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Rent a drone and the pilot   Fri, 22 May '15 | 11:43 AM ET
Rent a drone and the pilot

The number of businesses wanting to use drones, as well as trained pilots to operate them is growing. CNBC's Jane Wells reports on how you can rent a drone.

European markets close: Vodafone up over 8%   Fri, 22 May '15 | 11:30 AM ET
European markets close: Vodafone up over 8%

CNBC's Simon Hobbs reports on all the market moving events in Europe today, including why shares of Vodafone are higher.

CNBC update: France rules against Uber   Fri, 22 May '15 | 11:30 AM ET
CNBC update: France rules against Uber

France's highest court has made a decision on Uber after taxi companies protested, and Disneyland is celebrating its 60th birthday, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

Intuit CEO: 3 solutions for the cloud   Fri, 22 May '15 | 11:22 AM ET
Intuit CEO: 3 solutions for the cloud

Intuit CEO Brad Smith, discusses its cloud-based payroll product, and options for choice for customers with QuickBooks.

9to5: iPad split screen coming   Fri, 22 May '15 | 11:15 AM ET
9to5: iPad split screen coming

Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac, discusses Apple's work on a new viewing mode for the iPad, and a 12-inch model of the iPad, which he says could be revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

Uber for drones   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:00 AM ET
Uber for drones

A startup in San Francisco called Skycatch matches companies that need drone photography with certified drone pilots. Google Ventures is a major investor.

Uber seeks $1 billion credit: Report   Fri, 22 May '15 | 11:06 AM ET
Uber seeks $1 billion credit: Report

According to a report by the WSJ, Uber is seeking a $1 billion credit line from banks. Roger Lee, Battery Ventures partner, discusses a potential IPO.

Does Hewlett-Packard split make sense?   Fri, 22 May '15 | 11:01 AM ET
Does Hewlett-Packard split make sense?

Shares of Hewlett-Packard topped analyst estimates, saying it expects lower expenses after the split. Roger Lee, Battery Ventures partner, thinks a split makes sense for the company's operations.

Home price being pushed higher   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:54 AM ET
Home price being pushed higher

CNBC's Diana Olick reports on frothy housing markets as home prices peak in places such as Texas.

Fed's data dependency   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:50 AM ET
Fed's data dependency

Mark Skousen, Chapman University, joins CNBC's Rick Santelli to project inflation and action in the markets based on Fed decisions.

Dishonesty: Do bankers cheat twice as much?   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:46 AM ET
Dishonesty: Do bankers cheat twice as much?

Duke professor Dan Ariely says the 2008 financial meltdown was a perfect storm of dishonesty. Tune in Thursday, May 28 10p ET/PT.

Dishonesty: Scandal in the NBA   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:41 AM ET
Dishonesty: Scandal in the NBA

NBA referee Tim Donaghy used inside information to bet on games. He got so good at it that the mob made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Tune in Thursday, May 28 10p ET/PT.

Dishonesty: Learning to lie   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:25 AM ET
Dishonesty: Learning to lie

All creatures, great and small, dissemble. For humans, the ability to lie persuasively depends upon how well we understand one another. Tune in Thursday, May 28 10p ET/PT.

The quest to healthier snacks   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:43 AM ET
The quest to healthier snacks

Tom Bilyeu, Quest Nutrition President, discusses his business strategy and mission to pushing forward healthy snacks.

Dishonesty: Hi-tech infidelity   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:39 AM ET
Dishonesty: Hi-tech infidelity

Erika Nelson, a mother of 6, used a dating website that caters to married people to start an extra-marital relationship. Tune in Thursday, May 28 10p ET/PT.

FB's largest open floor plan in in the world   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:36 AM ET
FB's largest open floor plan in in the world

Facebook is responsible for having the largest open floor plan in the world. CNBC's Julia Boorstin gets an inside look at the futuristic building.

The frontrunners in e-commerce: Pro   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:31 AM ET
The frontrunners in e-commerce: Pro

Gian Fulgoni, ComScore Inc executive chairman, discusses digital commerce in Q1 and the big businesses that dominate the space. Fulgoni also gives perspective to the way the government collects data such as retail sales.

Dishonesty: The Fudge Factor   Thu, 14 May '15 | 12:37 PM ET
(Dis)Honesty: The Fudge Factor

How do we lie and then sleep at night? Behavioral economist Dan Ariely says it¿s all about rationalization¿what he calls ¿the fudge factor. Premieres Thursday, May 28 10p ET/PT.

Cash is a bad place to be: Pro   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:22 AM ET
Cash is a bad place to be: Pro

Kristina Hooper, Allianz Global Investors, explains why cash is a bad place to be right now for investors. Equities are the place to be in an environment of financial repression, says Hooper.

Dishonesty: Big Cheaters vs. Little Cheaters   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:19 AM ET
Dishonesty: Big Cheaters vs. Little Cheaters

Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist at Duke University, explains why most cheaters are little cheaters and what their economic toll is. Tune in Thursday, May 28 10p ET/PT.

Dishonesty: The Matrix Experiment   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:14 AM ET
Dishonesty: The Matrix Experiment

We all lie to some extent. Duke professor Dan Ariely uses his innovative matrix experiment to find out how much and under what conditions. Tune in Thursday, May 28 10p ET/PT.

Dishonesty: The Inside Traders   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:12 AM ET
Dishonesty: The Inside Traders

Garrett Bauer and Matthew Kluger were arrested in 2011 for an insider trading scheme that lasted 17 years. Here's how it began. Tune in Thursday, May 28 10p ET/PT.

California wineries go to wastewater   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:00 AM ET
California wineries go to wastewater

The drought in California is so severe that some Napa Valley vineyards are using treated wastewater to irrigate their grapevines.

CNBC update: Ireland votes on same-sex marriage

The D.C. mansion murder suspect was taken into custody; Walmart wants to curb the use of anti-biotics in farm animals; and Irish voters head to polls to vote on same-sex marriage, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

Break-up P&G, and do it now!   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:14 AM ET
Break-up P&G, and do it now!

Sanford Bernstein is arguing to break up Procter & Gamble. Ali Dibadj, Sanford Berstein, explains why.

Gap's growth strategy   Fri, 22 May '15 | 10:05 AM ET
Gap's growth strategy

John Morris, BMO Capital Markets, discusses what it will take to get Gap back on track after continuing weakness in sales. Also, how other retailers stack up.

Cramer's Stop Trading: Ross Stores   Fri, 22 May '15 | 9:52 AM ET
Cramer's Stop Trading: Ross Stores

CNBC's Jim Cramer explains why he is watching Ross Stores.

Santelli: Data dependent!   Fri, 22 May '15 | 9:42 AM ET
Santelli: Data dependent!

CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses the latest action in the bond market, and the U.S. dollar.

Pisani's market open: Retail details   Fri, 22 May '15 | 9:38 AM ET
Pisani's market open: Retail details

CNBC's Bob Pisani looks ahead at Gap same store sales and banks.

Opening Bell, May 22   Fri, 22 May '15 | 9:29 AM ET
Opening Bell, May 22

Community Healthcare Trust, at the NYSE, and Granges, a Swedish material supplier for brazed aluminum heat exchanges, at the Nasdaq, ring Friday's opening bell.

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