• America's 'stupor' bowl  Thursday, 30 Jan 2014 | 10:58 AM ET

    Both teams participating in Super Bowl XLVIII come from cities where marijuana is legal. CNBC's Jane Wells reveals some interesting nicknames for the big game.

  • Doritos' Super Bowl competition  Thursday, 30 Jan 2014 | 10:10 AM ET

    Ann Mukherjee, chief marketing officer of Frito-Lay, discusses Doritos' "Cash the Super Bowl Competition" campaign; Simon Lowden, CMO of PepsiCo Beverages North America, talks about Pepsi's big game strategy.

  • Early movers: MMM, UPS, V, GOOG & more Thursday, 30 Jan 2014 | 7:47 AM ET
    Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    Some of the names on the move ahead of the open.

  • Ford's Hinrichs: Inventory will be OK  Thursday, 30 Jan 2014 | 7:36 AM ET

    Ford Motor president of Americas Joe Hinrichs discusses its new F-Series truck, as well as inventory cuts. "We increase inventory in the Winter, and bring it down in Spring and Summer," he says.

  • AutoNation Chairman and CEO Mike Jackson says a revenue increase year-over-year of 12 percent in 2013 made it "a perfect year," and expects to break through 16 million units in 2014. He discusses inventory in the industry.

  • Diageo CEO: Tequila & whisky hot now  Thursday, 30 Jan 2014 | 6:24 AM ET

    Diageo CEO Ivan Menezes discusses volatility in the emerging markets, and what the hottest space is right now among his brands.

  • Your first trade for Thursday  Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 5:58 PM ET

    The Fast Money traders share their final trades of the day and what they're looking out for Thursday.

  • Stolen vendor credentials used in Target hack Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 6:08 PM ET

    Target said the cyber criminals who breached its system used credentials they stole from one of the retailer's vendors.

  • Stock Pops & Drops: X, AA, DOW & TMUS  Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 5:45 PM ET

    The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers.

  • After-hours buzz: Google, Facebook, Citrix & More Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 4:34 PM ET

    Companies in the news after Wednesday's bell.

  • Commodities tomorrow: Nat gas withdrawal  Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 4:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.

  • Industries Hit Hardest by the Recession Friday, 1 Jun 2012 | 11:14 AM ET
    Most economists now agree that the worst part of the recession is over, and we’re officially in sluggish recovery mode. No one can say for sure when things will finally return to normal, but enough time has passed that an analysis of the data from the downturn’s lowest point is possible.For many industries, that point took place in 2009 and 2010. It was a brutal period for most businesses, and many struggled simply to tread water. But others were hit hard, and they offer a unique view into what

    Using data provided by the financial information firm Sageworks, CNBC.com shows which industries took the worst beating in 2009 and 2010.

  • 10 Big Successes in Product Placement Friday, 3 Jun 2011 | 10:22 AM ET
    Product placement goes back to the earliest days of film. The first movie ever to win a Best Picture Oscar was a silent 1927 film called Wings, which featured Clara Bow, Gary Cooper and, in one scene, a prominently placed bar of . The practice lives on today, as companies place their products in movies in the hope that filmgoers will buy what they see onscreen. But which cases of product placement in the movies have really worked? Click ahead to see 10 of the most notable product placement succe

    Which cases of product placement in the movies have really worked? Click ahead to see 10 of the most notable product placement success stories.

  • Top 10 U.S. Cities for Young People Friday, 13 May 2011 | 3:14 PM ET
    What makes a city attractive to young people?Well, first and foremost, it’s that there will be other young people there.“You need other young people around to bounce ideas off of -- to get excited with. That’s No. 1 most important,” said Bert Sperling of .There has to be a strong indie culture – a lot of bands, artists and other creative types. To gauge that, Sperling checked in with , which helps artists sell their music and merchandise to fans, , a site that offers tools for musicians and shar

    Sperling took all those criteria and came up with a list of the top 10 cities for young people.

  • $2.5 million home theater  Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 2:57 PM ET

    CNBC's Robert Frank shares a peak at tonight's episode of "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," which features the "King of home theaters."

  • President Obama: We're calling it MyRA  Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 2:50 PM ET

    President Obama announced his new plan for retirees. CNBC's Sharon Epperson explains how this helps individuals get started saving, and Jeffrey Levine, IRA technical consultant for Ed Slott & Co., shares his opinions on the pilot program.

  • Wal-Mart test: Buy food online, pick up at store Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 2:42 PM ET
    Walmart To Go webpage

    Wal-Mart is testing a local store pickup option for groceries bought online.

  • Nat gas futures jump 10%  Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 2:04 PM ET

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson reports on the surge in natural gas prices. Nat gas ends the day at a 4-year high.

  • Target data breach under DoJ investigation Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 2:00 PM ET

    Attorney General Eric Holder confirms that the Justice Department is investigating the Target data breach.

  • Santelli's Midday Bond Report  Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 | 1:30 PM ET

    CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses bond prices and yields.

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