Regional Banks


  • Trading Australian Banks     Sunday, 18 Sep 2011 | 10:20 PM ET

    Peter Esho, Chief Market Analyst at City Index, recommends going long on CBA and short on NAB over the next few weeks.

  • Asian Banks Shielded From EU Debt Crisis     Sunday, 18 Sep 2011 | 9:40 PM ET

    John Wadle, Head of Regional Banks Research at Mirae Asset Securities, explains why Asia-focused lender Standard Chartered may actually benefit from the turmoil in Europe.

  • Ghizzoni Prepares 'Serious' Plan for UniCredit Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011 | 12:15 AM ET

    "I've no regrets." Federico Ghizzoni, chief executive of UniCredit, told the FT after his first year in the top job at Italy's largest bank by assets.

  • Bullish on Asian Lenders     Monday, 12 Sep 2011 | 10:00 PM ET

    Lorraine Tan, Vice President at Standard & Poor's Equity Research, likes Asian banks that are well managed on the capital front, along with energy & port operators.

  • BNY Mellon CEO Quits Amid Management Disagreements Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 6:39 PM ET
    Bank of New York Mellon

    The CEO of BNY Mellon, the nation's sixth-largest bank, is stepping down due to disagreements over how to run the company.  The current president was named as the new CEO.

  • Netflix Rallies Ahead of Price Change     Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 12:45 PM ET

    The Fast Money traders weigh in on a trade on Joy Global; Tony Wible, Janney Montgomery Scott provides insight on Netflix's new payment plans, and CNBC's Jon Fortt has the details on Facebook's music service announcement.

  • French Bank Confident Despite Market 'Irrationality' Thursday, 25 Aug 2011 | 3:54 AM ET

    The boss of Credit Agricole, France’s number three bank, is confident despite what he describes huge “market irrationality.”

  • Latin American Banks Cozy Up to Asia Amid Turmoil Wednesday, 24 Aug 2011 | 11:40 AM ET
    Banco Pine Headquarters, Brazil

    Market turmoil in Europe and the U.S. may have made financial institutions in Asia—particularly China—even more attractive sources of credit for Latin American banks.

  • Does Merkel Need a 'Lehman Crisis' to Save Euro? Wednesday, 24 Aug 2011 | 5:09 AM ET
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    The idea that Paulson needed a crisis in order to solve a bigger crisis could be seen by some as a post-game rationalization by the former official, but it raises some interesting questions for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Europe's ongoing sovereign debt crisis.

  • Banks Tank: Time to Buy?     Thursday, 18 Aug 2011 | 2:40 PM ET

    Although the entire banking sector is taking it on the chin, there may be investment opportunities in financials. Jeffery Harte, Sandler O'Neill weighs in.

  • The Pulse of Community Banks     Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 | 3:39 PM ET

    CNBC's Mary Thompson reports on the health of regional banks.

  • Big Comeback for Smaller Banks     Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 | 9:39 AM ET

    CNBC's Mary Thompson has the details on the health of community banking in America.

  • First Niagara Branches Out     Monday, 1 Aug 2011 | 3:14 PM ET

    Discussing the risks and rewards of acquiring HSBC branches, with John Koelmel, First Niagara president/CEO.

  • Regional Banks Profit on Consolidation     Monday, 1 Aug 2011 | 12:15 PM ET

    CNBC's Mary Thompson reports on the growing power of regional banks, and a look at profitable Canadian banks, with John Taft, RBC U.S. Wealth Management CEO.

  • Halftime: A Warning Sign in the Financials? Wednesday, 6 Jul 2011 | 1:44 PM ET

    With the XLF exchange traded fund making a series of lower highs, the Fast traders weigh in on what it means and where they would put their money.

  • Distressed corporate debt represents an excellent opportunity for investors as political and economic uncertainty rattles global bond markets and small and medium sized businesses struggle to raise capital, Jon Macintosh, manager at closed-ended investment company Acencia Debt Strategies told CNBC.

  • Extra Bank Capital Means 'Global Recession': Bove Monday, 27 Jun 2011 | 2:52 AM ET

    New capital requirements proposed by global regulators demanding that the biggest banks hold extra capital by 2019 will bring about a new recession, Rochdale's vice-president for equity research Dick Bove wrote in a weekend market note.

  • Playing the Regional Banks     Tuesday, 7 Jun 2011 | 10:09 AM ET

    Discussing what the new financial regulations will mean for regional banks, with Brian Foran, Nomura Securities and CNBC's Kayla Tausche.

  • Big Money In Regional Banks     Tuesday, 31 May 2011 | 4:38 PM ET

    Mariner Kemper, UMB Financial chairman/CEO shares his company's winning strategy and plans for future growth.

  • A Bank Stock Worth Banking On? Wednesday, 18 May 2011 | 6:47 PM ET

    To find out, Cramer interview this financial institution's CEO.