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Will robots take your jobs?   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 2:42 PM ET
Will robots take your jobs?

Participants of the All-America Economic Survey happen to be afraid of technological advancements taking their jobs away from them, with CNBC's Steve Liesman. Catherine Rampell, The Washington Post, and Andrew McAfee, MIT Center for Digital Biz, provide perspective.

Street Talk: Two bearish calls   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 2:53 PM ET
Street Talk: Two bearish calls

"Power Lunch" hosts Melissa Lee and Brian Sullivan look at 2 stocks with analyst recommendations, including American Express and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

What's in the beef?   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 2:40 PM ET
What's in the beef?

McDonald's new 100% sirloin burger is available for a limited-time starting Tuesday. But what's in the beef? CNBC's Katie Little reports.

Financials are under-owned: Analyst   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 2:36 PM ET
Financials under-owned: Pro

Discussing whether financial stocks are the best place for your money going into earnings season, with David Seaburg, Cowen, and Stacey Gilbert, Susquehanna.

60 seconds to a fully charged battery   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 2:19 PM ET
60 seconds to a fully charged battery

Researchers at Stanford University have invented a battery that can fully charge in as little as one minute, with CNBC's Josh Lipton and Phil LeBeau.

CNBC update: Rand Paul, Boston trial & Cali storms

Rand Paul is running for president, and the jury in the Boston bombing trial is currently in deliberations, reports CNBC's Courtney Reagan.

US market danger zones   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 2:10 PM ET
US market danger zones

There are trillions of dollars of bonds yielding negative real interest rates. Christopher Ryon, Thornburg Investment Management, provides perspective.

McGuire: BNY management missed its own targets

Mick McGuire, Marcato Capital Management, is upping the heat on BNY Mellon, reports CNBC's Kate Kelly.

Explosion at Maryland power plant: Reports

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports on the power outages in Washington, DC. The Department of Homeland Security is saying there is nothing out of the ordinary to be concerned about except the outages themselves.

Ralph Acampora

Top technician Ralph Acampora of Altaira explains why the markets are in a "stealth correction," gives his year-end target with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

Texting & wrecking: A huge issue   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:55 PM ET
Texting behind the wheel

New data shows millions of Americans are texting and driving. Insight, with CNBC's Phil LeBeau and Eric Chemi.

Pushing productivity for CEOs   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:50 PM ET
Pushing productivity for CEOs

Take a hatchet to your inbox? How one company is boosting productivity in the workplace.

Race to the White House   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:41 PM ET
Race to the White House

Insight on the 2016 presidential campaign and GOP Sen. Rand Paul's bid, with CNBC senior contributor Larry Kudlow.

Top trades for the 2nd half: AA, XBI, VLO & WTI

The FMHR traders reveal their final trades.

Strong dollar hurts 'Made in America'   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 11:01 AM ET
Strong dollar hurts 'Made in America'

The stronger dollar spells pain for some smaller companies with "Made in America" on the label.

Preet Bharara's setback   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 11:01 AM ET
Preet Bharara's setback

Preet Bharara suffered a potential setback last week and it has the potential to undo other insider trading cases he thought he'd won.

A fast and furious open   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 11:01 AM ET
A fast and furious open

Fast and Furious 7 brought in nearly $400 million worldwide in its opening weekend. Julia Boorstin tells us why the movie's performance could be a big deal for Hollywood.

Labor pains in oil patch   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 11:01 AM ET
Labor pains in oil patch

Falling oil prices were leading to layoffs and that manifested itself in last month's jobs report in a big way.

Halftime's hottest trades today: BTU, FB, JPM & XBI

Halftime's hottest trades today: 6 trades in 50 seconds. Exploring social media rallies, biotech's reversal, earnings season, Peabody Energy, and JP Morgan.

Rates: One and done?   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:35 PM ET
Rates: One and done?

Discussing when and how the Fed may begin to raise interest rates, with CNBC contributor Ron Insana.

Bonds ahead of the Fed minutes   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:10 PM ET
Bonds ahead of the Fed minutes

Bond yields move higher. Trading Treasurys now, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

Futures Now, April 7, 2015   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:10 PM ET
Futures Now, April 7, 2015

Behind the crude rally. Ralph Acampora offers his technical take on the markets. And bonds ahead of the Fed minutes, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

Sell bonds ahead of the Fed   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:07 PM ET
Sell bonds ahead of the Fed

Jim Iuorio of TJM Institutional Services and Scott Nations of NationsShares discuss why the bond rally is overextended. With CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

Ralph Acampora's technical take on stocks   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:05 PM ET
Ralph Acampora's technical take on stocks

Master technician Ralph Acampora, Altaira, discusses transports and whether a correction is coming, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

Behind the crude rally   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:00 PM ET
Behind the crude rally

Has crude hit a floor? Trading crude now, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now traders, Jim Iourio and Scott Nations, both at the CME.

Jobs report fallout   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 11:01 AM ET
Jobs report fallout

Why is bad news for the economy so often good news on Wall Street?

Weak earnings forecast   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 11:01 AM ET
Weak earnings forecast

Bob Pisani tells us why many companies are expected to disappoint this earnings season.

3-Year note sale yield: 0.865%   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:30 PM ET
3-Year note sale yield: 0.865%

CNBC's Rick Santelli reports average demand at $24 billion sale of the 3-Year notes.

Bounce back in Q2?   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:30 PM ET
Bounce back in Q2?

Discussing current market conditions, with Gina Martin Adams, Wells Fargo Securities, and John Vail, Nikko Asset Management.

New medical coding & billing system   Tue, 7 Apr '15 | 1:23 PM ET
New medical coding & billing system

The government wants more detail on medical care and spending. CNBC's Bertha Coombs reports on the ICD-10 upgrade.

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