• Can Bad Credit Still Cost You a Job? Friday, 8 Apr 2011 | 3:18 PM ET

    The recession left a lot of people with bad credit — even people that previously had sterling credit. So, are hiring managers now willing to overlook bad credit or can it still cost you a job?

  • Corker: Giant Game of Powder Puff     Friday, 8 Apr 2011 | 8:01 AM ET

    Even though both sides have reportedly agreed on the size of spending cuts, social issues are apparently holding up a budget agreement. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) discusses the progress of the spending bill.

  • Misery Index Points to Trouble, Just Not For Obama Friday, 8 Apr 2011 | 2:52 AM ET
    The 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter

    The Misery Index is a simple calculation that became a political hot potato in the late 1970s and early 1980s. By adding the unemployment rate and inflation together, the index gave policy makers a tool by which to measure economic misery.  As President Barack Obama prepares for his re-election run, the index stands at just 11 percent, some 10 percent lower than Carter faced 31 years ago.

  • Budget Fight     Thursday, 7 Apr 2011 | 9:21 AM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood discusses the fight to pass a Federal budget and says if there's a reason the two sides don't reach an agreement, it will likely be because the Tea Party contingent refuses to compromise.

  • ECB v. Fed     Thursday, 7 Apr 2011 | 8:45 AM ET

    Discussing whether the ECB is jumping the gun and the Fed is lagging, with Keith McCullough, CEO, Hedgeye Risk Management. For places like Portugal, Greece and Ireland, he says, things will end badly.

  • Santelli & Weekly Jobless Claims     Thursday, 7 Apr 2011 | 8:29 AM ET

    CNBC's Rick Santelli reports on the weekly jobless claims number, which fell to 382,000. Steve Liesman provides analysis and discusses whether the ECB rate decision will stick. Jim Iurio, Institutional Services, discusses, as well.

  • Who's Hiring in Volume?     Thursday, 7 Apr 2011 | 6:52 AM ET

    Walmart, Dell and AT&T are just some of the larger companies planning to hire in volume, says Matt Ferguson, CEO, CareerBuilder.

  • "Monetary policymaking is a notoriously difficult art. I say 'art' rather than 'science' deliberately," Dr Moorad Choudhry, Head of Business Treasury, Global Banking & Markets at Royal Bank of Scotland writes.

  • Five Things to Watch: Retailers, Portugal and More Wednesday, 6 Apr 2011 | 7:21 PM ET

    Tee time at Augusta, tea time for Boehner, and wait-and-see time for Portugal. Here's what we're watching—and you should, as well.

  • US Consumer Having It Bad? Welcome to the UK Wednesday, 6 Apr 2011 | 2:42 AM ET

    High Street retailers are dealing with the same pressures as their US counterparts and more.

  • President Barack Obama

    President Barack Obama says shifting the U.S. away from imported oil and toward cleaner forms of energy will add momentum to a trend that has led to 1.8 million new jobs in the past 13 months.

  • What to Trade After the Jobs Report Friday, 1 Apr 2011 | 7:38 PM ET

    The U.S. jobs report made plenty of traders happy - but dollar traders were left in the dust. Here's how to use currencies to trade on the news. Hint: go across the border.

  • UPS CEO on Jobs and the Economy     Friday, 1 Apr 2011 | 2:00 PM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood discusses the strength of the recovery and where the economy is heading with Scott Davis, UPS CEO.

  • Unemployment line

    U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis is concerned budget cuts of $40 billion to $50 billion under discussion in Congress could cost the recovery an estimated one million jobs.

  • Jobs Report     Friday, 1 Apr 2011 | 9:03 AM ET

    CNBC's Steve Liesman with the latest numbers on the jobs report. The job market turned around last month, adding 230,00 private sector jobs in March.

  • Job Growth Likely to Be Steady but Unspectacular Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 | 7:19 PM ET

    Economists expect the economy is finally on the road to steadier job growth and likely added about 200,000 jobs in March.

  • Preview of Friday's Jobs Report     Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 | 7:15 PM ET

    A look ahead of tomorrow's employment data and discussing whether a low number of jobs added will impact the markets, with Carl Riccadonna, Deutsche Bank and Peter Morici, University Of Maryland.

  • Five Things We're Watching: April 1, 2011 Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 | 6:41 PM ET
    Larry Page, Founder of Google

    Eric Schmidt set to make way for Larry Page, jobs set to take center stage, and bewilderment set to remain over Sokol's departure from Berkshire Hathaway. Here's what we're watching…

  • Will Improving Jobs Help Housing?     Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 | 11:35 AM ET

    Discussing more good news about a jobs recovery with weekly jobless claims edging lower, with Michelle Girard, RBS sr. economist, and Sylvia Alayon, Capital Markets Assessment Corp.

  • Pause Before Month's End     Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 | 6:38 AM ET

    Bob Iaccino, Traderoutlook.com, anticipates the most important economic number of the month: non-farm payrolls.