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4 Trades on 4 stocks: LEN, GIS, X & FDX     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 12:13 PM ET

The FMHR traders take their positions on four stocks making news today, including Lennar's profit beat.

Pro says risk on for investor     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 12:01 PM ET

Counting down to the Fed's statement today, with David Albrycht, Newfleet Asset Management CIO. Albrycht shares his 10-Year Note forecast.

New stage for the Fed     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 12:01 PM ET

CNBC's Steve Liesman looks ahead to the Fed's statement today; and what's important for investors to watch, with Kenny Polcari, O'Neil Securities and the FMHR traders.

CNBC's Dominic Chu provides insight to Nike's statement over why it suspended its contract with NFL running back Adrian Peterson.

100% Pure's Alibaba story     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:51 AM ET

100% Pure Cosmetics CEO and co-founder Ric Kostick, explains why he has chosen to source much of his ingredients and packaging from around the world via Alibaba's website.

CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses today's jump in the home builder sentiment index by 4 points, saying this speaks volumes about the economy. Santelli looks ahead to the Fed's decision on interest rates.

More layoffs coming at Microsoft: Report     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:43 AM ET

The "Squawk Alley" crew discusses more moves in Microsoft after the largest acquisition yet for the company's CEO Satya Nadella.

Cashin says watch out for Fed whipsaw     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:40 AM ET

There's nothing cavalier about Janet Yellen, says UBS' Art Cashin discussing what we expects to hear from the Fed following Wednesday's FOMC meeting.

Lyft vs. Uber: Strategy & competition     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:34 AM ET

Insight to the differences between ride sharing companies Lyft and Uber, with John Zimmer, Lyft co-founder and president. Zimmer says his company is "competing aggressively and putting its energy into creating the right strategy."

TLTRO unlikely to boost lending?     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:35 AM ET

Alberto Gallo, head of European macro credit research at RBS, says that the ECB's TLTRO won't boost lending to SMEs and that European banks already have "plenty of liquidity".

Lyft's strategy for 2015     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:32 AM ET

Discussing who uses Lyft's driving services and the opportunities in the ride sharing market, with John Zimmer, Lyft co-founder and president.

CNBC's Simon Hobbs reports on all the market moving events in Europe today, including anticipation for the Scottish vote and protesters in Kiev "trash" a pro-Russian deputy.

Alibaba: As easy as advertised?     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:23 AM ET

Alibaba's Jack Ma has been touting the e-commerce giant as a way for U.S. companies to get into China. CNBC's Kate Rogers takes a look at some scams and orders that have not panned out for small businesses.

What is Apple Pay?     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:40 AM ET

Taking a look at the pros and cons of Apple Pay on iPhone 6.

European market closes higher     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:30 AM ET

European shares closed largely higher on Wednesday, as investors bet the U.S. Federal Reserve would hold off on hiking interest rates.

Meh about Alibaba? Why it may matter     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:23 AM ET

CNBC's Kate Rogers takes a look at small businesses on Alibaba and explains why it pays to do your due diligence.

Apple, Google & Alibaba     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:16 AM ET

David Rolfe, Wedgewood Partners CIO, discusses his position on Apple versus Google, and his Alibaba strategy.

Alibaba welcomed in London     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:09 AM ET

CNBC's Seema Mody reports asset managers are now meeting with Jack Ma and Alibaba's leadership as Alibaba's roadshow hits London.

VC Thiel trashes Twitter management     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:08 AM ET

The "Squawk Alley" crew discusses venture capitalist Peter Thiel's controversial criticism of Twitter.

Geoffrey Yu, senior foreign exchange strategist at UBS, discusses sterling ahead of the Scottish referendum and how the currency would react to either Yes or No outcomes.

Mossberg: iPhone 6 best on market     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 11:00 AM ET

Walt Mossberg, Re/code co-executive editor, reviews the new iPhone 6. Mossberg says, "This is the best smartphone you can buy."

Discussing how to play FedEx after the company's Q1 earnings surge, with Christian Wetherbee, Citi transportation analyst. Wetherbee says going into the holiday season FedEx is positioned to go after a better mix of business.

Santelli Exchange: Parsing Fed language     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 10:45 AM ET

Former Dallas Fed president Robert McTeer, and CNBC's Rick Santelli, discuss the Federal Reserve's "considerable time" phrase, inflation and the state of housing.

Housing stocks moving     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 10:44 AM ET

CNBC's Dominic Chu reports housing stocks are on the rise after home builder Lennar reported a better than expected jump in quarterly profits.

Nasdaq's Freidman on Alibaba IPO     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 10:31 AM ET

CNBC's Sara Eisen speaks to Nasdaq president Adena Friedman about losing out on Alibaba. Friedman says while it was disappointing to lose the Alibaba IPO, it's a great opportunity for the markets.

Down to the wire in Scotland     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 10:24 AM ET

Scotland polls open on Thursday over whether the country should become independent from the United Kingdom. CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports on numbers from the latest polls.

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis reports Brent crude inventories build to 3.7 million barrels.

US Steel's Canada arm restructuring     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 10:22 AM ET

Shares of U.S. Steel are surging after the company announced its Canadian unit will go into creditor protection. CNBC's Sara Eisen has the details.

Your choice: iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 10:13 AM ET

The "Squawk on the Street" crew gets their hands on Apple's new iPhones. CNET senior editor Scott Stein discusses the differences between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Peter Thiel: Good, Bad & Ugly     Wed, 17 Sep '14 | 10:00 AM ET

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel's Wednesday interview on CNBC ran the gamut from trashing Twitter to raising red flags on Apple and Google to explaining his libertarian views.

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