Consumer Confidence


  • AutoNation CEO on Rising Car Sales     Monday, 9 Jan 2012 | 6:55 AM ET

    Mike Jackson, AutoNation chairman & CEO, weighs in on 2011 new vehicle sales, which were up 11% from the previous year. "The usual replacement rate is about 15% per year; this year it will move over 20%," he says.

  • Barnes and Noble CEO's Next Move     Friday, 6 Jan 2012 | 10:12 AM ET

    As the book seller increased its loss estimates for fiscal year due to investments in its digital business led by the Nook e-reader, Barnes & Noble is considering separating the digital business from its core. Insight with William Lynch, Barnes and Noble CEO and CNBC's David Faber.

  • Investing in Commercial Realty Now!     Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 4:41 PM ET

    Michael Boxer, Ramius Real Estate, discusses how you can take advantage of commercial real estate.

  • How to Play Retail?     Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 3:15 PM ET

    Insight on the American consumer this holiday season, and how you can make money of the retail sector, with CNBC's Courtney Reagan; David Abella, Rochdale Investment Management; and Betty Chen, Wedbush Securities.

  • Inside RBC's Consumer Outlook     Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 2:00 PM ET

    What needs to happen to boost consumer confidence, with Tom Porcelli, RBC Capital Markets, and CNBC's Steve Liesman.

  • Retail: Winners & Losers     Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 1:55 PM ET

    Insight on the retail names that came out winners and losers from the holiday shopping season. Charles Grom, Deutsche Bank, and Stacey Widlitz, S.W. Retail Advisors, discuss.

  • Retailers Report Holiday Sales     Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 1:42 PM ET

    Some December retail sales numbers are coming in and it looks like it was a good month for extremes, reports CNBC's Courtney Reagan.

  • Retail Margins Squeezed by Discounts?     Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 12:22 PM ET

    Retailers posted solid holiday sales numbers despite a few misses, but are margins getting squeezed by discounts? Colin McGranahan, Sanford Bernstein analyst, weighs in.

  • December Sales Recap     Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 10:36 AM ET

    A breakdown of how retailers performed during the holiday shopping season, with CNBC's Courtney Reagan.

  • Retailers Share Mixed Sales Results     Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 10:30 AM ET

    A look at Macy's raising its full year guidance and Target lowering its earnings expectations, with Adrianne Shapira, Goldman Sachs analyst.

  • Banks Inflating Escrow?     Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012 | 4:30 PM ET

    A New York attorney is claiming mortgage servicers, including Wells Fargo, are trying to collect escrow payments twice from bankrupt homeowners. CNBC's Mary Thompson reports.

  • Talking Numbers: Retail Trade     Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012 | 3:28 PM ET

    Traders are watching retail stocks ahead of tomorrow's same store sales data. Which stocks could get a boost from the event? JC O'Hara, Phoenix Partners Group, and Anthony Chukumba, BB&T Capital Markets, discuss.

  • Do Price Hikes Equal Stronger Economy?     Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012 | 2:14 PM ET

    In the last few years, consumer companies had almost no pricing power to gain profit power. They had to cut portion and packaging sizes because shoppers simply wouldn't accept higher prices. Now companies like Starbucks and Denny's are expected to announce price hikes. Is this a good or bad sign for the economy? Jeremy Lawson, BNP Paribas, and CNBC's Rick Santelli, discuss.

  • Markets Positive in 2012?     Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012 | 2:20 PM ET

    Markets are usually positive in the fourth year of a presidential cycle. What can traders expect in 2012? Mark Lehmann, JMP Securities, and Bryan Piskorowski, Wells Fargo Advisors, discuss.

  • Street Signals for 2012     Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012 | 2:16 PM ET

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan takes a look at Street signs for what's ahead in the coming year.

  • For 2012, Signs Point to Tepid Consumer Spending Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012 | 4:50 AM ET
    Woman window shopping on a snowy street

    As the weak economy has trudged on, they have leaned on credit cards to pay for holiday gifts, many bought at discounts. They are dipping into savings to cover spikes in gas, food and rent. They are substituting domestic vacations for international trips, squeezing more life out of their washing machines and refrigerators and switching to alternatives as meat prices have risen. The New York Times reports.

  • Best Trade of the Year: Cattle     Friday, 30 Dec 2011 | 12:54 PM ET

    Feeder cattle wins the best trade of the year trading over 20% YTD. James Bower, Bower Trading president weighs in.

  • Santelli's Trading Edge     Friday, 30 Dec 2011 | 8:30 AM ET

    A look at how the dollar will perform today and where the S&P will close on the last trading day of the year, with CNBC's Rick Santelli & Larry Levin, Trading Advantage president.

  • Claiming Social Security Benefits Early Thursday, 29 Dec 2011 | 4:21 PM ET
    Claiming Social Security Early

    Faith in financial institutions like Social Security has eroded. Many people now wonder aloud if it will be around much longer. Should they claim Social Security early? Financial advisers agree on what course of action to take: Don’t do it.

  • Dean Foods Gains Momentum     Thursday, 29 Dec 2011 | 9:47 AM ET

    Shares of Dean Foods is up 25% since it was the biggest S&P 500 loser in 2012, with Farha Aslam, Stephens food & agribusiness research analyst.