Economic Forecasting


  • Not Ready to Buy Yet: Pro     Friday, 16 Nov 2012 | 3:56 PM ET

    Rounding up this week's market action, with Mike Shea, Direct Access Partners, and David Darst, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

  • Will Washington Deliver a Deal?     Friday, 16 Nov 2012 | 3:43 PM ET

    Larry Kantor, Barclays Capital, discusses how investors should be preparing for potential higher taxes. "Cliff is actually a bad word," he says. "It's a fiscal bleed," he says.

  • Fiscal Cliff: Deal or No Deal?     Friday, 16 Nov 2012 | 3:39 PM ET

    Joe Duran, United Capital CEO and Dan Greenhaus, BTIG, discuss why some Democrats want to go over the fiscal cliff.

  • Grover Norquist Fights Back     Friday, 16 Nov 2012 | 3:10 PM ET

    Yesterday, former debt commission co-chair Alan Simpson took direct aim at Grover Norquist, of Americans For Tax Reform, who has insisted Congress not raise taxes. Grover Norquist weighs in.

  • Can Congress Compromise?     Friday, 16 Nov 2012 | 3:00 PM ET

    Discussing whether Congress and the President can really reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, as well as the current state of the markets, with David Darst, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management; Jeff Kleintop, LPL Financial; and CNBC's Steve Liesman and Rick Santelli.

  • Market Closing Lower     Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 | 4:00 PM ET

    Today's market losses are adding to those since the U.S. election. Ben Pace, Deutsche Bank; Scott Colyer, Advisors Asset Management; and CNBC's Amanda Drury, discuss where opportunities in the market are.

  • Looking Past the Fiscal Cliff     Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 | 3:48 PM ET

    Markets are currently off their lows, and discussing investment strategies ahead of the fiscal cliff, with Sara Zervos, Oppenheimer Funds; Marc Harris, RBC Capital Markets; and CNBC's Bob Pisani.

  • Crisis Creating Opportunity?     Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 | 3:00 PM ET

    How investors can participate in market uncertainty, with Brian Singer, William Blair; Keith Springer, Springer Financial Advisors; Joe Greco, Meridian Equity Partners; and CNBC's Jeff Cox.

  • How to Survive the Fiscal Cliff     Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 | 2:35 PM ET

    Preparing your portfolio ahead of the fiscal cliff, with Bernie Clark, Schwab Advisor Services.

  • Housing Improving?     Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 | 1:35 PM ET

    Discussing the state of the markets, and trading housing stocks amid uncertainty with Kenny Polcari, independent trader and CNBC's Bob Pisani.

  • If Mortgage Deduction Is Taken Away...     Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 | 1:25 PM ET

    Fed Chairman Bernanke says "housing recovering, but is not out of the woods yet." CNBC's Diana Olick reports on the impact on housing if mortgage deduction is taken away.

  • Bernanke: Housing Revival Still Faces Obstacles     Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 | 1:18 PM ET

    Fed Chief Ben Bernanke is speaking on the U.S. economy. CNBC's Steve Liesman reports the details of Bernanke's remarks on housing.

  • Squawk Road Map: McDonald's USA Head Exits     Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 | 9:00 AM ET

    The "Squawk on the Street" team dissect this morning's top business news, including Wal-Mart under pressure after giving guidance below consensus; markets trying to recover from yesterday's selloff; and the president of McDonald's USA is leaving and Jeff Stratton will assume the position December 1.

  • Obama Wins & Investors Lose     Wednesday, 14 Nov 2012 | 7:16 PM ET

    The latest Investor's Business Daily poll shows economic optimism plunged 10 percent into pessimistic territory on the news of Obama's win. Forbes Magazine's executive editor Michael Ozanian, provides perspective.

  • Tomorrow in :30     Wednesday, 14 Nov 2012 | 4:50 PM ET

    What to expect from tomorrow's trading, with Jordan Kimmel, Benjamin Securities; Mazin Jadallah, Alphaclone; and Edward Deicke, JHS Capital Advisors.

  • Obama on Fiscal Cliff: 'It's Not Calculus'     Wednesday, 14 Nov 2012 | 2:15 PM ET

    President Obama says he is confident that the fiscal cliff issue can be solved, sparing Americans from tax hikes.

  • Obamacare Costing Jobs     Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012 | 7:31 PM ET

    John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John's has a problem with Obamacare -- many franchise operators are planning to cut employee hours to part-time to avoid the health care cost. Betsy McCaughey, author of "Decoding the Obama Health Law," provides perspective.

  • Tax Deduction 'Bucket' Breakdown     Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012 | 7:24 PM ET

    The Tax Policy Center found that if deductions are capped at $25,000, people making more than $1 million or more would see a tax increase of $97,000, reports CNBC's Robert Frank. The Middle Class would see little to no change in their taxes.

  • If US Crashes Cliff, Don't Turn to Fed: Fisher     Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012 | 7:15 PM ET

    Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher told Larry Kudlow if the worst happens and the nation goes over the fiscal cliff, he doesn't see the Fed providing a backstop.

  • Tomorrow in 30: Retail Sales & the Fed     Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012 | 4:58 PM ET

    What to expect in tomorrow's markets, with Alan Gayle, RidgeWorth Capital Management; Steven Rosen, Societe Generale; and Laif Meidell, American Wealth Management.