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  • Chrysler, GM In Talks To Develop Large SUV: Report Thursday, 15 Feb 2007 | 12:06 PM ET

    DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group and General Motors are in talks to jointly develop a large SUV like the Chevrolet Suburban, which Chrysler doesn't have in its current lineup, according to a report in Wall Street Journal.

  • Michelin Reports 36% Drop in 2006 Net Profit Thursday, 15 Feb 2007 | 11:27 AM ET

    French tyre maker Michelin said Thursday that net profit for 2006 fell 36% from a year earlier, squeezed by restructuring charges and high raw material costs.

  • Toyota Surges as European Car Sales Rise in January Thursday, 15 Feb 2007 | 4:57 AM ET

    Japan's Toyota Motor boosted European car sales by more than a fifth in January, overtaking DaimlerChrysler and helping the overall market edge up 1.1 percent, industry data showed on Thursday.

  • Mercedes

    DaimlerChrysler will cut 13,000 jobs at its Chrysler operation in North America and indicated it could sell or spin off the money-losing unit, which would unwind a troubled 9-year-old merger between Chrysler and Mercedes.

  • General Motors declined comment on the report, which said the parties are working on it "at full speed."

  • A potential merger could see four major car rental brands, National, Alamo, Thrifty and Dollar combine in a deal worth $3 billion, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

  • Second-Hand Car Maker for Sale? Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007 | 11:13 AM ET

    Selling Chrysler “is not like selling a used car,” said Michael Robinet, Vice President at Global Vehicle Forecasts, to “Morning Call,” and you can see his point in more ways than one. Any automaker that can call itself no. 5 in America can hardly be ready for the scrap heap.

  • Can Chrysler and Mercedes Finally Fall in Love? Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007 | 10:12 AM ET

    Like a third-grade boy forced to hand out Valentine's Day cards to the little girls in his class he would rather not acknowledge, Chrysler and Mercedes are going to see if they can finally get together. My opinion: It won't work unless both the Americans and Germans change their attitudes.

  • GM -- Yes, That GM -- Is "Exciting" Again Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007 | 4:34 PM ET

    No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: General Motors is "exciting."  The turnaround in the automaker's status comes courtesy of Merrill Lynch, which kicked GM's rating up two notches, from "sell" to "buy." Two industry-watchers joined "Closing Bell" to explain why.

  • Is GM Really Worth Buying? Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007 | 2:11 PM ET
    General Motors

    As I woke in Detroit after flying in from New York this morning, I saw the story on "Squawk Box," - another Wall St. firm had raised GM to a buy rating. Why? Primarily on the idea that GM's 17 billion surplus on It's pension wil give it the leverage needed to strike a better deal with the uaw regarding retiree healthcare costs.

  • Volkswagen says Protected From Takeovers Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007 | 5:49 AM ET

    A senior adviser to the European Union's highest court said Tuesday the German government is excessively protecting automaker Volkswagen AG, preventing any takeover of the business.

  • Honda to Recall 45,335 Civic Hybrids Worldwide Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007 | 3:43 AM ET

    Honda Motor said on Tuesday it would recall 45,335 Civic hybrid cars globally to fix a faulty voltage converter that could cause a short circuit and stop the engine.

  • Mercedes "S" class: The "S" is for Sizzling Friday, 9 Feb 2007 | 11:44 AM ET

    Stylish, smokin', sensational sales. Pardon the alliteration, but it seemed the best way to characterize Mercedes "S" class. This luxury car is red hot. According to the Power Information Network, the "S" was one of the most popular leased vehicles in January. And on the sale side, the average "S" stays on dealer lots just 18 days. Making it one of the 10 fastest selling cars of the month.

  • Auto parts maker Lear said it had accepted a $2.31 billion buyout offer from billionaire investor Carl Icahn, but also said it could solicit alternate proposals for 45 days.

  • Chrysler Revamp Details to Eclipse Daimler Results Friday, 9 Feb 2007 | 6:17 AM ET

    DaimlerChrysler unveils its latest restructuring plan for ailing U.S. arm Chrysler on Wednesday, almost six years to the day after its first try at shoring up profits from across the Atlantic.

  • Lear Is Silent on Specifics of Trade Halt Thursday, 8 Feb 2007 | 11:37 PM ET

    U.S. auto parts maker Lear, which has received a $2.31 billion buyout offer from activist investor Carl Icahn, remained mum on the reasons behind a long trading halt in its shares  Thursday.

  • Toyota Cutting Labor Costs? Probably Not Thursday, 8 Feb 2007 | 4:34 PM ET

    Today at the Chicago Economic Club, Jim Press, the highest ranking American member of Toyota's executive corps caused a bit of stir, when he said the Japanese automaker would like to cut labor costs without cutting wages.  Though vague, the comment has investors wondering if Toyota is talking tough on labor -- and if this is a sign of problems for the folks that make the Camry.

  • Is it gut-check time for Ghosn? You bet! Thursday, 8 Feb 2007 | 12:13 PM ET

    If you woke up early this morning and saw the wire reports out of France, you would have seen the latest earnings and comments from the man who many consider to be the best CEO in the auto industry - Carlos Ghosn. The CEO's two company's just posted awful quarterly earnings. Renault down 15% and Nissan down 23% ... Is it gut-check time for Ghosn? You bet.

  • Renault Says 2006 Profit Fell on Weak Sales Thursday, 8 Feb 2007 | 3:56 AM ET

    Renault SA said Thursday its net profit fell 14.8% in 2006, weighed down by falling sales in Europe, but predicted an upturn in profitability when it launches new models in the second half of this year.

  • Chicago Showdown: GM, Chrysler Take On Tundra Wednesday, 7 Feb 2007 | 2:21 PM ET

    The Tundra truck -- Toyota Motor’s postmodern combo of blue-collar ruggedness and advanced electronics -- goes on sale this week.   How will top automakers confront the competition? That’s one question that drew CNBC’s Phil LeBeau to the Chicago Auto Show.