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What's the best index to hop onto right now?

Apple is hitting all-time highs, but not everyone is on board the Apple train.

Why pros say oil is headed way lower     Mon, 24 Nov '14 | 5:05 PM ET

A big meeting this week could determine oil's next move. How should investors be positioned before the meeting?

The road to even higher returns will be rocky, according to Dan Morris, global investment strategist for TIAA-CREF, which holds $840 billion in assets under management.

Cramer: Here's the deal on oil     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 6:00 PM ET

Everyone is talking about it ahead of OPEC's meeting, but Mad Money host Jim Cramer has the insight.

Cramer: Oil sweet spot     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 6:58 PM ET

With Thursday's OPEC meeting approaching, Mad Money host Jim Cramer discusses supply and demand for crude oil.

Cramer: Rookie IPO surges     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 6:25 PM ET

Money host Jim Cramer, discusses the "intriguing" business model of Dave & Buster's, and compares them to other players in the sector.

Cramer: No Fed, no problem     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 6:00 PM ET

Discussing today's strong GDP data, Mad Money host Jim Cramer, says the Federal Reserve isn't the deciding factor in the U.S. market anymore, it's growth and profits.

The Fast Money traders share their final trades of the day.

The Fast Money traders share their strategies to playing stocks requested on Twitter, including Home Depot, Time Warner and more.

7 Stocks to sell before Thanksgiving     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 5:00 PM ET

The "Fast Money" traders get in the spirit of Thanksgiving and give 7 trades to sell ahead of the holiday.

Commodities tomorrow: Awaiting OPEC     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 4:00 PM ET

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets. Everyone is looking to the Saudis to see what they plan to do at this week's meeting. Traders figure they'll be less inclined to cut production.

Big bets on LULU     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 5:52 PM ET

Trading heavy action in Lululemon, with CNBC contributor Mike Khouw.

The Fast Money traders provide their outlook on Apple.

Stock Pops & Drops: GRMN, QIHU & BHP     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 5:45 PM ET

The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers.

Apple's next cycle underestimated: Pro     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 5:44 PM ET

With Apple's market cap crossing the $700 billion threshold, Andrew Uerkwitz, discusses his buy recommendation and what's next for Apple's pipeline.

Icahn ups stake in Hertz: Report     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 5:37 PM ET

CNBC's Dominic Chu reports Carl Icahn has increased his stake in Hertz Global. Trader Karen Finerman provides insight.

A house snowed in after a massive snow storm in upstate New York.

Aaron Jagdfeld, Generac CEO, discusses how the winter storm season drives demand for its residential and commercial generators.

Discussing how to play Hewlett-Packard's split, with Amit Daryanani, RBC Capital Markets hardware analyst.

HP's split strategy     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 5:20 PM ET

CNBC's Josh Lipton reports the latest from Hewlett-Packard's earnings conference call, including CEO Meg Whitman's comments on the company's split.

Top trades: TIF, P & more     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 5:13 PM ET

The "Fast Money" traders analyze a deal between HBO and Tencent, and share their strategies and how they are playing Tiffany and Pandora.

Attorney General Eric Holder spoke today about the investigation into events in Ferguson. CNBC's Eamon Javers reports.

Sell these stocks before Thanksgiving     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 5:05 PM ET

The Fast Money traders reveal what stocks and sectors they're selling before Thanksgiving.

What's Twitter's target now?     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 5:00 PM ET

The Fast Money traders discuss Twitter's potential acquisition of "Shots," the Justin Bieber backed selfie app run by John Shahidi.

Managing the 'Dead'     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 4:50 PM ET

Former Grateful Dead manager Richard Loren, discusses his book "High Notes," which chronicles his two decades and the current "corporatization" of the entertain world.

CNBC.com hot list: Saks appraisal     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 4:44 PM ET

CNBC.com Managing Editor Allen Wastler reports the Saks Fifth Avenue real estate deal and 401 (k) rollovers are the hottest topics on CNBC.com.

According to CNBC's Scott Wapner, Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson has exercised 750,000 stock options. Dominic Chu reports the details behind the move and says the options were set to expire in December..

Analog Devices: Strong Q4     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 4:40 PM ET

Analog Devices posted better-than-expected 4th-quarter results, reports CNBC's Dominic Chu.

Black Friday boom?     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 4:37 PM ET

Century 21 co-owner Eddie Gindi, discusses expectations for Black Friday and what kind of boost the retailer may get from its diverse shoppers.

Survey: Wall Street spending to pop     Tue, 25 Nov '14 | 4:36 PM ET

CNBC's Jeff Cox discusses the results of survey on consumer spending that says Wall Streeters are expected to spend an average of $900 on their spouse.

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