• Industrial Production Down 0.5% in April   Wednesday, 15 May 2013 | 9:15 AM ET
    Industrial Production Down 0.5% in April

    CNBC's Rick Santelli breaks down the numbers on last month's production in mining, manufacturing and public utilities.

  • Dreamliners Coming Back After 4-Month Grounding Tuesday, 14 May 2013 | 6:39 PM ET

    Following the Dreamliner's grounding on safety issues, the delivery of the first jet with a new battery system marks a turning point in Boeing's 787 crisis.

  • After Tragedy, Wal-Mart Enhances Safety Standards Tuesday, 14 May 2013 | 5:58 PM ET
    Rescuers at the scene after the Bangladesh building collapse in April.

    Wal-Mart said that it will conduct inspections at its factories in Bangladesh and make the findings public, as pressure mounts on retailers after a deadly building collapse.

  • Retailers Sign Bangladesh Factory Safety Agreement Monday, 13 May 2013 | 10:23 AM ET

    The world's two biggest fashion retailers backed an accord aimed at preventing a repeat of last month's collapse of a Bangladesh factory building.

  • Taiwan's Tech Sector Runs Into Serious Trouble Sunday, 12 May 2013 | 10:03 PM ET
    Taipei, Taiwan

    Fostering innovation has become a mantra among corporate leaders and government officials alike in Taiwan this year this year because the island's huge consumer electronics industry has run into serious trouble. The New York Times reports.

  • 10 Hardware Companies Hot With VCs Friday, 10 May 2013 | 8:38 AM ET

    While hardware companies were once considered too risky to invest in, advancements in technology have made the space much more appealing.

  • Forget Software, Hardware Is Next Big Tech Trend Thursday, 9 May 2013 | 8:01 AM ET

    Hardware startups are on the rise and are getting serious attention from venture capitalists looking to place bets.

  • Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S Among Best Reviewed Thursday, 9 May 2013 | 6:00 AM ET
    Tesla Model S

    Consumer Reports, the independent firm which rates new cars and trucks, says the Tesla Model S performs better, or at least as well as, any other vehicle CR has ever driven.

  • Nokia Unveils New $99 Smartphone Thursday, 9 May 2013 | 3:40 AM ET
    A resident speaks on a Nokia Asha mobile phone on a street in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Nokia unveiled a new mid-range Asha phone priced at $99, aiming to prevent consumers, particularly in emerging markets, from switching to Google's Android as they upgrade from basic phones.

  • Toyota Quarterly Profit Up 159% to Over $3 Billion Wednesday, 8 May 2013 | 2:13 AM ET

    Toyota Motor more than doubled its fourth quarter net profit, as the yen's depreciation helped the automaker export more profitably.

  • The Competitiveness of America's Workforce   Thursday, 9 May 2013 | 7:45 PM ET
    The Competitiveness of America's Workforce

    Deborah Wince-Smith, President & CEO of the U.S. Council on Competitiveness is very optimistic about the competitiveness of America's workforce. She says talent-driven innovation is the most important driver of competitiveness going forward.

  • China's Foxconn Looks for Life Beyond iPhone Tuesday, 7 May 2013 | 2:34 AM ET
    Foxconn Admits Employing 14-Year-Old Interns

    Now Foxconn, a potent symbol of the perks and perils of globalization, is taking a step that, not all that long ago, would have seemed unthinkable. The New York Times reports.

  • New Tech That Could Change Everything Monday, 6 May 2013 | 6:29 AM ET
    A MakerBot 3-D printer prints Nokia cellphone cases.

    There's little doubt that the 20th century was full of breakthroughs that changed history. But the 21st century could go a step further, according to Citi.

  • The Next Solar Power Boom Is Coming: Citi Tuesday, 7 May 2013 | 4:18 PM ET
    Construction workers install SunPower tiles on homes in San Ramon, Calif.

    Though investors are abandoning solar manufacturing, the solar game is far from over, with the next boom expected in storage, one analyst says.

  • Ferrari: Slump or Strength?   Wednesday, 8 May 2013 | 2:58 PM ET
    Ferrari: Slump or Strength?

    Ferrari chairman says the company will build only 7,000 cars this year, down from 7,300 in 2012, reports CNBC's Robert Frank.

  • Schumer: 3D Gun Printing Should Be a Crime   Monday, 6 May 2013 | 2:40 PM ET
    Sen. Chuck Schumer

    The first shot has been fired from a gun made by a 3D printer. NY Sen. Chuck Schumer said gun printing should be crime.

  • Chevy Gets in Luxury Pickup Race With Silverado Monday, 6 May 2013 | 11:00 AM ET
    A 2014 Chevy Silverado at the 105th Annual Chicago Auto Show.

    After years of ignoring the luxury pick-up market, the folks running Chevrolet have had a change of heart. The company is extending its pick-up lineup with the new Silverado High Country.

  • Trouble Brewing: German Business Activity Contracts Monday, 6 May 2013 | 4:09 AM ET

    The euro zone's business downturn dragged on in April, suggesting the region may be falling deeper into recession this quarter, business surveys showed on Monday.

  • Why Apple's Iron Grip on Accessories Is Slipping Sunday, 5 May 2013 | 7:07 PM ET

    Manufacturers are gravitating toward wireless connections for Apple’s products, which is helping the market for competitors’ mobile devices.

  • Weakness in Manufacturing   Friday, 3 May 2013 | 1:41 PM ET
    Weakness in Manufacturing

    The U.S. manufacturing sector added no jobs in April, with CNBC's Phil LeBeau.