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Gold's turning point     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 6:00 PM ET

CNBC's Jeff Cox and Stephanie Landsman discuss disappearing gold kiosks and the impact on gold prices.

Herbalife shocker ahead?     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 5:43 PM ET

Is there an Herbalife bombshell on the way? A settlement, perhaps? And what does that mean for HLF stock, with Timothy Ramey, Pivotal Research Group, CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.

Is this year's best trade done?     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 5:36 PM ET

The Chartmeister looks at whether it's time to pull the plug on utilities, with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.

Blowout earnings for BABA?     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 5:30 PM ET

Is Ali Baba the best in tech? Should investors expect blowout earnings? With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.

What Pete Najarian doing in light of Japan's new stimulus?

Can Kim Kardashian save GLU?     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 5:22 PM ET

Niccolo De Masi, CEO, Glu Mobile, addresses Kim Kardashian's game and the kind of impact it's having on the company's earnings.

3 Investors' shopping & selling lists     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 4:44 PM ET

Discussing successful trades amid market volatility, with Thomas Vitkowski, Cambridge University Press; Trevor Gormley, Lipscomb University; and Wayne Smalls, Health & Human Services Department.

Apple CEO 'proud to be gay'     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 11:00 AM ET

Did Tim Cook just change the business world as the first openly gay Fortune 500 chief executive?

Stronger economic growth     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 11:00 AM ET

Economic growth exceeded expectations in the third quarter, but can the momentum continue?

Kroger's strong growth     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 11:00 AM ET

Kroger has posted 43 straight quarters of sales growth. How does the supermarket chain do it?

LeBron economic effect     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 11:00 AM ET

LeBron James is back in Cleveland and his return is stimulating the city's beaten-down economy.

Google helps predict housing     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 11:00 AM ET

Google Capital invested $50 million into Auction.com to help predict monthly home sales data faster than retailers.

Trading Stratasys     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 5:12 PM ET

The Fast Money traders discuss the 3D competition between Hewlett-Packard and Stratasys, a much smaller company in the space.

HP's 3D impact     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 5:12 PM ET

Stratasys CEO David Reis discusses what he anticipates in competing with HP over the 3D printing space.

FM Stocks: Buy or bye AAPL     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 5:06 PM ET

The FM traders discuss whether stocks are a buy or whether investors should say goodbye.

Japan's 'over-stimulused' economy     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 5:00 PM ET

Dissecting the day's major business news, with the Fast Money traders. And how's Brian Kelly feeling about more Japanese stimulus.

CNBC.com Managing Editor Allen Wastler, shares today's top stories on the website.

Preventing infection in hospitals     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 4:38 PM ET

Discussing hospital cleaning protocols, with Clorox CEO Donald Knauss.

After Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashed, James Oberg, NBC space analyst, says the first step of investigators should be to create a timeline of events.

Clorox CEO Donald Knauss, discusses efforts to educate consumers on how to protect against Ebola. He also discusses the disease's impact on sales.

Discussing the price of oil, and consumer spending, with Jim Lacamp, UBS; David Katz, Matrix Asset Advisors, and the "Closing Bell" panel.

Markets: Headwinds become tailwinds     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 4:17 PM ET

How to prep your portfolio for November's trading, with Jim Lacamp, UBS, and David Katz, Matrix Asset Advisors.

The "Closing Bell" crew discusses the potential impact to Virgin Galactic after its SpaceShipTwo crash, and the risks associated with space tourism.

Richard Branson traveling to Mojave     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 4:06 PM ET

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo went up on a test flight Friday morning, and exploded in flight. Virgin Group co-founder Richard Branson is flying immediately to Mojave to be with the team.

CNBC's Tyler Mathisen looks ahead to what are likely to be next week's top business and financial stories. It's mid-term election week, and September's jobs report is coming. Auto sales numbers are coming and could be slower than expected.

CNBC's Tyler Mathisen looks back at the week's top business and financial stories. The economy grew at 3.5 percent and gas prices continued their plunge to the lowest levels in 4 years. Consumer spending drops, and Apple's Tim Cook tells the world he's gay.

October lessons learned     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 4:01 PM ET

As October trading ends, the "Closing Bell" panel, dissect how the market landed at an all-time high.

Marathon winner     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 3:00 PM ET

Marathoner Meb Keflezighi talks about the big business of racing and sponsorships.

Marathon man Meb Keflezighi     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 3:00 PM ET

Marathoner Meb Keflezighi talks about his journey from Africa to the US and how he's living the American Dream.

The business of marathon running     Fri, 31 Oct '14 | 3:00 PM ET

2013 Boston Marathon winner Meb Kelezighi talks about the big business of sponsors and marathon running.

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