Bank of Japan


  • Reasons to Believe 'Sell in May' Might Turn to Buying Tuesday, 26 Mar 2013 | 9:40 AM ET
    Trader on the floor of the NYSE

    One firm believes there are reasons to take the other side of the "Sell in May" trade, making the case against selling now.

  • Japan-EU Trade Pact Supports Abenomics   Monday, 25 Mar 2013 | 9:50 PM ET
    Japan-EU Trade Pact Supports Abenomics: Pro

    Ed Rogers, CEO & CIO, Rogers Investment Advisors explains how Japan's free trade agreement with the European Union is part of Prime Minister Abe's strategy to revive the economy.

  • More Than Easing Needed to Make Tokyo Stocks a Buy   Thursday, 21 Mar 2013 | 9:15 PM ET
    Buying Tokyo Stocks Will Take More Than Easing

    Eric Sprott, CEO at Sprott Asset Management explains why promises of money printing by the Bank of Japan's new leadership isn't enough reason to buy Japanese stocks.

  • Crude Oil Falls, but Traders Remain Bullish Thursday, 21 Mar 2013 | 2:36 PM ET
    oil barrels

    Crude oil fell on Thursday, yet some traders saw it as a bullish sign that black gold wasn't trading at a lower level.

  • Funds From Japan Move Into Europe & EM   Wednesday, 20 Mar 2013 | 11:25 PM ET
    Investors Put Their Money in Europe & EM on Expectations of BoJ Stimulus

    Andre De Silva, Head of Asia-Pacific Rates at HSBC Global Research says significant flows from Japan's private sector investors towards Europe & EM have been detected.

  • 'Don't Disappoint:' The Message for Kuroda   Wednesday, 20 Mar 2013 | 7:30 PM ET

    Sebastien Galy of Societe Generale says new BOJ governor Haruhiko Kuroda doesn't necessarily need to come out with guns blazing; he just needs to stabilize markets.

  • New BOJ Head Poised to Lead Regime Change Wednesday, 20 Mar 2013 | 7:09 PM ET
    Haruhiko Kuroda

    Haruhiko Kuroda has long been frustrated with Japan's poor economic performance. Now, as the Bank of Japan's new governor, he can do something about it.

  • Haruhiko Kuroda

    Stocks did nothing for the first 10 minutes or so after the Fed announcement, but after that the Dow suddenly shot up almost 40 points, while bonds remained unchanged. The new head of the BOJ is scheduled to hold his first press conference tomorrow.

  • A Change of Guard at the Bank of Japan   Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 9:22 PM ET
    A Change of Guard at the Bank of Japan

    Masayuki Kichikawa, MD & Chief Japan Economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch explains why the central bank's new chief will satisfy market expectations of radical stimulus.

  • 'Abenomics’ Is Going to Fail: Mr. Yen Thursday, 14 Mar 2013 | 9:40 PM ET

    "Abenomics" will not be able to achieve the two percent inflation target in Japan, Eisuke Sakakibara, former vice finance minister of Japan told CNBC on Friday.

  • Dollar Lifts, Aussie Jumps, and Yen Dips Thursday, 14 Mar 2013 | 8:07 AM ET

    Economic data boosts the buck, a jobs report sends the Australian dollar higher, and the yen dips as Bank of Japan nominees clear a hurdle - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Sequester?   Tuesday, 12 Mar 2013 | 10:12 PM ET
    Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Sequester?

    Geoff Lewis, Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management says that the U.S. sequester no longer frightens investors. He also discusses the implications of not resolving the sequestration.

  • Bullish on Japan's New Administration: Pro   Monday, 11 Mar 2013 | 10:13 PM ET
    Bullish on Japan's New Administration: Pro

    Jonathan Pain, Author, 'The Pain Report' believes Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's determination to end deflation will send dollar-yen to 100 by 2013 and see an economic pick-up in the next 6 months.

  • What the BOJ Needs to Do to Fix the Economy   Monday, 11 Mar 2013 | 8:35 PM ET
    Will the Bank of Japan Actually Save Economy?

    Paul Krake, author of market commentary View from the Peak: Macro Strategies, and Jorge Mariscal, Regional CIO of Emerging Markets at UBS, discuss what the Japanese central bank must do to support the market rally.

  • Copper futures traded lower Monday following disappointing data out of China, but pro trader Jim Iuorio thinks it's still worth trading.

  • BOJ Nominee Vows Action as Data Disappoint Monday, 11 Mar 2013 | 1:53 AM ET
    Haruhiko Kuroda

    The Japan government's choice to lead the country's central bank promised on Monday to move quickly to implement fresh monetary stimulus to lift the struggling economy.

  • Yen Traders, Watch Out for a Correction!   Sunday, 10 Mar 2013 | 6:20 PM ET
    Yen Traders, Watch Out for a Correction!

    Simon Warner, Head of Macro Markets at AMP Capital, says the Japanese yen is could see a short-term bounce in March, but then will continue to weaken through to the second half of 2013.

  • Japan Needs Fiscal Stimulus: Economist Friday, 8 Mar 2013 | 8:52 AM ET

    Japan will have to make "huge" efforts to get its economy moving again, and the process could take years.

  • Yen Could Hit 102 By Year-End: Expert   Thursday, 7 Mar 2013 | 10:13 PM ET
    Yen Could Hit 102 By Year-End: Expert

    John Vail, Chief Global Strategist, Investment Strategy Group at Nikko Asset Management believes more weakness is in store for the yen but says everything depends on how much stimulus the Bank of Japan can deliver.

  • Why Japanese Easing is 'a Given'   Thursday, 7 Mar 2013 | 11:10 AM ET
    Why Japanese Easing is 'a Given'

    Chris Scicluna, head of economic research at Daiwa Capital Markets, tells CNBC that it's almost a given that Japan's new central bank governor will introduce more easing through open ended asset purchases.