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CNBC's Josh Lipton reports on the push for mobile at Marissa Mayer's mobile developer conference. Insight, with Mashable's Lance Ulanoff.

Wal-mart bump a boost to economy?  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 4:18 PM ET

Is wage inflation taking hold in the U.S.? Insight, with CNBC.com Finance Editor Jeff Cox and the "Closing Bell" panel.

Oakland port shuts down as union meets  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 4:13 PM ET

CNBC's Jane Well discusses the dilemma of the Oakland port shutting down due to a monthly union meeting.

Retail story bit of a conundrum: Pro  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 4:00 PM ET

Discussing the state of retail and Wal-Mart's impact on minimum wage, with David Zervos, Jefferies; CNBC.com's Eric Chemi; FM trader Jon Najarian and CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

Nordstrom issues weak 2015 outlook  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 4:00 PM ET

Nordstrom is reporting EPS miss of $1.32 on revenue beat of $4.04 billion, with CNBC's Courtney Reagan.

Some Uber, Lyft drivers want employee status  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 3:55 PM ET

Some contract Uber and Lyft drivers want employee status and benefits, which could have a big impact on the sharing economy. CNBC's Kate Rogers reports.

Billionaire Mark Cuban tells CNBC's Julia Boorstin what he thinks about net neutrality at Code Media.

Mark Cuban: Twitter's got issues  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 3:25 PM ET
The Twitter Tweet Suite at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

Billionaire Mark Cuban tells Re/code's Walt Mossberg what he thinks about Twitter as a revenue goldmine and the idea that it's more bullhorn than social network.

Commodities tomorrow: Oiler coaster  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 4:00 PM ET

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets. Crude was down on a big build today, but managed to bounce back. Traders think it's either seeking a bottom or preparing for the next leg lower.

Pisani: Wild day in oil  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 3:53 PM ET

CNBC's Bob Pisani looks at factors contributing to today's trade.

Auto loan debt surges  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 3:40 PM ET
A customer ooks at a Ford vehicle on the showroom floor at a Ford AutoNation car dealership in North Miami, Florida.

Americans have been borrowing record amounts for autos. Sharing concerns for subprime auto loans, with John Berlau, Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Sysco says it will fight the FTC's attempt to block its U.S. Foods merger, reports CNBC's Dominic Chu.

Goldcorp CEO: Business sound  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 3:29 PM ET

Charles Jeannes, Goldcorp president and CEO, provides insight into the company's quarterly numbers and the correlation between gold, oil and the dollar.

Larry you're filibustering: Barney Frank  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 3:19 PM ET

CNBC Senior Contributor Larry Kudlow and former Democratic Congressman and CNBC contributor Barney Frank discuss Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker's comments on income issues and economic growth in the U.S.

Making sense of this week's market action, with CNBC contributor Heather Hughes; Rob Morgan, Sethi Financial; Jim Lowell, Adviser Investments, and CNBC's Rick Santelli.

CNBC Senior Contributor Larry Kudlow and former Democratic Congressman and CNBC contributor Barney Frank reacts to Wal-Mart's $9 per hour wage announcement.

Snapshot of Dallas real estate  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 1:43 PM ET

Power House takes a look at Dallas real estate. Laura Barnett, realtor with Re/Max, highlights three listings in the suburb of Frisco, Texas.

Portland, Maine running out of snow space  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:57 PM ET

Portland, Maine is reportedly running out of room to stash its snow, reports CNBC's Brian Sullivan.

Stacy Keach moderates Point/Counterpoint  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:51 PM ET

Is Pinterest really worth $11 billion? Blackberry sues Ryan Seacrest. And letting rich people pay for space travel, with CNBC's Brian Sullivan and Melissa Lee.

Yahoo should turn eye to east: Munster  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:45 PM ET

Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray, looks at Yahoo and where the company should direct its focus.

Street talk: DAL, NCLH, TSCO, TSLA & PCYC  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:38 PM ET

Analyst calls on stocks, including Tractor Supply, Tesla, and more.

Oil pares losses  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:31 PM ET

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis reports on the recent volatility of oil prices.

Profiting off pig & pulp  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:35 PM ET

Jeff Kilburg, Founder & CEO, KKM Financial, and Jack Scoville, Price Futures Group, discuss how the weather is impacting the orange crop and what's going on with hog futures.

The US and Turkey have signed a deal to train troops, the FDA warns of peanuts in cumin spice, and Mark Cuban blasts the government's stance on net neutrality, with CNBC's Scott Wapner.

Chinese zodiac: Horse hurts stocks  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:20 PM ET

CNBC's Dominic Chu looks at the Chinese Zodiac signs perform the best in the stock market. The horse was the worst.

EOG slashes spending by 40%  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:06 PM ET

CNBC's Brian Sullivan and Melissa Lee report on the slowing of output growth at EOG and what it means for the future of oil stocks.

Turkish Parliament fight  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:16 PM ET

Members of the Turkish Parliament get into a fight, and Eunice Yoon talks about the Year of the Sheep.

People celebrating the Chinese New Year are finding it more difficult to find their goods this year as the LA port problems continue.

Ablin focused on momentum  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:09 PM ET

Jack Ablin, Executive VP & Chief Investment Officer, BMO Private Bank, discusses whether it's time to abandon US stocks. Ablin says he's watching momentum.

Wal-mart's big step to a better wage  Thu, 19 Feb '15 | 2:01 PM ET

Jan Kniffen, CEO, J. Rogers Kniffen Worldwide Enterprises, and Tsedeye Gebreselassie, National Employment Law Project, discuss whether Wal-mart's move to increase wages is really enough, particularly in light of the rise in cost of living and how much money the company makes.

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