, weighs in on major movements in the currencies and where he sees interest rates headed.

Expect train wreck in Internet stocks?     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 7:08 AM ET

Barry Sternlicht, Starwood Capital Group chairman & CEO, shares his outlook on the internet space. Investors have to realize there's no free lunch and when it feels this easy it's usually time to be cautious, says Sternlicht.

Barry Sternlicht, Starwood Capital Group chairman & CEO, weighs in on Thursday's selloff. It's not that stocks are so compelling, it's that's there's no place else to put cash, says Sternlicht.

What's driving the dollar     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 7:02 AM ET

Rebecca Patterson, Bessemer Trust managing director and CIO, shares her outlook on the markets and how to play the U.S. dollar.

Super broker for the rich, Dolly Lenz, takes a look at two million dollar college town homes to determine which one delivers the best bang for your buck. First up, a visit to CNBC's Diana Olick and Brian Sullivan's alma maters which pits a country retreat against a Victorian makeover.

Africa: Diamond in the rough     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 6:37 AM ET

Bob Diamond, Atlas Merchant Capital founder, shares his views on investing in Africa. It's a great business environment, says Diamond, talking about a deal he's about to close in Rwanda.

Bob Diamond, Atlas Merchant Capital founder, shares his thoughts on Scotland's election amid Europe's financial struggles.

Tee time at the Ryder Cup     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 6:21 AM ET

Steve Burkowski, Golf Channel reporter, takes a behind the scenes look at how the Americans are likely to fare as they take on Europe's top golfers.

Buy on the dips?     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 6:10 AM ET

Paul Christopher, Wells Fargo Advisors, and Richard Steinberg, Steinberg Global Asset Management, share their investment strategies after stocks got slammed on Thursday.

Dissecting market selloff     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 6:06 AM ET

CNBC's Dominic Chu takes a look at the winners and laggards after a tough day for stocks on Thursday.

Investors face a crucial test Friday     Fri, 26 Sep '14 | 6:00 AM ET

Is this week's selloff the start of a bigger pullback or just end-of-quarter profit-taking? CNBC's Mary Thompson goes behind the numbers.

Cramer: How to deal with this selloff     Thu, 25 Sep '14 | 7:00 PM ET

Before you hit the panic button, Cramer has something you must hear.

Cramer: Know what you own     Thu, 25 Sep '14 | 6:25 PM ET

Cramer says to be a successful investor, you have to know what you own, otherwise you won't be able to time market moves correctly. No one ever made a time by panicking.

When to buy, when to sell     Thu, 25 Sep '14 | 6:15 PM ET

Ordinary people can manage their money just as well as the pros, says Cramer. Selling everything is crazy. Resist the urge, he says. Buy and sell by increments.

Mad Money host Jim Cramer tells viewers it's up to them to put in the time, but if they do, the rewards will be far greater than the average index fund. How to time your market moves by avoiding common mistakes.

Stock Pops & Drops: AN, TIF, BBRY, MHR     Thu, 25 Sep '14 | 5:40 PM ET

The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers.

Your first trade for Friday     Thu, 25 Sep '14 | 5:59 PM ET

The Fast Money traders share their final trades of the day and what they're looking at Friday.

NXP Semiconductor traded five times above its average put volume, with CNBC contributor Mike Khouw of Dash Financial Group.

Unusual Activity: Dow Chemical     Thu, 25 Sep '14 | 5:49 PM ET

"Fast Money" trader Jon Najarian looks at bullish option bets in Dow Chemical.

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