David Cameron


  • BRUSSELS, Oct 1- Britain's choice for the European Commission disarmed EU lawmakers with a combination of charm, grasp of financial regulation and a stated commitment to European integration at a hearing in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

  • UK leader promises tax cuts, EU battle Wednesday, 1 Oct 2014 | 8:11 AM ET

    LONDON— Squeezed between insurgent anti-Europeans, a skittish party and suspicious voters, Britain's prime minister promised a tough stance on the EU and tax cuts for millions in a bid to bolster support for his Conservative Party before a national election next year.

  • Britain's Hill starts ordeal in EU parliament Wednesday, 1 Oct 2014 | 7:42 AM ET

    BRUSSELS, Oct 1- Britain's controversial choice for the European Commission declared his support for closer European financial integration at the start of an expected tough confirmation hearing in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

  • *George Osborne seeks to regain initiative after Europe split. BIRMINGHAM, England, Sept 29- British finance minister George Osborne spelled out plans for more spending cuts on Monday, betting that voters will accept his tough approach to fixing the economy and give an election victory to his Conservative Party next year.

  • *George Osborne seeks to deflect from Europe split. BIRMINGHAM, England, Sept 29- British finance minister George Osborne sought on Monday to deflect voter attention from a Conservative party split over Europe by pledging more spending cuts to help the government's finances back to surplus.

  • By Andy Bruce and Costas Pitas. LONDON, Sept 29- British mortgage approvals slipped a three-month low in August, according to official data, falling slightly more than expected and adding to signs the housing market has cooled in recent months.

  • NEW YORK/ BEIRUT, Sept 25- French fighter jets struck Islamic State targets in Iraq on Thursday and the United States hit them in Syria, as a U.S.-led coalition to fight the militants gained momentum with an announcement that Britain would join.

  • LONDON, Sept 24- Prime Minister David Cameron said he wanted Britain to join U.S.-led air strikes against the Islamic State militant group after the Iraqi government requested London's help and he recalled parliament to secure its approval for military action.

  • LONDON, Sept 24- British lawmakers will vote on Friday whether to join U.S.-led airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq after Baghdad requested help, the British government said on Wednesday. The U.S. has been leading the airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq and has in the last few days extended its attacks to positions in Syria.

  • As risks multiply, NGOs reassess security in Middle East Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014 | 6:05 AM ET

    ARBIL, Iraq, Sept 24- Aid agencies are tightening security measures in the Middle East and increasingly outsourcing work to local organizations to limit their exposure to multiplying risks across the region.

  • UK PM Cameron on ISIS: 'They want to kill us'     Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014 | 1:10 AM ET
    British Prime Minister David Cameron

    U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron told NBC that ISIS is planning attacks in Europe and Britain has "not ruled out" military action in Iraq.

  • US launches airstrikes in Syria     Tuesday, 23 Sep 2014 | 1:05 AM ET

    CNBC's Hadley Gamble discusses the latest developments in the Middle East with the U.S. launching airstrikes in Syria and British Prime Minister David Cameron planning to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

  • MANCHESTER, England, Sept 22- Britain's opposition Labor party promised on Monday to keep a firm grip on spending if it wins next year's election, seeking to persuade voters with tough budget talk that the recovering economy will be safe in its hands.

  • *Nationalist leader Alex Salmond concedes defeat, resigns. EDINBURGH, Sept 19- Scotland spurned independence and saved a union dating back 300 years in a historic referendum but its defeated leader said it would hold London to last minute offers of more power that could radically reshape the United Kingdom.

  • PARIS/ BRUSSELS, Sept 19- Scotland's vote against independence offers lessons for British politicians and their European partners faced with a referendum on whether to stay in the EU which Prime Minister David Cameron has promised for 2017..

  • Phewww! That's the White House on Scotland vote Friday, 19 Sep 2014 | 12:34 PM ET
    Pro-union supporters celebrate as the Scottish independence referendum polling results are announced in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sept. 19, 2014.

    The Scotland "no" vote brought great relief to a White House worried about the impact of a schism on many fronts, Politico's Ben White says.

  • *Nationalist leader Alex Salmond concedes defeat, resigns. EDINBURGH, Sept 19- Scotland spurned independence in a historic referendum that threatened to rip the United Kingdom apart, sow financial turmoil and diminish Britain's remaining global clout.

  • LONDON, Sept 19- Sterling's rebound on Scotland's rejection of independence on Friday lasted all of about two hours before the realities of the UK's still-complicated political horizon reined in what had until recently been the world's best performing currency.

  • Edinburgh, Sept 19- People reacted with relief and joy on one side and disappointment laced with bitterness on the other on Friday after Scotland decided to stay part of the United Kingdom in a referendum on independence.

  • BRUSSELS/ PARIS, Sept 19- European Union and NATO officials expressed undisguised relief on Friday at Scotland's clear vote against independence from Britain, but some fretted that the genie of separatism may be out of the bottle in Europe.