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  • "I think the German PMI announcement will have an impact on spread widening, because investors will see it as an indication that the world is slowing, Germany is slowing, and in general, risk is increasing," Adrian Schmidt, FX strategist at Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets, told CNBC.

  • "For the Swiss franc to look like an attractive funding currency again when it is in competition with so many other currencies at the moment we would need to see....direct intervention on the part of the Swiss National Bank," Adam Cole, head of currency strategy, RBC. He added that he did not expect much in the way of dovish comments from Fed chairman Ben Bernanke when he speaks on Friday.

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    Reading Fedspeak has never been easy, but these tips might help you weigh the odds of another round of pain for the dollar - er, quantitative easing. 

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    Francisco Solar, Senior Dealer at Easy Forex, Asia Pacific says QE3 would boost investor sentiment.

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    The “Euro bond” solution to the euro zone’s sovereign debt problems appears to be an idea whose time has come, Moorad Choudhry writes.

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