• Latest on Republican National Convention     Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 7:00 PM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood, reports the latest details from the Republican National Convention; and Gov. Mary Fallin (R-OK), and Herman Cain, former presidential candidate (R), provide perspective.

  • NHC: Isaac Will Become Hurricane     Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 5:11 PM ET

    According to the National Hurricane Center, tropical storm Isaac is expected to become a category 2 hurricane, reports CNBC's Brian Sullivan.

  • Charlie Crist (I)

    The GOP response to news that former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida backs President Obama is a time-tested one for such occasions: question the turncoat's motive, The Christian Science Monitor reports.

  • Your Currency Trade on Tropical Storm Isaac Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 8:12 AM ET

    Floridians are getting ready for Isaac, and this currency trade will have you prepared too.

  • Storm to Miss GOP Convention     Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 8:05 AM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood reports the latest details on the Republican National Convention, as Mitt Romney accepts his party's nomination for the presidency this week.

  • The Tea Party's '12 for 12' Plan for the RNC     Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 7:50 AM ET

    Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks CEO, discusses how the Tea Party plans to make their voices heard at the GOP Convention.

  • The Tempest in Tampa     Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 7:43 AM ET

    Tampa's Mayor, Bob Buckhorn explains what his city is doing to prepare for the Republican National Convention and the economic boost it will provide for the local community.

  • GOP Convention Kicks Off     Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 7:35 AM ET

    Sen. Ron Johnson, (R-WI), discusses Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's plan for the economy and the middle class. Robert Doll, BlackRock, and Tobias Levkovich, Citi Chief U.S. equity strategist, weigh in.

  • Reshuffled Republican Convention     Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 6:07 AM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood reports the latest details from Tampa as the GOP convention gets underway today.

  • Storm Isaac Heads For Gulf Coast     Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 6:05 AM ET

    The Weather Channel's Alex Wallace reports the latest detail on Tropical Storm Isaac as it makes its way towards portions of the Gulf Coast threatening to disrupt U.S. offshore oil and gas supplies.

  • Hurricane Isaac Hits Haiti, DR     Friday, 24 Aug 2012 | 1:12 PM ET

    Todd Santos, The Weather Channel, has the very latest about Hurricane Isaac.

  • GOP Convention Braces for Isaac     Friday, 24 Aug 2012 | 11:44 AM ET

    Todd Santos, The Weather Channel, reports the latest details on tropical storm Isaac and its possible impact on the Republican Convention in Tampa.

  • RNC Bracing for Isaac     Friday, 24 Aug 2012 | 9:15 AM ET

    Tracking tropical storm Isaac as the storm gains strength and heads towards Florida, with Jen Carfagno, Weather Channel meteorologist.

  • Tracking Hurricane Isaac     Thursday, 23 Aug 2012 | 2:41 PM ET

    Weather Channel's Todd Santos reports on Hurricane Isaac's current path, and whether it might affect the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week.

  • Hurricane Isaac Possibly Headed Towards Florida     Thursday, 23 Aug 2012 | 1:41 PM ET

    Orange juice eases after a surge, and The Weather Channel's Bryan Norcross reports Hurricane Isaac is strengthening in the Caribbean, and there is a high probability the U.S., and particularly Florida, will see impacts from the storm.

  • In Poll, Obama Is Given Trust Over Medicare Thursday, 23 Aug 2012 | 12:10 PM ET
    Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

    New polls show that Medicare ranks as the third most crucial issue to likely voters in Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin, and that more respondents in those crucial states trust President Obama to manage the program, The New York Times reports.

  • Cities With the Most Affordable Homes Tuesday, 14 Aug 2012 | 4:58 PM ET
    Home prices are strengthening and affordability of houses is slightly lower, according to new data from the second quarter of 2012. The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index (HOI) found that 92 percent of metropolitan areas had a rise in median home prices over the first quarter of 2012. Some homebuyers might not welcome this news, but for the home seller, it’s “another signal that the housing recovery is starting to take root,” said NAHB Chairman Barry Rute

    Check out the major metropolitan housing markets with the most affordable homes for sale, counting down to number one.

  • Larry Lindsey on Playing Politics     Tuesday, 14 Aug 2012 | 8:07 AM ET

    Lawrence Lindsey, The Lindsey Group, president & CEO, weighs in on Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan for his running mate, and discusses what the GOP ticket needs to do to get elected; reforming entitlement programs; and trimming the nation's growing deficits.

  • What the Wealthy Are Driving Friday, 10 Aug 2012 | 4:02 PM ET
    Some wealthy people flaunt their status with shows of conspicuous consumption, while others prefer to stay low-key. These preferences extend to their major purchases, from the type of houses they buy, the type of clothes that they wear and type of cars that they drive. an automotive information website headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., conducted a study of the most popular vehicles in the  as determined by the I.R.S. These included some of the usual places that one might expect, such as Low

    TrueCar.com, an automotive information website, conducted a study of the most popular vehicles in the most affluent zip codes. Check out what they found.

  • Inside a Top Pension's Portfolio     Friday, 10 Aug 2012 | 8:04 AM ET

    Ash Williams, SBA executive director & CIO, reveals how the nation's fourth-largest pension fund is putting its money to work in Florida.