Hugo Chavez


  • CARACAS, July 5- The owners of Venezuelan daily newspaper El Universal said on Saturday they had sold a controlling stake of the company to a little-known Spanish investment firm, Epalisticia, marking the third sale of a major media group in Venezuela since last year.

  • Major Venezuelan newspaper to be sold Friday, 4 Jul 2014 | 12:19 PM ET

    CARACAS, Venezuela— One of Venezuela's oldest and most prestigious newspapers has been sold amid increasing government pressure on independent news media.

  • CARACAS, June 18- Venezuela's former planning minister, who helped the late president Hugo Chavez forge the country's state-driven economic model, has excoriated current president Nicholas Maduro as a weak leader who is straying from socialism, according to a widely circulated document.

  • LONDON, June 16- Venezuela wants to increase oil supplies to the United States to regain some of the market share it lost over the past decade as Caracas sees the U.S. boom in light oil from shale as a chance to raise heavy-crude exports, the country's oil minister said.

  • CARACAS, June 14- Venezuela is seeking to consolidate its three-tiered exchange rate system and refinance debt to improve maturity profiles, the economy vice president said in a statement on Saturday, underlining efforts to shore up the country's troubled finances.

  • CARACAS, June 13- Venezuela's inflation soaring above 60 percent has boosted pressure on President Nicolas Maduro to speed up a transition toward a market-driven economy as the OPEC nation's model of state-controlled socialism heads toward stagflation.

  • CARACAS, May 20- Mediators from the Union of South American States urged Venezuela's government and opposition back to the negotiating table on Tuesday after failing to revive talks to stem months of protests in the polarized nation.

  • CARACAS, May 6- A World Bank panel said on Tuesday it has rejected Venezuela's request to change the arbitrators reviewing a dispute over compensation sought by U.S. oil company ConocoPhillips for 2007 expropriations.

  • CATIA LA MAR, Venezuela, May 1- The neighborhood of El Chaparral began receiving cash from the Venezuelan government in 2005. The windfall came courtesy of the late socialist leader Hugo Chavez's plan to fight poverty by transferring billions of dollars in oil revenue to communities around the country.

  • CARACAS, May 2- President Nicolas Maduro is introducing a controversial shopping card intended to combat Venezuela's food shortages but decried by critics as a Cuban-style policy illustrating the failure of his socialist policies.

  • CARACAS, April 29- President Nicolas Maduro announced on Monday a 30 percent increase in the minimum wage and pensions to protect Venezuelans from inflation nearing a 60 percent annual rate.

  • CARACAS, April 29- President Nicolas Maduro announced on Monday a 30 percent increase in the minimum wage and pensions to protect Venezuelans from inflation nearing a 60 percent annual rate.

  • Venezuela to crush cars, bikes to build houses Tuesday, 29 Apr 2014 | 5:44 PM ET

    CARACAS, April 29- Venezuela said on Tuesday it would start crushing abandoned cars and bicycles to provide raw materials for housing construction and supplement drastically reduced amounts of local steel.

  • CARACAS, April 25- Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said on Friday that 16 people had been arrested in a new round of inspections to find alleged price gougers whom the socialist government blames for the worst inflation rate in the Americas.

  • CARACAS, April 23- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro offered the private sector access to financing via state investment funds during a meeting with business leaders on Wednesday meant to stimulate the struggling economy and ease historic tension with industry.

  • RIO DE JANEIRO, April 11- The purchase of a Texas oil refinery by Brazil's state-run oil company has become a campaign issue as opponents of President Dilma Rousseff use it to attack her reputation as a no-nonsense manager and weaken her lead ahead of the October election.

  • CARACAS, March 25- Investors see Venezuela's new free-floating foreign exchange system as an important step toward improving the country's stretched finances, but economists question whether it can provide enough dollars to kick-start the economy. Still, Venezuela's bonds rose on Tuesday, extending gains from Monday as the measures encouraged investors.

  • CARACAS, March 25- Venezuelan bonds rose on Tuesday on optimism that a new free-floating foreign exchange system would improve the government's stretched finances even as critics slammed the move as the biggest devaluation in the OPEC nation's history.

  • CARACAS, March 25- Venezuelan bonds rose again on Tuesday in a continued positive market reaction to a new free-floating foreign exchange system that offered dollars for eight times the official price at its opening session.

  • CARACAS, March 24- Venezuela launched a new free-floating foreign exchange system on Monday that offered dollars for eight times the official price in a move the government says will tame the black market but which critics see as a massive devaluation.