• In a Global Economy Can You Trust Your Gut? Wednesday, 15 Jun 2011 | 12:07 PM ET

    Your success in today’s world is directly connected to your ability to work effectively in a variety of different cultures. But a lot of the conventional wisdom about cross-cultural effectiveness is based upon myth and anecdote more than evidence-based research.

  • "The Boss" nametag

    Over the past eight years we’ve found that planning before day one on the job is one of the crucial factors that reduces the rate of failure from 40 percent to below 10 percent.

  • Are You a Boss or a Leader? Friday, 10 Jun 2011 | 9:43 AM ET

    "There are too many bosses, but too few leaders around. While most organizations offer leadership training, it’s usually formulaic, and based on competency models and copy-cat role plays. To turn bosses into leaders, we must rethink our approach to leadership development," the author writes.

  • Top 10 Career-Ending Mistakes and How to Fix Them Thursday, 9 Jun 2011 | 12:15 PM ET

    There’s no shortage of people waiting to take your job, so developing and maintaining a good relationship with your boss is more important than ever. It can determine your future as an employee. So what do you do when you make a potential career-ending mistake with your boss?

  • When Caught Don't be a "Weiner" Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | 1:54 PM ET

    You're probably not sending photos of yourself, in your underwear, to strangers in Seattle, as a US Congressman admitted doing the other day. It was "part of a joke," he said. But have you ever said or done something offensive? And then, when people reacted negatively, claimed, "I was just joking."

  • In an international environment, many economists and companies think they can organize their companies as they did in the US. In reality, the international market consists of approximately 180 different countries and you have to think uniquely toward each of them. You can’t “export America” to them all.

  • Sanford: What Kind of Incentives Work? Tuesday, 31 May 2011 | 11:05 AM ET

    The belief in incentives has been hard to erode, mainly because they actually do work for one very specific kind of task: simple and short-term. Incentives do not work for complex projects and strategies that require longer term thinking, the kind that increasingly challenge business leadership

  • When Leading — Find Your Voice Thursday, 26 May 2011 | 2:25 PM ET

    If you're an executive pitching a business plan to other seasoned executives, what determines the outcome? And if you're a surgeon, what determines if you get sued? Often, it's your voice.

  • How To Catch A Recruiter’s Attention Tuesday, 24 May 2011 | 11:28 AM ET

    I recently coached a senior executive looking for a C-level job at a start-up. Clearly, he couldn’t just apply for one but had to be tapped.

  • Is Your Empathy Killing Your Career? Tuesday, 17 May 2011 | 11:11 AM ET

    "Empathy, altruism, and caring for others has become the mantra of modern American culture, but as the Greg Mortenson scandal over his three cups of deceit has revealed—empathy has a dark side that has remained unexplored," writes this author who says what's needed now is less empathy.

  • Touchpoints

    "TouchPoint leadership is not about running faster, working longer, or wringing more productivity out of every waking minute. It’s about being present in the moment and feeling confident that you can deal with whatever happens in a way that is helpful to others and, by extension, to yourself and your organization," the authors write.

  • 4½ Mistakes When Negotiating Something Big Thursday, 12 May 2011 | 10:40 AM ET

    Last week, my wife and I bought a house near Boston. The negotiations lasted a week, then ended badly. Let's talk mistakes.

  • How to Survive and Thrive From Information Overload Wednesday, 11 May 2011 | 9:46 AM ET

    Without a general sense of purpose and goals, you won’t know what ideas you're hunting for, and you'll be defenseless against the demons of information overload.

  • "Your days can get filled with back-to-back meetings that leave little time to do what’s considered the purposeful, productive aspects of your actual job," writes the author who suggests three creative ways to blow off those meetings without blowing up your job.

  • The World's Hardest Working Nations Tuesday, 3 May 2011 | 12:27 PM ET
    Which countries are among the world's busiest and hard est -working nations?  latest Society at a Glance survey investigated the number of hours the population of its member countries spent in both paid and unpaid work (whether at working at home or in voluntary work), as well as how much time people spent in leisure activities. It also looked at a number of emerging market countries including India, South Africa and China. While you may assume you know which countries have the ‘work ethic , ’ t

    While you may have an idea of the countries that have the strongest ‘work ethic,’ the results may surprise you.

  • How to Turn Your Staff of Losers Into Winners Tuesday, 3 May 2011 | 9:33 AM ET
    Bare Knuckle People Management

    "What began as a legitimate effort to soften managers’ rough edges has morphed into a game of patty-cake in which the winner is whoever doles out the most warm fuzzies," writes the authors who say what's needed now is the "Bare Knuckle" approach.

  • Social Networking Sites Find a Chinese Face Monday, 2 May 2011 | 6:30 AM ET

    U.S.-based Facebook, which counts nearly 700 million users worldwide and has a market value estimated at more than US$ 85 billion, is challenging the Chinese dreamers on their home turf, according to Caixin.

  • Turning Your Ideas Into Great Results: New Book Thursday, 28 Apr 2011 | 12:56 PM ET
    Making It Happen

    The ‘back of a business card’ idea is akin to the elevator pitch. You need to be able to quickly and clearly communicate your value in a way that people can easily understand you, your idea and what you want to sell, according to the author.

  • When Managing — Less is More Thursday, 28 Apr 2011 | 10:53 AM ET

    You already know the value of a preview (tell them what you're going to tell them), and a review (tell them what you've told them), although it's shocking how seldom we use these tools. Here's something different: Tell them what you're NOT going to tell them.

  • Asia Starved of Finance Professionals: Robert Half Sunday, 24 Apr 2011 | 7:41 PM ET

    There may be no better time to look for a job in Asia Pacific's financial sector than now as employers are on a hiring spree, according to the latest survey from recruitment firm Robert Half.

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