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The 'consumer' will be 2015's big story  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 5:00 AM ET

Ahead of the U.S. jobs report, Hank Smith, chief investment officer at Haverford Trust, says the bull market is very much intact.

Toys aren't just for kids  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 4:40 AM ET

Christmas is the time for toys both kids and adults can enjoy, says "toyologist" Peter Jenkinson.

Will Songbird get more offers?  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 4:40 AM ET

Canary Wharf's Songbird Estates has rejected a raised offer from Qatar and Brookfields. CNBC's Hadley Gamble discusses. Clarification: Since Hadley appeared on CNBC, Songbird has announced that it has rebuffed the second Qatari offer rather than having rejected it.

Negative US jobs = big market reaction  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 4:30 AM ET

The market will react more to a negative number in the U.S. jobs report, than to a positive one, says Thanos Vamvakidis of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research.

Investing in digital tech  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 4:10 AM ET

MCI Management is a venture capital fund business that focuses on digital economy and the tech sector. CIO Tomasz Czechowicz explains more.

The top jobs for 2015  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 6:35 AM ET

The social media sector is a very hot area, says Bob Damon, Korn Ferry executive chairman, sharing the results of a new report which shows the hottest c-suite jobs for next year.

Orion... NASA's next giant leap  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 6:26 AM ET

CNBC's Jane Wells reports on the launch of NASA's unmanned spacecraft which could someday take humans to Mars.

I'd place my bet on the long dollar: Pro  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 6:15 AM ET

Steven Englander, Citi, shares his outlook on the U.S. dollar, the euro and ECB policy. The euro is not as weak as it seems, says Englander.

US equities favorite place to be: Pro  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 6:09 AM ET

Ed Keon, QMA portfolio manager, and Steven Ricchiuto, Mizuho Securities, share their predictions on the markets, economy and Europe.

Wall Street watches payrolls, wage growth  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 5:53 AM ET

Stocks look to get back to their winning ways on this jobs Friday. Stocks in Europe and Asia were higher, ahead of the report.

Let's predict the US jobs report  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 4:05 AM ET

Here's what some of CNBC's guests have predicted before the release of the U.S.'s jobs report for November.

US jobs report to focus on wages?  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 4:00 AM ET

Hourly wage growth will be the focus of November's U.S. jobs report, rather than the traditional non-farm payroll, says Alan Higgins, chief investment officer, UK at Coutts.

On the search for yield? Try Poland  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 3:30 AM ET

Grzegorz Zawada, deputy CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, says Polish stocks give a good dividend yield for investors in a low interest rate environment.

Ian Plenderleith, chairman of BH Macro, says it has been a tough period for hedge funds, but investment opportunities in Japan and the U.S. represent a bright spot.

Building an investment case for CRH  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 3:00 AM ET

Barry Dixon, head of research at Davy Research, says building materials company CRH is one of his top stock picks to take advantage of U.S. economic growth.

Why is productivity rising but wages flat?  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 2:30 AM ET

Patrick Belser, senior economist at the ILO, blames corporations sitting on cash and not passing money onto the workforce for a lack of wage growth.

Tech will go 'nuts' in 2015: Pro  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 2:00 AM ET

There is no bubble in technology stocks and companies in the sector will do well in a U.S. growth environment, Charlie Morris, head of absolute return at HSBC Global Asset Management, says.

Charlie Morris, head of absolute return at HSBC Global Asset Management, says China is his top investment idea in 2015 amid poor growth prospects in Europe.

Russia will "lose trillions" from the sanctions by entering an "unnecessary confrontation" with Ukraine, Radoslaw Sikorski, speaker of the Parliament and former Foreign Minister of Poland, adding that a unified Europe is needed to respond to Vladimir Putin..

Europe opens higher after ECB; US jobs eyed  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 3:00 AM ET

Jürgen Stackmann, CEO of SEAT, says the car maker is seeing growth across Europe with the Germany and U.K. particularly strong, adding the brand has a "strong soul".

Poland is not know for its cider, "but that's about to change," Robert Ogór, CEO of Ambra S.A. says.

Former head of RBS investment bank on fines  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 1:30 AM ET

John Hourican, CEO of the Bank of Cyprus, and former head of RBS's investment bank, says banking practices have "changed dramatically" and they are cleaning up their act.

John Hourican, CEO of the Bank of Cyprus, says investors should put money into the lender because credible figures like Wilbur Ross are on the board.

John Hourican, CEO of the Bank of Cyprus, says the country needs to be "alert" to the risk that Russian sanctions presents to the economy.

John Hourican, CEO of the Bank of Cyprus, says the country is on track to return to growth.

Krzysztof Rybinski, former deputy governor of the Polish Central Bank, says Poland has a stable economy and investors perceive it as a good place to invest.

Radoslaw Sikorski, speaker of the Parliament and former Foreign Minister of Poland, says the country will welcome Russia back to a "world of rules" if Vladimir Putin's government stops annexing countries.

ECB's Draghi playing 'game of chicken': Pro  Fri, 5 Dec '14 | 1:10 AM ET

Sony Kapoor, managing director at Re-Define, says the euro zone economy needs to "go to the brink" for the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi to consider sovereign bond-buying.

How Lazada is tapping Asian e-commerce  Thu, 4 Dec '14 | 10:33 PM ET

Maximilian Bittner, CEO at Lazada Group, discusses the start-up's plans to dominate the online shopping space in Asia.

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