• WASHINGTON, June 24- U.S. officials have told energy companies that they may export a variety of ultra-light oil if it has been minimally refined, an apparent marginal loosening of a decades-old ban on selling U.S. crude abroad.

  • WASHINGTON, June 24- U.S. officials have allowed two companies to export a kind of ultra-light oil known as condensates, a first step that effectively loosens a 40- year ban on most U.S. crude exports, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

  • WASHINGTON, June 24- Senator Lisa Murkowski urged the Obama administration on Tuesday to fully lift the 40- year-old ban on crude exports after a news report said U.S. officials have allowed two companies to export shipments of a light oil called condensates.

  • The 5 worst states for business in the US Tuesday, 24 Jun 2014 | 4:43 PM ET

    States have rebounded strongly from the recession, but some long-time laggards still can't create a business-friendly environment.

  • 47. Alaska Tuesday, 24 Jun 2014 | 4:00 PM ET

    The Last Frontier is a wonder to behold. But the state's economy is contracting as energy production on the North Slope declines.

  • WASHINGTON, June 23- Raytheon Co on Monday said it expects to soon resume production of an updated warhead, or "kill vehicle," used for U.S. homeland missile defense after the system successfully intercepted a dummy target over the Pacific.

  • Ground-Based Midcourse Defense weapons system designed to destroy incoming ballistic missiles launched by North Korea or Iran. The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency has 30 ground-based interceptors at military bases in California and Alaska.

  • WASHINGTON, June 20- The Pentagon is restructuring a $3.48 billion contract with Boeing Co for management of the troubled U.S. homeland missile defense program, said two sources familiar with the situation.

  • WASHINGTON, June 18- The U.S. Senate Energy Committee voted on Wednesday to advance the nominations of Norman Bay to be a commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Cheryl LaFleur for a second term as commissioner at the utility agency.

  • OSLO, June 17- Climate change is a growing threat to tourism, from thawing ski resorts to coral reefs hit by warmer seas, and the industry itself should do more to curb its soaring greenhouse gas emissions, a study showed on Tuesday.

  • LONDON, June 12- Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Nigeria and now Iraq: the crude oil market has weathered a long list of actual and threatened supply shocks with remarkable calm. The market has been able to absorb lost supply because demand growth has been moderate and alternative supplies have been available from North American shale and Saudi Arabia.

  • WASHINGTON, June 11- The Pentagon would reassess its plans to put Raytheon Co's CE-2 kill vehicle on 14 more ground-based interceptors if a key test of the system designed to protect the United States from North Korean missile attacks fails again later this month, a top Pentagon official said Wednesday.

  • WASHINGTON, June 10- BP has been authorized to use unmanned aircraft to conduct surveys of pipelines and other infrastructure on Alaska's North Slope, the first commercial drone flights over U.S. land, government authorities said on Tuesday, giving a boost to the tiny aircraft's manufacturer.

  • SINGAPORE, June 5- U.S. crude slipped toward $102 a barrel on Thursday as geopolitical tensions eased, with Ukraine's President-elect and western leaders working on a peace plan to end violence in eastern Ukraine. *U.S. crude for July delivery touched a low of $102.19 a barrel and was at $102.22 by 0035 GMT, down 42 cents.

  • WASHINGTON, May 23- Recent meetings between U.S. oil producers and Commerce Department officials have fueled industry hopes that the Obama administration may soon begin to ease a longstanding ban on oil exports.

  • Northern Dynasty argued in a filing to the U.S. District Court for Alaska that the EPA exceeded its authority under the Clean Water Act in February, when the regulator initiated a rarely-used process under the Clean Water Act to protect Alaska's salmon fishery from the impact of the project.

  • *Norway seeks drilling in Barents Sea that froze in 1980 s. OSLO, May 13- Norway wants to let oil and gas companies drill in Arctic seas that were frozen as recently as the 1980 s even though some climate experts say it is too early to trust global warming to keep the ice away.

  • WASHINGTON, May 6- Republicans in North Carolina will vote on Tuesday on their candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in November, in the first of several primaries this month that will test whether the party's establishment can beat back challenges from Tea Party rivals.

  • NEW YORK, May 1- The U.S. agency that investigates airplane crashes urged the U.S. safety regulator on Thursday to audit several Alaska- based air carriers after a series of accidents over 19 months in which six people were killed.

  • NEW YORK, May 1- The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board urged the Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday to audit Alaska- based charter air carriers owned by HoTH Inc, following a series of accidents and incidents since September 2012 that led to multiple fatalities.