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Better year-end trade: Energy or tech?  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 1:05 PM ET

Discussing if the U.S. is still the best place to invest and if stocks are fairly valued, with Nicholas Colas, ConvergEx Group chief market strategist, and Darin Richards, AKT Wealth Advisors CIO.

2-year note auction: C+  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 1:03 PM ET

CNBC's Rick Santelli breaks down today's 2-year note auction.

Cashin's 2015 market outlook  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:00 PM ET

UBS Director of Floor Operations Art Cashin sits down with CNBC Stocks Editor Bob Pisani to share his expectations for markets in 2015.

Dow leadership amid energy weakness  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 1:01 PM ET

CNBC's Bob Pisani reveals what big energy names are down today, and reports "old school" tech stocks are performing very well .

Get paid to use social media  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:52 PM ET

Sebastian Sobczak, Tsu founder, provides insight to how his website pays its users, as well as makes money for the business.

Lottery ticket sector of 2015  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:46 PM ET

Mark Fisher, MBF Clearing Corp. chairman, shares his favorite stock in the biotech space.

Peck: Good chance Costolo leaves Twitter 2015  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:38 PM ET

Bob Peck, SunTrust Internet analyst, weighs in on whether he thinks Twitter CEO Dick Costolo might step down this year.

4 Stocks, 4 trades: Gilead, Russia & more  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:27 PM ET

The FMHR traders take their positions on four stocks making news today, including Gilead which is falling after Express Scripts announced it will only cover AbbVie's hepatitis C drug.

2015 Top tech theme? Pro says globalization  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:36 PM ET

Bob Peck, SunTrust internet analyst, discusses the top tech themes he thinks will dominate in the New Year.

5 Dumbest things I heard in 2014: Finerman  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:00 PM ET

Fast Money trader Karen Finerman reveals the 5 most stupid things she heard on Wall Street over the last year.

Trucks at natural gas filling station

CNBC's Bob Pisani and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss the day's meandering market. People are still nervous about energy, he says. If we pass the S&P's Friday high, the Santa rally should be back.

New kids on the Nasdaq  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:34 PM ET

The Nasdaq 100 is adding three new names today. CNBC's Dominic Chu looks at which names are in and out of the Nasdaq 100.

Morgan Stanley's oil picks: AAL, FINL & more  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:20 PM ET

Morgan Stanley is listing airline names which will benefit from the oil slump, including American Airlines. The FMHR traders, and Mark Fisher, MBF Clearing Corp. chairman, weigh in on the way to play the airline industry and apparel.

5 Oil stocks a buy?  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:18 PM ET

Barron's released a call recommending five oil stocks to buy now, including Royal Dutch Shell and EOG Resources. The FMHR traders weigh in.

What's driving nat gas lower?  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:14 PM ET

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis reports warm winter weather forecasts is pounding natural gas prices.

Mark Fisher: Canadian energy on sale  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 12:03 PM ET

Mark Fisher, MBF Clearing Corp. chairman, discusses when the falling price of oil could stabilize.

Millennial 'experience' spending  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:51 AM ET

Discussing the "experience" economy and millennial spending trends, with Julia Hartz, Eventbrite co-founder.

How Brazil fuels our coffee addiction  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:35 AM ET

Steve Pollard of Marex Spectron says coffee shipments from Brazil have been higher than expected, due to previous years' surpluses.

Will oil ever stabilize?  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:00 AM ET

Every time the oil price looks positive or stable "out comes something negative," says Richard Mallinson, analyst at Energy Aspects.

Santelli Exchange: 'Flat' back in 2015?  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:45 AM ET

CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses the flattening yield curve and Europe's impact on Treasurys in 2015.

'Interview' distribution: Who's game?  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:33 AM ET

Discussing the backlash against Sony and possible next move for "The Interview," with Re/Code's Edmund Lee, and John Steinberg, Daily Mail North America.

Russia isn't like the '1990s'  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:20 AM ET

Russia has been dominating the news recently and its economy is not looking good. Anastasia Nesvetailova, director at City University's political economy research centre explains more.

2015 Apple's 'set-up' year: Pro  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:37 AM ET

Discussing Apple's 2015 outlook amid weakening Watch demand, with Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray.

European oil & gas producers rebound  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:30 AM ET

CNBC's Simon Hobbs reports on all the market moving events in Europe today, including a 5th straight day of gains for European stocks.

2015 Jump Start!  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 10:45 AM ET

Get the New Year off on the right financial foot. A groom-to-be worries about his fiancee's debt. A woman saddled with business debt needs to start over. Viewers ask if they can afford a book publicist, an electric scooter.

European shares ended higher on Monday, with sentiment boosted by a rebound in the Russian ruble and earlier gains in the oil price reversed on supply fears.

3D edible confections  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:24 AM ET

Create and consume. CNBC's Sara Eisen takes a looks at food produced by 3D printing.

Discussing what new technologies credit card companies are employing to guard against hackers and the state of mobile commerce, with Chris McWilton, MasterCard president.

Trust Xiaomi's rapid rise?  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:08 AM ET

Discussing the valuation and skepticism surrounding Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, with CNBC's Jon Fortt; Slava Rubin, Indiegogo; and Jon Fortt of Daily Mail North America.

Solutions for 'The Interview'  Mon, 22 Dec '14 | 11:02 AM ET

Discussing the issue of cyberwarfare and Sony's next move for "The Interview," with Slava Rubin, Indiegogo; John Steinberg, Daily Mail North America; and CNBC's Jon Fortt.

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