• If You're Thinking About Starting Over Thursday, 26 Feb 2009 | 5:01 PM ET

    Whether driven by layoffs, the desire for more meaningful work or a general sense of, well, blah, about their careers, a growing number of US workers are making the midcareer switch.

  • Green Jobs Are Coming, But What's A Green Job, Anyway? Thursday, 26 Feb 2009 | 2:46 PM ET
    Winemaker Greg Allen walks between floating solar panels on a pond behind the Far Niente winery in Oakville, Calif. The winery is trying out a new approach in the volts-for-vines tradeoff, saving vineyard space by floating solar panels on a pond that recycles water left over from the winemaking process. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

    Everyone—including President Obama—is talking about green-collar jobs. But there is still no consensus of what a green job is.

  • Degrees in Most Demand Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009 | 12:18 PM ET
    College students graduating this year will feel the effects of the economic crisis in the job market. A survey conducted by the  found that employers plan to increase their college hiring by just 1.3 percent this year over 2008, the least in six years. Take a look at which degrees have the most drawing power in the job market, according to the NACE.

    College students graduating this year will feel the effects of the economic crisis in the job market. Take a look at which degrees have the most drawing power in the job market.

  • Four Phrases That Deserve to Be Retired Tuesday, 3 Feb 2009 | 1:58 PM ET

    The economic crisis has made these phrases completely irrelevant in the American workplace.

  • Super Bowl May Mean Gold For Ed McMahon And MC Hammer Thursday, 29 Jan 2009 | 11:10 AM ET
    MC Hammer and Ed McMahon

    We think the site that can cash in most is Cash4Gold.com, which announced today that they will have a national spot featuring Ed McMahon and MC Hammer, who have obviously had their share of financial problems.

  • Attention Class of 2009—Don't Graduate! Friday, 9 Jan 2009 | 4:56 PM ET

    If you happen to be a member of the class of 2009, I've got some important advice for you. Don't graduate... at least, not this year.

  • 6 Job-Hunting Tips From the 'Sandwich Board' Guy Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009 | 11:09 AM ET

    The unemployed investment banker who slapped a sandwich board over his suit to look for work has finally found a job. He shares tips for others after his year-long search.

  • Hot Jobs, Cold Economy Friday, 12 Dec 2008 | 11:24 AM ET
    Despite all the layoffs, there's work to be had in the world of business and finance. Northeastern University’s College of Business Administration lists ten jobs that are still in demand by employers, based on hiring trends and feedback from recruiters. Check out where you might be able to land a job.

    Despite all the layoffs, there's work to be had in the world of business and finance. Check out where you might be able to land a job.

  • New York City Job Losses Creep Beyond Wall Street Friday, 12 Dec 2008 | 11:04 AM ET

    Well-paid professionals like lawyers, accountants and architects are joining the rapidly expanding unemployment rolls in New York City, as the effects of the financial crisis have spread beyond Wall Street not only to other white-collar industries but also to the construction and retail trades, the N ew York Times reports.

  • Is an MBA Worth It? Monday, 17 Nov 2008 | 12:16 PM ET

    As the economic environment continues to soften, many young professionals are contemplating returning to graduate school so they can "take shelter" during the downturn and be set to reenter the workforce as the job market turns around a couple of years from now.  Where they choose to go to school, may have a huge impact on their strategy.

  • Some Companies Are Still Hiring: Monster CEO Monday, 10 Nov 2008 | 2:19 PM ET

    Layoffs have dominated the news this past few months, but there are some companies and sectors that are still hiring during this down turn said Monster Worldwide spacer CEO Salvatore Iannuzzi.

  • Riskiest Jobs Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008 | 2:12 PM ET
    Job seekers line up to interview with companies at the 4th Annual Asian Diversity Career Expo at New York's Madison Square Garden Friday May 6, 2005. Employers ramped up hiring in April, adding 274,000 jobs, enough to hold the nation's jobless rate at 5.2 percent. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

    The weak economy has meant layoffs for many industries. But just how safe is your job? Take a look at these industries and workers, who are more vulnerable to layoffs than others.

  • Business Schools Prepare For A New Wall Street Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008 | 12:04 PM ET

    As Wall Street tries to survive the credit crunch, business schools are planning their own rescue plans: tinkering with their curricula and preparing students for a different job landscape

  • Eight Ways To Prepare For A Layoff Thursday, 18 Sep 2008 | 5:13 AM ET

    While it's soon to say how workers will fare at Lehman Brothers  and Merrill Lynch, corporate layoffs are likely to top a million for the first time in years. Given the long arm of the credit crunch and the slowing economy,  few of us seem protected from layoffs, you might want to prepare for the worse. Here's some tips.

  • The Headhunter Always Rings Twice Thursday, 11 Sep 2008 | 10:55 AM ET

    You’ve been making boatloads of money trading derivatives for a bulge bracket investment bank in New York. You’re happy with your job, and your employer is happy with you (because you’ve making them boatloads of money).

  • Blogging And The CEO Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008 | 2:35 PM ET

    The blogging CEO is not a new creature in the internet landscape – some members of the blogging CEO club have diligently posted since the days of the dot-com bust.

  • Life After Wall Street: Planning Your Next Move Friday, 8 Aug 2008 | 12:28 PM ET

    More than 80,000 people have been laid off from Wall Street, and the buzz is that another round of pink slips is on the way. If you’re one of those newly evicted from the Street, what’s your next career move?

  • Hillcrest Estate Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008 | 4:18 PM ET

    This Greenwich, Conn., home, previously priced at more than $31 million, will go on sale in a sealed-bid auction. We take you inside the grand home.

  • 10 Recession-Proof Jobs Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008 | 11:27 AM ET
    Despite a slowing economy and layoffs in many idustries, certain professions remain in high demand and are expected to weather a recession  better than others.  Take a look at these  ten  recession-proof jobs, according to job site jobfox.com. 

    Despite a slowing economy and layoffs in many industries, certain professions remain in high demand.

  • Who's Hiring New College Grads? Find Out Here Thursday, 22 May 2008 | 12:24 PM ET

    The job market may be getting tough,  but these companies are hiring  more entry-level workers than a year ago.

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