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How to buy stocks for less   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 5:53 PM ET
How to buy stocks for less

Options Action trader Mike Khouw's classic strategies. How to buy stocks for less and sell puts, with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.

5 ways to trade the Greece deal   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 5:00 PM ET
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, right, and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis are shown at the Greek parliament in Athens.

The "Fast Money" traders give five ways to play Greece's four month extension deal.

Would you like free Uber with that apartment?

A new listing in San Francisco hopes ease the burden of buying an apartment without free parking -- by offering a year of free Uber rides.

Stock Pops & Drops: ANN, ABBV, BA & EOG   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 5:45 PM ET
Stock Pops & Drops: ANN, ABBV, BA & EOG

The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers.

This retailer poised to spike   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 5:30 PM ET
This retailer poised to spike

It's the consumer moment of truth. Are retail stocks on sale? With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.

This chart delighting gold bugs   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 5:35 PM ET
This chart delighting gold bugs

Gold falls on the Greek deal. Is now the time to get in? Should you look at the miners? With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.

Fast Money Final Trade: FEZ, RSX, FB & CEMP

The Fast Money traders share their final trades of the day.

Fast food stocks spoil   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 5:46 PM ET
Fast food stocks spoil

Fast food stocks take a hit as earnings hurt. Will Domino's deliver pain, as well, with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.

Apple car an enormous capital commit: Lutz   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 5:13 PM ET
Apple car an enormous capital commit: Lutz

New reports claim Apple wants to start producing its top secret electric vehicle by 2020. Will the tech giant actually hit the road? With Bob Lutz, VIA Motors chairman and former General Motors chairman, and Jamie Albertine, Stifel Nicolaus.

Did you look for a job in 2014?   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 12:01 AM ET
Did you look for a job in 2014?

CNBC's Sharon Epperson says your job search costs may be tax deductible.

File your taxes electronically   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 12:02 AM ET
File your taxes electronically

Filing electronically is safe, fast and easy, and you get your refund quicker, says CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

Europe's the place to be   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 5:05 PM ET
Buy or sell Europe?

Ways to trade the Greece deal using ETFs, with the Fast Money traders.

Are you a farmer who suffered through the drought?

If you're a farmer who suffered from last year's drought and were forced to sell livestock, you may be able to defer taxes on your gains, says CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

The week that was: More record highs   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 4:01 PM ET
The Week That Was

CNBC's Tyler Mathisen looks back at the week's top business and financial stories. A good week for Wall Street, but a rough week for CEOs.

Check your eligibility for earned income tax credit

If you're a lower income family, you may be eligible for the earned income tax credit, says CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

DB, Santander likely to fail Fed stress test:DJ

Which banks are likely to fail the Fed's stress test, reports CNBC's Mary Thompson.

You can still reduce your taxable income   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 12:05 AM ET
You can still reduce your taxable income

There are still opportunities to reduce your taxable income, says CNBC's Sharon Epperson. Contributing to tax-advantaged accounts like a health savings account or a traditional IRA, she adds.

Commodities Next Week: Crude, gold & Greeks

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets. Crude slid again on yesterday's record build.

Pro: Now Greece has to produce   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 3:37 PM ET
A man adjusts a European flag, next to a Greek flag outside the Greek embassy in Brussels February 19, 2015.

Larry McDonald, Societe Generale, and Greg Ip, The Wall Street Journal, discuss how the EU's deal with Greece impacts the markets.

Restaurant Startup Quick Bite: 3 Essential Tools For The Kitchen

Joe Bastianich, Tim Love, and Antonia Lofaso talk about what they think are 3 essential tools for the kitchen. Tune in Tuesday 10p ET/PT for an all new episode of Restaurant Startup.

Apple car fact or fiction?   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 3:20 PM ET
A visitor presses the new Apple's CarPlay touch-screen commands inside the Volvo Estate concept car.

Discussing reasons Apple may want to get in the car industry following Google's driverless car, with Aaron Pressman, Yahoo! Finance, and Evan Niu, The Motley Fool.

Pushing the cost of health care to consumers

David Francis, RBC Capital Markets, shares which names are set to capitalize on the "consumerism" movement. CNBC's Jon Fortt looks at the digital health marketplace.

Closing Bell Exchange: EU reaches deal with Greece

The EU has reached a deal with Greece for 4-month extension. Insight, with Peter Anderson, Congress Wealth Management; Kevin Caron, Stifel; Ben Willis; Princeton Securities Group and CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

Young money   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 12:00 AM ET
Young money

America's nearly 36 million kids have some $1.2 trillion dollars of spending power and influence. "The World of Money" CEO Sabrina Lamb talks teaching kids financial literacy while student Ciana Montero shares the impact of her early lessons in business.

Beware unsolicited IRS communications   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 12:10 AM ET
Beware unsolicited IRS communications

The IRS does not send email and asks that any phishing requests be sent to phishing@irs.gov, says CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

Using your 529 plan   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 12:09 AM ET
Using your 529 plan

If you began to use a 529 plan to pay for college last year, says CNBC's Sharon Epperson, make sure you get a form from the school and keep receipts and copies of your checks.

Saver's credit   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 12:08 AM ET
Saver's credit

Low and moderate income tax payers have until April 15th to save for retirement and earn a special tax credit for 2014, says CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

Do you have a home office?   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 12:07 AM ET
Do you have a home office?

Use the simplified option for a home office, says CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

Same-sex marriage rules   Fri, 20 Feb '15 | 12:06 AM ET
Same-sex marriage rules

Should you file jointly or married? It may be best to prepare your taxes both ways and see which works best, says CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

Hacks serious criminal acts, not acts of war: Obama

Re/code's Kara Swisher talks to President Obama about cybersecurity and how he compares hack attacks from individuals to those perpetrated by foreign governments.

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