• Stay away from Twitter, financial advisors say Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 7:30 PM ET

    Stay away from Twitter stock is the message to clients from a group of select financial advisors polled by CNBC.

  • Tesla plunges on disappointing earnings   Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 12:30 PM ET
    Tesla plunges on disappointing earnings

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau breaks down the stock story and business case with Tesla after reporting disappointing earnings.

  • Underwriters aim to price Twitter at $27   Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 12:09 PM ET
    Underwriters aim to price Twitter at $27

    CNBC's Kate Kelly reports underwriters are aiming to price Twitter at $27/share if current market momentum continues through the closing bell.

  • Pulse of the IPO market   Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 11:23 AM ET
    Pulse of the IPO market

    Cotter Cunningham, Retailmenot CEO, discusses the difference between being part of a public company as opposed to a private.

  • Twitter: Buy into the dream   Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 9:03 AM ET
    Twitter: Buy into the dream

    The "Squawk on the Street" team discusses the trajectory of the Twitter IPO and justification of the price target. CNBC's Jim Cramer says he would buy and flip it.

  • Cramer's stocks to watch: TWTR & TSLA   Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 8:50 AM ET
    Cramer's stocks to watch: TWTR & TSLA

    CNBC's Jim Cramer weighs in on the Twitter IPO and Tesla's earnings report.

  • Twitter: The tale of two markets   Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 8:47 AM ET
    Twitter: The tale of two markets

    CNBC's Kayla Tausche discusses the favorable market conditions Twitter will enter compared with those that Facebook confronted.

  • Twitter: What to expect   Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 8:03 AM ET
    Twitter: What to expect

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin details what to expect from the Twitter IPO and explains the company's plan to expand aggressively into video and compete against the likes of Hulu and YouTube.

  • What should Twitter do with IPO money?   Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 5:50 AM ET
    What should Twitter do with IPO money?

    Eileen Burbidge, partner at Passion Capital, says Twitter should use its IPO money to acquire some "advertising tech" and that it¿ll be under scrutiny regarding its international strategy.

  • Twitter share price to quickly double   Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013 | 4:45 AM ET
    Twitter share price to quickly double

    Alastair McCaig, market strategist at IG, says the "grey market" expects Twitter's shares to reach $44 on the first day of trading due to a "pretty healthy appetite from investors".

  • Hong Kong exchange receives three debutantes   Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013 | 8:29 PM ET
    Hong Kong exchange receives three debutantes

    Bank of Chongqing is one of three new listings in Hong Kong Wednesday. CNBC's Emily Tan and Bernie Lo discuss what the recent surge of IPO activity means.

  • Are tech stocks too hot right now?   Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013 | 5:45 PM ET
    Are we going to see a repeat of 90's tech bubble?

    Jay Ritter, Professor of Finance at University of Florida describes the big difference between today's social media firms going public versus the 90's Internet bubble.

  • Is Twitter a risky investment?   Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013 | 4:19 PM ET
    Is Twitter a risky investment?

    CNBC's Kayla Tausche reveals risks and rewards to keep in mind while investing in the highly anticipated IPO.

  • CRT: Twitter is a $40 stock   Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013 | 2:34 PM ET
    CRT: Twitter is a $40 stock

    The Twitter IPO price range was raised from $23 to $25. Neil Doshi of CRT Capital, has initiated coverage on Twitter with a "buy." "We think Twitter could be one of the most interesting IPOs in a long time," he says.

  • Twitter: Risk vs. reward   Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013 | 1:18 PM ET
    Twitter: Risk vs. reward

    Is Twitter a risky investment? CNBC's Kayla Tausche reveals what red flags to look out for when investing.

  • Advice for Twitter: Pro   Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013 | 10:40 AM ET
    Advice for Twitter: Pro

    Stephan Paternot, Slated co-founder and chairman, shares his experience of going public with TheGlobe.com. He also compares the difference between going public now compared to back in the '90s.

  • It's almost Twitter IPO time   Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013 | 9:06 AM ET
    It's almost Twitter IPO time

    The "Squawk on the Street" team discusses where the Twitter IPO will price and if it's priced for perfection?

  • Twitter has its act together: Pro   Monday, 4 Nov 2013 | 9:51 PM ET
    Twitter has its act together: Pro

    King Lip, Chief Investment Officer of Baker Avenue Asset Management tells CNBC's Cash Flow why he thinks Twitter will be a good long term trade.

  • Twitter raises the stakes   Monday, 4 Nov 2013 | 4:14 PM ET
    Twitter raises the stakes

    Twitter has raised its price target ahead of its expected IPO Thursday. CNBC's Kayla Tausche reports on skepticism investors are feeling about the social media giant.

  • Twitter to close IPO books early on strong demand Monday, 4 Nov 2013 | 11:36 AM ET
    The Twitter Inc. logo is displayed on the company's preliminary prospectus.

    Twitter is set to close the books on its $1.75 billion initial public offering a day earlier than scheduled amid strong investor demand for shares.