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Fahd Al-Rasheed, CEO of King Abdullah Economic City, discusses how the publicly listed city will grow over the next few years.

Apple's tax practices 'not fair': Pro     Mon, 29 Sep '14 | 2:00 AM ET

Neil Dwane, CIO for Equities for Europe at Allianz Global Investors, says Apple's tax practices are "not fair", after reports that the technology giant will be accused of benefiting from illegal Irish tax deals following an EU probe into the company.

Europe shares open mixed; data ahead     Mon, 29 Sep '14 | 3:00 AM ET

European shares opened flat on Monday morning, with a slew of data due out and investors reacting to a bounce in U.S. markets on Friday evening.

Thousands of pro-democracy protestors have poured back onto the streets of Hong Kong with riot police trying to contain the crowds, CNBC's Susan Li reports.

CNBC's Eunice Yoon reports on the latest signals coming from the Chinese government about how it is going to react to the protests in Hong Kong.

Emaar Properties has priced its initial public offer of its malls unit at 2.90 dirhams per share, CNBC's Yousef Gamal El Din reports.

Maria Pinelli, global vice chair of strategic growth markets at Ernst & Young, says the IPO market is "not too hot".

Gold coin sales on the rise in US     Sun, 28 Sep '14 | 9:35 PM ET

Juerg Kiener, MD & CIO of Swiss Asia Capital, discusses the rise in demand for gold coins as of late and explains why that isn't translating into a rise in gold prices.

Charles Leyland, Managing Director at Leyland Private Asset Management, explains why fears of a slowdown in Australia are overdone. He later highlights the Australian stocks that he likes.

'I'm very serious': UKIP leader Farage     Mon, 29 Sep '14 | 1:23 AM ET

UKIP leader Nigel Farage says he is "very serious" about his commitment to politics and challenging the Conservatives after a Tory MP defected to the anti-EU party.

The defection of Conservative MP Mark Reckless to UKIP is "senseless", according to U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron.

Structural reforms key in Turkey: Pro     Mon, 29 Sep '14 | 1:20 AM ET

Philipp Rösler, former vice-Chancellor of Germany and current member of World Economic Forum managing board, says Turkey needs to emphasize structural reforms.

Warren Gilman, Chairman & CEO at CEF Holdings, says gold prices are still adjusting to a rising interest rate environment and could see more downside in the near term.

Chong Yoon Chou, Investment Director at Aberdeen Asset Management, says weakness in the Hong Kong markets present buying opportunities.

Shiv Putcha, Associate Research Director for Consumer Mobility at IDC Asia Pacific, is cautiously optimistic about the launch as challenges remain for Microsoft in the near term.

China is key in US-India relations: IHS     Sun, 28 Sep '14 | 11:32 PM ET

Amarjit Singh, Senior Analyst for Country Risk at IHS, discusses the role that China plays in the bilateral ties of India and the U.S..

Regina Ip, Chairwoman for the New People's Party, says if the pro-democracy movement gets its way, Hong Kong will see an "anarchic situation."

US dollar rally still has legs: ANZ     Sun, 28 Sep '14 | 10:47 PM ET

Apart from the U.S. recovery, important structural shifts around the world will continue to fuel gains in the greenback, says Richard Yetsenga, Head of Global Markets Research at ANZ.

Petter Furberg, CEO of Telenor Myanmar, discusses the firm's entry into Myanmar and explains why it is not worried about potential challenges in the country.

Taimur Baig, Chief Economist for Asia at Deutsche Bank, discusses whether ongoing unrest poses as a risk to Hong Kong's stability and its status as Asia's top financial capital.

Tear Gas and pepper spray were not enough to dissuade thousands of protestors from taking over central Hong Kong on early Monday. CNBC's Susan Li has more.

Keith Pogson, Senior Partner, Financial Services at EY, explains why the temporary closure of bank branches and ATMs of 17 banks in Hong Kong won't impact the city's banking system.

Andrew Freris, CEO of Ecognosis Advisory, says Hong Kong markets will ignore political instability eventually and return to fundamental drivers like the U.S. interest rates and China's economy.

Hong Kong Legislator Lee Cheuk-Yan, who has joined the demonstrations at Admiralty, tells CNBC that protesters have stayed out in force a day after police used tear gas and baton-charges against them.

Australia's national carrier Qantas is set to commence the world's longest commercial air route today. CEO Alan Joyce tells CNBC's Matthew Taylor the significance of the move.

Girija Pande, Executive Chairman of Apex Avalon Consulting, says the Indian Prime Minister put up a "mesmerizing show" at New York's Madison Square Garden and outlines Modi's agenda in the U.S..

The delayed launch of Xbox One reflects the many challenges that Microsoft faces in the mainland market, says Daniel Ives, Managing Director of FBR Capital Markets.

Sally Auld, Interest Rate Strategist at JP Morgan, says financial markets are used to "pockets of drama" around the world hence they could remain unresponsive to the protests in Hong Kong.

Steve Vickers, CEO, Steve Vickers & Associates, says the use of tear gas and pepper spray by the Hong Kong police does not represent an escalation in force.

Edward Chin, Founder of the Finance and Banking group in support of Occupy Central, condemns the use of force against Hong Kong civilians and urges the government to respond to protesters' demands.

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