• Thailand Is 'Not Failing': PM     Sunday, 29 Jan 2012 | 8:14 PM ET

    Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra says Thailand is not failing and what it needs to do is to speed up its recovery.

  • Thai Government to Lower Stake in PTT     Friday, 27 Jan 2012 | 12:45 AM ET

    Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, President & CEO of the PTT Group discusses the Thai government's plans to sell some of its shares in the oil explorer.

  • An auto rickshaw or tuk tuk drives along a street in Bangkok on January 13, 2009. The tuk-tuk, so-called because of the noise it makes when it starts, has been adopted as a Thai symbol, it actually originates in Japan. The motorized version reached Thailand in 1959, and after a few technical and aesthetic modifications, it became the colourful, open-air vehicle seen careering across Thailand today.

    Thailand’s economy has the potential to grow at 7 percent in 2012, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Kittirat Na-Ranong, told CNBC Friday. He added that the billions being spent this year on post-flood reconstruction projects would help boost the economy.

  • Up-and-Coming Retirement Cities Abroad Wednesday, 11 Jan 2012 | 11:23 AM ET
    Contrary to popular belief, not all American citizens are required to move to Boca Raton when they retire. Sure, the climate is heavenly, the ocean water is alluring and the shoreline could hardly be more inviting. However, it’s not cheap, as the presence of  will attest, and the simple fact is that not all retirees have the means to live someplace like this.With this in mind,  a publication devoted to showing that “you can live better, for less, overseas,” just released its  By weighing such fa

    International Living just released its Retirement Index for 2012, which determines foreign destinations offering retirees a high standard of living at a low price. CNBC.com highlights 10 of them.

  • Emerging Markets Could Soar 30% in 2012: Strategist Monday, 9 Jan 2012 | 5:39 PM ET
    South Korea

    Following a dismal 2011, emerging markets could see up to a 30 percent gain this year, assuming the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone is kept at bay, according to Geoffrey Dennis, managing director at Citi.

  • How to Trade Asian Currencies Now Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012 | 11:14 AM ET

    By several measures, Asian currencies are bargains - but be careful.

  • MU Q1 Revenue Estimates Lower than Analysts     Thursday, 22 Dec 2011 | 12:53 PM ET

    Micron shares are up more than 16% even after Q1 revenue estimates missed analyst estimates. Srini Sundararajan, Oppenheimer analyst weighs in.

  • Thai Floods Hit Many Techs     Tuesday, 13 Dec 2011 | 1:22 PM ET

    Flooding in Thailand has cut the world's supply of hard disk drives. Discussing which companies are most likely to be affected, with Brian Blair, Wedge Partners principal.

  • Impact of the Thailand Floods on Toyota     Sunday, 11 Dec 2011 | 7:40 PM ET

    Koichi Sugimoto, Senior Analyst at BNP Paribas Securities (Japan) Limited talks about how the Thailand floods took a much harder hit on Toyota's output than expected.

  • Martin Senn, CEO of Zurich Financial Services, says the firm has $12 billion exposure to peripheral Europe debt. He also says it's too early to quantify losses from Thailand's floods.

  • Bank of Thailand's Rate Decision     Tuesday, 29 Nov 2011 | 10:10 PM ET

    Matthew Circosta, economist at Moody's Analytics, discusses the impact of a further interest rate cut on the economy.

  • Thai PM Seeks to Reassure Investors After Flood Damage Thursday, 17 Nov 2011 | 7:24 PM ET
    Yingluck Shinawatra, the opposition Puea Thai party candidate and sister of fugitive Thai ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, speaks during a press conference after becoming the Southeast Asian kingdom's first female prime minister.

    With Thailand recovering from the worst flooding to hit the country in decades, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra says the government is serious about solving the country's long-term problems and will invest in water management to ensure such flooding doesn't happen again.

  • Thai Army Turns Flooding Into a PR Opportunity Tuesday, 15 Nov 2011 | 8:12 PM ET
    PATUM THANI, THAILAND - OCTOBER 14: Thai soldiers help residents onto a military truck as floods continue to hit Pathum Thani province on October 14, 2011 in Pathum Thani, north of Bangkok,Thailand. Crews of public workers, soldiers and volunteers are evacuating residents from flooded areas north of Bangkok as efforts continue to protect the capital from increased rainfall and rising tides during the worst floods to hit the country for decades.

    Troops and army trucks are rolling through the streets of Bangkok again. This time it is not to battle protesters or overthrow a prime minister, but to help flood-hit civilians. The NYT reports.

  • In Flooded Bangkok, a Bit of Water Can't Stop Business Tuesday, 15 Nov 2011 | 6:57 PM ET
    Residents walk on an elevated walkway that uses shopping center caddies flooded north-west Bangkok.

    Bangkok residents, unfazed by the floods that have created water levels as high as three feet, kept their businesses and transportation open. The Christian Science Monitor reports.

  • Hard Times for Hard Drives?     Friday, 11 Nov 2011 | 3:15 PM ET

    Heavy flooding in Thailand is forcing many factories to close production of hard drives. So is it time to get out of hard-drive makers? Jayson Noland, Robert W. Baird, and Grady Burkett, Morningstar, discuss.

  • Thailand Flooding Cripples Hard-Drive Suppliers Sunday, 6 Nov 2011 | 10:53 PM ET
    Flood waters surround an industrial complex October 20, 2011 in the neighboring provinces of Bangkok, Thailand.

    Three weeks after monsoon run-off swamped more than 1,000 factories across central Thailand, the brown, corrosive floodwaters have only slightly receded, leaving the world’s largest computer makers without a reliable forecast about when crucial parts will be available once again. The NYT reports.

  • Insufficient Preparation for Thai Floods     Sunday, 6 Nov 2011 | 7:30 PM ET

    Karim Raslan, group CEO of KRA Group, discusses how Thai officials failed to take adequate precautionary measures when hints of flood came as early as October.

  • In spite of the Thai government's warning that the world's largest exporter of rice could lose as much as a quarter of its crop because of the floods, analysts tell CNBC the potential shortfall is unlikely to impact prices.

  • Worst Not Over for Bangkok     Tuesday, 1 Nov 2011 | 8:20 PM ET

    Andrew Durieux, Director & Principle Consultant at Coverage, says the flooding in Bangkok could last a few more months.

  • HP Keeps Its Computers     Friday, 28 Oct 2011 | 4:37 PM ET

    Hewlett-Packard has been on a wild ride since news went public that former CEO Leo Apotheker was considering spinning off the PC business. The stock immediately fell and the company killed its tablet. Discussing the impact of these changes and what is next for HP, with Todd Bradley, Hewlett-Packard executive vice president of personal systems group.