Earnings Surprises


  • Alcoa Earnings & Low Expectations Trades     Monday, 9 Jan 2012 | 5:00 PM ET

    The Fast Money traders with the trade on Liz Claiborne, Alcoa's earnings, and stocks set to pop, despite low expectations.

  • "There's an old rule of thumb that the more negative you are going into earnings season...the more it allows for positive surprises and money to go in the market," says one market strategist.

  • Earnings vs. Free Cash Flow     Monday, 28 Nov 2011 | 2:22 PM ET

    Free cash flow tends to be the best predictor for growth companies whereas earnings are better for mature companies, with CNBC's Herb Greenberg.

  • Disney's Iger on Q4 Results     Thursday, 10 Nov 2011 | 4:41 PM ET

    Robert Iger, Walt Disney President & CEO, sheds insight on Disney earnings, the ad revenue environment, and the business of sports, with CNBC's Julia Boorstin.

  • Earnings: Is There Any Quality?     Friday, 4 Nov 2011 | 2:52 PM ET

    Jeffery Middleswart, Behind the Numbers president, discusses the quality of the strong Q3 earnings reports, and what's really behind the numbers.

  • Dupont CEO Talks Earnings, Economy     Thursday, 27 Oct 2011 | 8:11 AM ET

    Ellen Kullman, Dupont chairman & CEO, discusses company earnings, and the US economy.

  • Strong Growth Prospects for Caterpillar     Monday, 24 Oct 2011 | 8:20 PM ET

    Richard Lavin, Group President of Caterpillar Inc., says the company's growth prospects are looking very positive.

  • Diamond Offshore's Profit Soars     Thursday, 20 Oct 2011 | 3:42 PM ET

    Shares of Diamond Offshore Drilling are up more than 3% after reporting better-than-expected earnings, with Larry Dickerson, Diamond Offshore Drilling CEO.

  • Tech & Financials Action     Tuesday, 18 Oct 2011 | 3:00 PM ET

    Insight on earnings in the tech and bank space, with the Closing Bell crew.

  • Polaris Posts Record Revenue     Tuesday, 18 Oct 2011 | 2:45 PM ET

    Scott Wine, Polaris Industries CEO, discusses what's behind the company's record revenue in the third quarter.

  • Bracing for the Earnings Reports     Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011 | 3:33 PM ET

    A preview of this season's earnings, with Kate Moore, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global senior global equity strategist, and Marc Chaikin, Chaikin Stock Research CEO.

  • Dan Dicker: Expect Upside Surprises in These Names Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011 | 1:48 PM ET

    Earnings season kicks off Tuesday and MercBloc's Dan Dicker expects a few surprises.

  • The Parthenon in Greece

    If the European Financial Stability Facility , which functions like a bank to provide loans to euro zone members who have economic difficulties, "can get leverage behind it ... then this would be a big enough war chest to stop" the euro zone crisis, said Scott Minerd, CIO of the fixed income firm Guggenheim Partners.

  • Earnings Preview as Markets Wane     Thursday, 29 Sep 2011 | 2:10 PM ET

    Stanley Crouch, Aegis Capital CIO, offers insight on earnings just as the markets slowly lose steam.

  • Strong third-quarter earnings could be a "positive catalyst" on a U.S. stock market that has been plagued by uncertainty, Eugene Peroni, Advisor Asset Management senior vice president, told CNBC.

  • Alert: Oracle Reports Earnings     Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011 | 5:14 PM ET

    Oracle sees Q2 new software license revenue up 6-16%, with CNBC's Jon Fortt.

  • Oracle Beats the Street     Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011 | 5:08 PM ET

    Brent Thill, UBS analyst, sheds insight on Oracle's earnings.

  • CFN CEO Talks Stock Growth     Monday, 15 Aug 2011 | 6:45 PM ET

    Kieren Gallahue, the new CEO of CareFusion, discusses what's behind CareFusion stock's 13% growth rate.

  • Li & Fung's Earnings Surprise     Thursday, 11 Aug 2011 | 11:20 PM ET

    Gary Pinge, Regional Head of Consumer & Gaming Research at Macquarie Securities retains his underperform view on Li & Fung due to higher than anticipated cost pressures.

  • Cisco Systems Surprises     Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011 | 9:25 PM ET

    Cisco offered a surprising sign of hope on another brutal trading day, with CNBC's Jon Fortt.