• This emerging market is outperforming its rivals Wednesday, 18 Feb 2015 | 10:25 AM ET
    A pedestrian holding an umbrella walks past cranes operating at a residential construction site in Mumbai, India.

    India is flourishing as other emerging markets are hit by economic woes, The New York Times reports.

  • Ford Motor Co, wrote off its entire investment in Venezuela last month when it took an $800 million pre-tax write down, the company said in response to questions from Reuters. That means no matter how much worse things get in Venezuela it shouldn't have to take further impairment charges. The slow torture of operating in Venezuela led PepsiCo to report last week a...

  • Cramer’s love-at-first-sight earning-season winner Friday, 13 Feb 2015 | 6:27 PM ET
    Colorox brand toilet bowl cleaner sits on display at a supermarket in Princeton, Ill.

    Jim Cramer has had a long time love affair with this stock, as it heads higher long term.

  • CARACAS, Feb 13- Venezuelans puzzled over the impact of a complicated currency devaluation and fretted that dire product shortages in the OPEC nation's recession-hit economy would not go away. President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government this week launched a 70 percent devaluation via a new "free floating" currency system known as Simadi, the third of...

  • CARACAS/ SAN CRISTOBAL, Feb 12- Venezuelan security forces faced off with stone-wielding protesters on Thursday as supporters of President Nicolas Maduro also rallied on the anniversary of last year's fatal unrest. The flare-ups, in the volatile western city of San Cristobal and the capital Caracas, recalled four months of protests and violence in 2014...

  • Though some portfolio managers including Pimco and Van Eck Global have pared their exposure in recent months, Venezuela remains among the largest positions for U.S. funds that focus on emerging market debt. The $4.6 billion TCW Emerging Markets Income Fund also has kept an overweight position, with 5 percent of assets invested in Venezuela.

  • CARACAS, Feb 10- Venezuela launched a "free" foreign exchange platform on Tuesday that will likely devalue the bolivar in efforts to bolster state coffers amid tumbling oil revenue, although it risks causing a spike in already soaring inflation. The change could lead to billions of dollars in write-downs by foreign corporations with exposure to Venezuela...

  • How much things cost in Venezuela now Friday, 6 Feb 2015 | 2:32 PM ET
    People line up to buy hygiene products at a drugstore in Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 3, 2015.

    Although toilet paper and gas are cheaper in Venezuela, nearly every major product there is significantly more expensive than in the U.S.

  • Inflation and long lines at Venezuelan supermarkets

    Venezuelans have become increasingly frustrated by food shortages and inflations, reports CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

  • Venezuelan oil deal hits Caribbean hard Tuesday, 3 Feb 2015 | 2:13 PM ET
    People line up to pay inside a Makro supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela, Jan. 9, 2015.

    For struggling Caribbean nations dependent on energy subsidies from Venezuela, the crash in oil prices is not welcome news.

  • CARACAS, Feb 3- Venezuela said on Tuesday it has temporarily taken over 35 stores belonging to the "Dia a Dia" supermarket chain on charges it squirreled away food to stoke public exasperation over widespread shortages. Venezuela's head of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, confirmed on Tuesday that the chain was Dia a Dia, which chiefly caters to the...

  • Global auto sales remain on uptrend: IHS Monday, 2 Feb 2015 | 5:00 AM ET
    Toyota dealership, auto dealer, auto sales

    Car sales are set to rise again this year, albeit at a slower pace, continuing a five-year recovery, boosted by Chinese and U.S. demand, IHS forecasts.

  • Feb 2- At least 40 major U.S. companies have substantial exposure to Venezuela's deepening economic crisis, and could collectively be forced to take billions of dollars of write downs, a Reuters analysis shows. The companies, all members of the S&P 500, and including some of the biggest names in Corporate America such as autos giant General Motors and drug maker...

  • China's new playground: America's backyard Thursday, 29 Jan 2015 | 3:35 PM ET
    Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, right, walks with Chinese President Xi Jinping as they arrive to a welcoming ceremony at the Great Hall of the People on January 7, 2015 in Beijing, China.

    China is moving into the United States' backyard——but it's not clear if its Latin America investments are a negative for American interests.

  • Cramer Remix: Get a piece of this new stock Monday, 26 Jan 2015 | 7:09 PM ET
    Jim Cramer on the set of Mad Money

    “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer thinks you should open wide and take a big bite of this new offering

  • The most 'miserable' place on Earth is... Monday, 26 Jan 2015 | 12:32 PM ET
    People line up to pay inside a Makro supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela, Jan. 9, 2015.

    2014 ranked as a horrible year for many countries, according to an index, with Venezuela topping the list as the most miserable place on Earth.

  • In a likely sign of things to come from a number of companies this results reporting season, Ford Motor Co on Friday said it was taking a pre-tax charge of $800 million for its Venezuela business. Ford also said that it was unable to maintain normal production in Venezuela with the availability of vehicle parts constrained. Kimberly-Clark blamed increased...

  • Ford: Venezuela charge to cut 4Q profit by $700M Friday, 23 Jan 2015 | 11:31 AM ET
    A worker at the Ford Rouge Center in Dearborn, Michigan.

    Ford Motors said a charge related to its Venezuelan operations would reduce fourth-quarter profit attributable to the company by about $700 million.

  • SAN CRISTOBAL/ CARACAS, Jan 23- Robbers and looters are targeting trucks carrying food across Venezuela in another sign of worsening shortages that have turned basics like flour and chicken into coveted booty. Crime has long plagued shops and roads in Venezuela, which has one of the world's highest murder rates. Armed National Guard troops have been deployed to...

  • The socialist-run OPEC member's economy shrank 2.8 percent in 2014 while inflation topped 64 percent, the socialist leader announced in a speech to parliament, in what is almost certainly the worst performance in Latin America. With oil prices down by more than half since mid-2014, Venezuela's economic mess has hit Maduro's popularity hard and threatened...