• WASHINGTON, June 20- The U.S. State Department downgraded Thailand, Malaysia and Venezuela on Friday to its list of the world's worst centers of human trafficking, opening up the countries to possible sanctions and dumping them in the same category as North Korea and Syria.

  • *Rocket Internet building online empire outside US, China. Rocket Internet is bidding to create the largest internet empire outside the United States and China, seeking to replicate the success of Amazon and Alibaba in markets the U.S. and Chinese e-commerce groups have yet to dominate, such as Africa, Latin America and Russia.

  • BANGKOK, June 18- Thailand's central bank cut this year's growth forecast nearly by half to 1.5 percent but sees a much brighter 2015 as the new military government tries to reinvigorate the economy after prolonged political turmoil.

  • BANGKOK, June 18- Thailand's central bank left its key interest rate unchanged on Wednesday, as expected, and cut its economic growth forecast for 2014 nearly by half to 1.5 percent.

  • Expect a rate cut from BOT: Morgan Stanley     Wednesday, 18 Jun 2014 | 12:34 AM ET

    Deyi Tan, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley Research, says a sluggish growth forecast may prompt the Bank of Thailand to announce a 25 basis point rate cut on Wednesday.

  • BOT seen holding rates steady: Nomura     Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014 | 11:35 PM ET

    Euben Paracuelles, Executive Director & Southeast Asia Economist at Nomura, expects the central bank to leave interest rates steady at 2 percent on Wednesday.

  • *More than 100,000 Cambodians have left Thailand in a week. The International Organization for Migration estimates that more than 100,000 undocumented Cambodian men, women and children have fled Thailand amid fears of a crackdown on illegal labour sine the May 22 coup. It estimates there were 90,000 illegals in Thailand.

  • *Taiwan garment maker is Cambodia's second ever listing. PHNOM PENH/ HONG KONG, June 16- The number of companies on Cambodia's stock exchange doubled on Monday- to two.

  • BANGKOK, June 12- As Thailand's junta tries to pull the economy back from the verge of recession, the generals have a significant advantage over the government they ousted- the country's banks are prepared to lend them money, and cheaply too.

  • That happened to Carrie Walczak, an American living in Germany, in May. Walczak, a 37- year-old from upstate New York, lived in Brussels for seven years with her Belgian husband before moving to Bad Homburg, Germany, where she has resided for the past 18 months.

  • Nissan: We still have confidence in Thailand     Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014 | 12:43 AM ET

    Despite ongoing political crisis, Thailand has a "good underlying economy" and will be one of the outperformers in Southeast Asia in the long run, says Andy Palmer, Chief Planning Officer at Nissan.

  • *Good news for producers such as Vietnam, Thailand. Bigger purchases by the world's fifth largest buyer of the grain would be good news for growers that typically supply the country such as Thailand and Vietnam. "It is likely that Indonesia will indeed import," said David Dawe, senior economist at the U.N.' s Food and Agriculture Organization in Bangkok.

  • Kesara Manchusree, President, Stock Exchange of Thailand, attributes the resiliency of domestic stocks to strong fundamentals in the financial market.

  • BANGKOK, June 8- Thailand's junta kept many of the thousands of troops and police it readied to deal with protests in Bangkok on Sunday off the streets as the number of people making a public show of dissent to the May 22 coup dwindled.

  • Thailand's junta has prepared a force of over 6,000 troops and police for deployment in Bangkok on Sunday to smother protests.

  • BANGKOK, June 8- Thailand's junta has prepared a force of over 6,000 troops and police for deployment in Bangkok on Sunday to smother protests and prevent opposition to the May 22 coup from gaining momentum.

  • Banyan Tree: Not worried about Thailand     Wednesday, 4 Jun 2014 | 11:45 PM ET

    Despite seeing occupancy rates at its hotels drop nearly 50 percent due to the political crisis, Ho Kwon Ping, Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings, is optimistic on tourism in Bangkok.

  • What's next for Thailand?     Tuesday, 3 Jun 2014 | 11:46 PM ET

    Alastair Newton, Senior Political Analyst at Nomura, says Thailand's current political climate is a stark difference from the previous coup in 2006, and outlines possible developments going forward.

  • Thai rules warn over 'Hunger Games' salute Tuesday, 3 Jun 2014 | 1:29 PM ET
    Protesters against military rule make the three fingered salute from the movie The Hunger Games, during a brief demonstration in Bangkok. According to some, the three fingered gesture stood for freedom, equality and brotherhood.

    Thailand's military rulers said they will arrest those who ignore warnings to lower the three-fingered salute from "The Hunger Games."

  • BANGKOK, June 3- An index of consumer confidence in Thailand jumped in May on hopes a military government that seized power promising to impose order after months of political chaos will drag the economy back from the brink of recession.